A Little Interlude

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It was the last day of term and there was a school disco. Kids excitedly rushed in and out with drinks and sweets. Others were dancing and, in the midst of it. Michael Byrne was surveying everything. He spotted Sian with Jez, she was smiling and drinking. He felt his heart sink when he thought about how close they had been.

Sian was enjoying herself but it was the music and atmosphere that was elating her, not being with Jez. She suddenly spotted Michael and fought the urge to go up to him. She had spent ages convincing herself that she should stay with Jez, it had been a real struggle between her head and her heart and when she had dance with Jez, she did not feel connected. In truth she felt trapped. Suddenly seven seconds away by youssou n'dour neneh cherry started playing. Her husband turned to her and smiled,

'You wanna dance? You like this one don'tcha?'

Sian looked into his smiling face and could bear it no longer, 'Um…Sure!' She forced herself to smile, 'Just give me a minute, I need to go to the toilet.'


Michael had watched her run away and instantly sensed that something wasn't right, it broke his heart to see her with Jez when he knew that she'd rather be with him. He decided to go and look for her.

Sian was in the staff room. She calmly looked out of the window. She was dreaming, dreaming of Michael's arms wrapped around her, dreaming of the time when they had made love. She closed her eyes, yearning for that feeling again.

'You OK?'

She jumped and turned round to see Michael. She smiled, 'Yes of course I am, I just needed a drink.'

He nodded, 'Riiiight!'

His attitude annoyed her, 'I am allowed to get a drink you know! It doesn't have to have a hidden meaning!' Sian begun to feel uneasy as she felt him come closer.

Michael shrugged as he went right up to her, 'I didn't say it didn't.' He whispered.

Sian swallowed, you could cut the sexual tension with a knife. She felt the familiar warm tingling sensation grab hold of her, possessing every inch of her body. She was completely helpless. They both knew it.

Michael's heart thumped quickly in his chest, he had been struggling to keep his distance all evening, he couldn't hold out any longer. Slowly, very slowly he bent his head and softly brushed his lips against hers.

Sian gasped as she felt a warm, tingling sensation sweep over her body like a warm shower. She had been longing for this for months, after trying so hard to do the right thing, she realised that she had been sacrificing her own happiness in the process, she deserved a break. Slowly, she pulled him closer and kissed him back hungrily. He wrapped his arms around her and deepened the kiss. Sian sighed happily, she never wanted it to end. She knew that someone could come in at any moment, but she found that she wasn't worried, with Michael around she never worried about anything. When she was with him, everything felt perfect. She knew she had to make a momentous decision and would it be such a crime to follow her heart…For once?

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