Jasmine of the Black Lagoon

Chapter One

Disclaimer: This is a work of fan fiction using characters from the Black Lagoon franchise. I do not own any of the characters depicted apart from my own original characters, nor do I share any of the beliefs the characters in this story express. I am not profiting financially from the creation and publication of this story.

Viewer discretion is advised as this is a rated 'M' story.

Graduating from a national university, Airi Okajima somehow managed to make it into the corporate world. It was a business man's town, where woman were expected to be educated, yet marry young and retire thus hence. Airi, being a woman, was basically the corporate slave, getting orders yelled at her all day long. At the same time, she hoped to one day be in her bosses place. It was the only way she could maintain her sanity. It was the city of winter. Where Airi Okajima once lived.

It all seemed so far away. Right now, all that was in front of her was the shimming water of the South China Sea. Or that was what she was supposed to be seeing, yet that was definitely not the case now. Instead, from her place where she had been roughly pushed down by a large African-American man, she watched the pirates, or the people who she assumed where pirates, point guns at her and the other passengers. Beside the older man was another younger, meaner looking man, probably her age or a bit older, with spiky maroon hair. He wore blue jeans and a black wife beater with a tribal tattoo design going up his right arm to his neck, and Airi startled when his cold, unfeeling eyes locked onto her as the African-American wearing camouflage pants and a flak jacket spoke to her while cocking his gun "alright Miss Japanese, I'll ask you one more time, the package you got from the Asahi Industries headquarters in Tokyo, the one you were in charge of until you handed it to the Chief in Borneo, this is it right?".

Airi's shivers got worse when the maroon haired man dead eyes followed a bead of sweat down her neck and into the Japanese business women's black bikini, making Airi incredibly nervous and self conscious she pulled her legs up to her body and wrapped her arms around them to cover herself "Yes, but..." the African-American spoke over her "we're all done with you now. You've given us what we wanted". Airi couldn't help the whimper that escaped as the maroon haired man glanced at the older "Dutch, this is a pain-in-the-ass. I say we take them all out, they'll be no secrets after that once she see's us start taking out the other passengers".

"There's no need for that, that one little disc is more than enough compensation" The African-American, or Dutch Airi presumed, told his co-worker. The maroon haired man's eyes connected with her dark brown ones, his eyes watching her thoughtfully "you call that compensation?". Their two-way radio sounded with some static before another man's voice was heard on deck "Dutch? Hey Dutch? You both done yet? There's something headed straight for us out of the Bay. It's probably a patrol boat from the Filipino Navy". The maroon haired man scoffed, disconnecting his eyes from that of the pretty, scantily clad Japanese women before him.

"Don't worry Benny-Boy, it's all been taken care of, start the engines" Dutch informed the man on the other side of the radio, and the sound of a boats engine filled the air. "Now listen up gentlemen! We're going to disappear! Then you'll all be free to go! But I'm warning you, the deals off if anyone decides to come after us. What you see there is a torpedo launcher, if you don't wonna go home in what's left of your ship, I recommend you stick put for half-an-hour, after that your free to do as you wish!".

Airi shuddered, out of relief or just a release of pent up tension "thank god, they're letting them live". The maroon haired man growled down at her, his gun pointing at her face "what are you so relaxed about? You're going to tag along with us, baby girl". Airi stiffened, dark brown eyes wide she stared speechless up at him "get up, and walk". When the maroon haired man decided she wasn't moving fast enough, he grabbed her arm and heaved her to her feet, keeping her up right when her knee's started to collapse out of fright.

Airi sat dejectedly against the wall of the inner cabin, with the sense that Japan was getting increasingly farther away. Dutch sat at the controls "Lagoon to Balalaika. Can you hear me?". Silence from the other side of the radio before a deep voice replied "just fine Dutch. What about the catch?". Airi stiffened, turning, feeling the gaze of a predator eyeing her. She shuddered seeing the maroon haired man's eyes on her again, making her curl into a tighter ball and trying to be out of the way as to not provoke these men "I've got it of course" she faintly heard Dutch reply. A dry chuckle from the other side of the radio "I admire smart work". Dutch replied stoically as ever "the tradeoff goes as planned?". Another sound of humor from the other side of the radio "Yes just as I promised".

As Dutch hanged up he turned his gaze to the small women trying to play invisible even when he's sure his employee hadn't taken his eyes off her since he dragged her aboard. Dutch turned his eyes to his maroon haired employee "Rio, what in the hell were you planning to do with this hostage now that you brought her with us? Come on!". Airi watched, in what she guessed was morbid curiosity as these men decided her fate. Rio, the maroon haired man, finally stopped staring at her and leaned back against the bench he was sitting on "you don't get it do ya? You just don't get it Dutch! Think about it, we're being paid $20 grand for this job, just $20 grand! What's wrong with collecting a bonus?".

A voice from further in the cabin replied before the African-American could "your being too simple minded". Rio turned with a snarl towards a blonde haired man in an orange Hawaiian shirt and white khaki pants in the doorway "you wonna die Benny?!". The blonde haired man turned back to his work "not really". Dutch picked up the original argument "whose going to negotiate with Japan? You? Do you have their phone number? How about a bank account to receive the ransom? ". The maroon haired man growled loudly, kicking a box that his feet were originally resting on "you don't get it!". Airi watched wide eyed as the maroon haired man, Rio, raged around the cabin, letting out a whimper when a large splinter of wood came her way and cut her cheek. "Damnit Rio stop trashing my ship!" Dutch charged Rio and put him in a tight choke hold, Rio's face quickly losing its blind rage as the larger man held him still "I get it Dutch. I get it". Dutch tightened his hold around Rio's neck "you get what?". Rio growled, his eyes frantically going around the cabin before pinning itself on the shivering Japanese lady's, his eyes watching a droplet of blood slide slowly down her cheek from an injury on her face. "I get your point now, so let me go" Rio said, as calmly as he could but the chaos was still there in a low under current.

"Okay Rio, but play it cool" Dutch stepped back from the maroon haired man, eyes weary. Dutch looked towards their 'guest' seeing her eyes terrified and watching them intently "women. Let's go top side and talk".

Airi sat against the outside of the control room, the large African-American man, Dutch, sitting beside's her and handing her a cigarette. She's never smoked before, but now is as good as any time to start "what's going to happen to me?" she tensely asked. "I guess we make contact with your company somehow then we'll try and set up a trade" Airi heard the almost hidden hesitation under laying his words. "You don't sound completely sure of that" Dutch glanced at her from behind his darkly tinted sunglasses. "Surprising you caught that. I don't mean to alarm you, but it's Rio. I get the impression, how do I put it, he has other plans" Dutch was silent for a moment, watching her reaction, surprise and maybe a little interest flicking when she didn't look all that surprised. "That was my impression as well" Airi closed her eyes and shifted so her back was a little more comfortable against the hard metal "I take it you guys don't go kidnapping women all that often then?". Dutch laughed a little, taking a long drag of his cigarette "no, not at all. For as long as I've know Rio, he's never looked at a women twice, nor shown any carnal interest in them what so ever. Men or women. He's just not that sort of animal". Airi's eyes opened to peer at the man besides her "that's way you're confused about his behavior. Then, we both saw his reluctance to trade me for ransom with my bosses. Which, may I add, will probably not happen if you decided to hand me over. I'm just a minor employee".

Dutch puffed out a long stream of smoke "your very attune to your surroundings aren't you? I don't know his plan's, but if they are of a violent nature, which doesn't surprise me with Two-Hands, if it seems like you're in mortal danger there isn't much I can do". Airi sighed "I know, I'm just a guest on your boat, he is your employee. I know whose side you need to be on". There was silence as both were deep in thought. "We have our own priorities, that's just the way it is. Getting the disc to our client has got to come first" Dutch said at last. Airi flicked the cigarette out into the ocean while Dutch handed her a newly lit one "so there's a client, makes sense I guess". Dutch stared out at the ocean "we're nothing more than delivery boys; sometimes we gotta break the rules to put food on the table. But that's business, what Rio wants from you, is personal".

Airi had calmed her nerves since coming outside with Dutch, and she couldn't help the sense that stockholm syndrome was creeping in. She felt safe besides this man. Safer then she's ever felt. Airi was pulled out of her thoughts by Dutch "What's your name?". She also turned her face towards the cool ocean breeze "Airi. Airi Okajima". A small smile from the large man "what does your name mean?". A softer smile, eyes drifting back to his sun glasses "Jasmine" .