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Captured in her eyes


It was a beautiful day. The sky was clear and light blue, only a few white, tufty clouds were slowly drifting over the peaceful country. Around her she could hear other children laughing and running around while she was looking around through the binoculars, installed at the highest mountain of the theme park. It was a great view. The park had eight different theme zones, all in correlation of ninjas, as this was one of the newest tourist attractions fire country had, the Ninja Adventure Land.

Due to the very generous gift of the Fire Daimyo, the whole ninja academy of Konoha had been invited to spend the day here. It had taken a lot of persuasion on Iruka sensei's part, her studying deep into the night for weeks to ace three class tests, the assurance of Hokage Sama and the Daimyo to allow her to come here with her classmates. Sometimes she hated being the heiress of Konoha's most influential clan, born with a valuable kekkei genkai. Due to her being unsealed, the clan elders and her father feared that she could be kidnapped from the Adventure Land by enemy countries.

Hokage Sama had sent some high-ranking shinobi to protect all the students of the academy during the visit. They mostly kept away from the students and so she could forget that they were around. When they had reached the park, their senseis had told them, that they could explore the park in groups, they could choose themselves. In her class the usual groups soon built.

Shikamaru and his best friend Choji had been together and Kiba, their sometimes skipping companion had come along with them. A big surprise for everybody was the group of Sasuke, the number one love interest of nearly all the girls in her class, with Shino. Obviously Sasuke didn't mind the company of the quiet Aburame heir. A lot of Sasuke's fan girls were mad. They had hoped that Sasuke would take one of them to accompany him and the dislike of most of them for Shino's bugs, let them keep their distance to the pair. On second thought, that could have been a major reason for Sasuke to team up with Shino.

So some girls built groups to explore and of course observe Sasuke from a distance, so did some boys, obviously without the Sasuke part. She had been very happy when she had been partnered, even if she and her companion had been the last remaining children. Iruka sensei had paired them and then he and two other teachers had gone exploring for themselves.

Speaking of her companion … where was he? Looking around, she only saw other unknown visitors. She was disappointed. She really wanted to spend the day with him. Even if nobody else wanted to be in a group with him, she couldn't understand this, because he was really nice. As she had been too shy to ask somebody to let her into their group, she had been partnered with the other leftover of their class. Despite many people's believes, her companion wasn't annoying and rude or a good for nothing, he had a nice sense of humor and so far, the day with him had been great.

For three whole hours his attention had been hers. It was really easy to keep it too. Contrary to Iruka sensei's problems to get him listen in his classes, he had been really attentive with her. Admittedly, she had to share the attention with the attractions in the theme park, but it was the most he had ever paid her attention before. In class he was always distracted with his little crush on Sakura and the building rivalry with Sasuke. The belittlement of the others didn't help either to get him concentrate on her, even if she would have had the courage to talk to him, being shy as she was.

With time passing she had begun to relax in his company. She still stuttered but it became lesser. He was fun to be around and he didn't mind her stuttering at all. But where did he go? She returned to watching the park through the binoculars.

Somebody approached her. Suddenly something really cold was held against her cheek and she turned around startled.

"Did I scare you, Hinata?" He asked smiling, holding a can with cola in front of her face.

"No, I was just startled and surprised, Naruto. Is this for me?" She asked.

"Yes, I thought you must be thirsty."

"Thank you." She said blushing and took the can.

Naruto smiled brighter and looked at his watch.

"So late?" He said. "We have to hurry, Hinata!" He said and took Hinata's hand.

He pulled her after him and both broke into a run. Hinata had to concentrate hard to stay conscious and to not faint. She just liked Naruto very much and it was really unfortunate, that she always fainted when he was too close. She really wanted to change this to be able to spend more time with him.

They ran until they reached a big octagonal place, which was surrounded by small waterfalls. This was the area where the park showed which kind of technology and inventions the scientists in fire country had made in the recent past. It was the most modern part of the theme park. Naruto led Hinata into the center of the place.

"Wow, that was close." He said.

"Why are we here, Naruto?" She asked.

"You will see, Hinata." He said mysteriously. He constantly kept looking at his watch.

"Ten, nine, eight …" He began counting down, confusing Hinata.

"Three, two, one and …."

Suddenly, starting from the small waterfalls fountains, beams shot from all out of the ground. Soon Naruto and Hinata were surrounded by fountains of water, themselves being dry in the center of the spectacle. Hinata was awestruck. It was simply beautiful.

"Do you like it?" Naruto asked. "I overheard some of the personnel when I went buying the cola that the start the fountains every two hours." He scratched the back of his head.

"Thank you, Naruto. I really like it, it is simply beautiful." She answered happily, touched that he would do this for her.

Then she looked up and her smiling grew more intense.

"Look a rainbow!" She said.

"Yes, beautiful. Hey, let's celebrate your success in those three tests with the cola." Naruto suggested.

They opened their cans, but from the running, the cola was shaken too much and the liquid splashed into their faces. They both looked at each other and then began to laugh together, while the fountains slowly went down again.

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