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During the next days an outcry ran through the civilian population of the village while many ninjas slapped themselves for not noticing the similarity in looks of Naruto and Minato. The civilian council had tried to bitch, but the Hokage had shot them down forcefully. With passing his exams Naruto was outside their control. They didn't want to believe that Naruto, the demon, could be the son of their hero, the Yondaime Hokage. And to top it, he was the great grandson of the Nidaime, therefore also the great grandnephew of the Shodai. The boy was royalty and he made it abundantly clear that he wouldn't forgive them their behavior towards him while he grew up.

Many business owners also got some nasty surprises. Naruto, being the heir of the Namikaze and Senju clans of the village suddenly owned a good portion of their businesses. He immediately raised their leasing rates to a more appropriate level. Tsunade had let things stay at the level of the time the business places were rented out, so over the past twenty years there hadn't been any changes. She had left the village and didn't want to deal with anything that had to do with Konoha, which had taken her family from her. For the shop owners it meant that they sometimes now had to pay double the money than they had paid before. If they had treated Naruto fairly while he was a child, he might have agreed to a more mellowed increase, but as they didn't he didn't show any mercy. After all, they had made good money on his costs; they now could pay proper leasing rates.

Naruto had sent Tsunade a letter with Jiraiya, hoping his perverted godfather would find her during his travels. The Hokage also sent a letter to her. Naruto informed her that he was still alive and would like to get to know his cousin. The Hokage offered her to start the medical program she had proposed during the second war. Now in peace times they could afford to really imply it. Jiraiya found her and her apprentice Shizune a month after he left the village on his tour to meet his spies. First Tsunade was suspicious, but Jiraiya confirmed both Naruto's heritage and their sensei's proposal.

Tsunade thought hard about the idea of implementing her medical program. She had fought hard for it and it was tempting to realize it, but the village held so many painful memories for her. Finally she decided to meet Naruto at least once. If she felt she couldn't bear staying in the village, she could leave again. But she wanted to meet her last living relative. She decided to travel for a while with Jiraiya, finding out more about Naruto. When Jiraiya had finished his tour, they returned to the village.

Naruto was very happy to meet her. Tsunade was reminded strongly of Nawaki and Dan, especially as Naruto also had the dream to become Hokage. When she asked how he thought he could realize that, he smiled.

"With determination, hard work and never giving up. I love the village, even if I dislike a lot of villagers, I will do everything to protect it. My dad gave his life to protect the village and I will honor his sacrifice by continuing his job. Being Hokage is my dream." Was his answer.

Tsunade over the period of two weeks was changed and began believing Naruto could really do it. He showed her what he had already learned so far and she was very impressed. She agreed to stay in the village and take over leadership for the hospital. She also inspected the graduates of the academy, even those that didn't pass the test of the jonin, and selected a few to train in medical jutsu. But she also ranted to the Hokage about the abysmal training the academy provided in chakra control and basic first aid.

The consequence was a massively reworked curriculum of the academy. The civilian council, most of them massively poorer thanks to fair rents for their premises, didn't dare oppose the head of the Senju clan. Tsunade fully approved of Naruto's decisions during her absence, so there was nothing they could do to get back to former workings.

Soon all over the elemental nations word spread that in Konoha the son of the Yondaime Hokage had been revealed. Iwa and Kumo had emergency sessions of their leaders, deliberating what they should do.

The one and only assassin who dared to attack Naruto found out that Naruto had learned a lot from Kakashi, and had created his own version of Kakashi's a thousand years of death jutsu. Where Kakashi used chakra powered fingers to catapult his opponent into the air with extreme pain in the rear end, Naruto shoved a rasengan into the same place. After that, somehow the story spread all over the elemental nations, Kakashi just looked innocently when asked how that was possible, nobody thought the gain was worth the pain. Anko, who had fully recovered, begged to be taught that jutsu.

With Naruto's heritage out in the open, many fangirls changed allegiance, but Naruto ignored them, staying loyal to his girlfriend. The council tried to force him to have more than one wife to repopulate the Senju and Namikaze clans, but Tsunade very quickly and very brutally stopped that thought process.

With him being so much stronger than his classmates, Naruto was put in an apprenticeship with Ibiki who finally convinced the Hokage that they couldn't waste the talent Naruto had by keeping him on a normal genin team. Once Kakashi had failed his new team, there was no chance in hell he would pass the Uchiha and his number one fangirl just because the council ordered him to do so, not that anybody had expected Kakashi to ever pass a team, Kakashi also continued training his little brother. Naruto was doing C-rank missions with the genin teams though regularly. Mostly with teams eight and ten. Team eight consisted of Hinata, Shino and Kiba, who were specialized in tracking and team ten were Shikamaru, Ino and Choji.

The civilians were complaining that the last Uchiha hadn't passed the true genin test, but there was nothing they could do. Mizuki, sensing another chance to get the forbidden scroll, told Sasuke there was one other way to be made a genin without a jonin sensei approving of him. He told him about the forbidden scroll and that he had to steal it in a mock mission from the Hokage's office and learn a jutsu from it. If he could do that before the time was up, he would be made a genin. Of course the arrogant fool did just that, or attempted to do it. While he managed to get the scroll using Sakura as a decoy, for once her shrill voice was good for something, he didn't heed the warning of the shadow clone jutsu.

He attempted to learn the jutsu, thinking he as an Uchiha could do it easily and that the chakra cost didn't matter. He was knocked out immediately while Mizuki was apprehended when he was unknowingly leading the ANBU to the place he wanted to get the scroll from Sasuke. Sasuke was put through a mental evaluation by Ibiki and Inoichi and it was found that he was mentally so screwed up that he was dropped from the ninja program and his chakra sealed away. All his bitching didn't help him.

After being cured from her Uchiha obsession Ino took an interest in Shikamaru, but he found being in a relationship too troublesome.

Danzo, in an attempt to gain a bit of control over Naruto, placed one of his best ROOT spies, a boy called Sai, as Naruto's partner. Sadly he underestimated Naruto's ability to change people for the better. Within three months Sai had decided that it would be better for him to follow Naruto instead of Danzo. The two were a strong team and got many high ranking missions done. During the mission to Wave Country, that team ten had been assigned, they were sent as backup when Asuma realized that the mission was of higher rank than the bridge builder had told them before.

After gaining insight on the situation of the people in Wave Country they decided together with Asuma what the best course of action would be. Both boys were skilled infiltration specialists, so they infiltrated the base of Gato in Wave Country and assassinated the despot to free the country while team ten watched the bridge builder Tazuna. As an extra service they also took out all the thugs Gato had hired, collecting the heads of those that had bounties on them. Making money for the village and themselves was always of interest for them. Even Sai had been taught in ROOT to use any chance to gain advantages for the village. They took all the money Gato had stolen from the citizens of Wave country and returned it to the rightful owners, with interest of course, the rest went into the coffers of Konoha.

With his employer dead, Zabuza and his apprentice Haku were surprised by a messenger of the Godaime Mizukage who wanted them back in Kiri three days after the bridge had been finished. After a long negotiation Zabuza returned to the ranks of Kiri, informing the Godaime about the new batch of Konoha genin he had met, especially Naruto Namikaze. Considering his warnings about the skill level of the boy and his partner, the Mizukage decided it would be best for Kiri if they at least had a non-aggression pact with Konoha.

The Sandaime discussed the need for Naruto and Sai's participation in the chunin exams with his advisors. Since Naruto had been revealed as Minato's son and proven his strength, Koharu and Homura were much more open to treat him fairly. They thought it would be good if they entered Naruto and Sai into the exams as both would show the power of Konoha to the clients. They got them one of Tsunade's medic trainees as a third teammate and had them take the exams. And they did it splendidly, massively sabotaging Orochimaru's invasion plans.

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