Naruto isn't mine. Do I REALLY need to say it EVERY time?

I'm hoping this story is gonna be short, but more than likely not; I'm on a fucking ROLL with this stuff. So many ideas are roiling around, it's like a comedy soup.

They say that one never truly knows what they have until it's gone. While this holds true for many, one Sabaku no Gaara would like to disagree.

For all his life, Gaara has been a VERY unwilling host to the One-Tailed Shukaku, a demon more psychotic than the Kyuubi, which was saying something. It not only brought immense power, but was gracious enough to provide eternally sleepless nights, random bouts of shrieking, constant requests to kill the nearest living thing, streams of devilish laughter and the ever-looming threat of devouring the host's personality, turning them into a deranged, bloodthirsty killing machine.

Truly, a wonderful tenant.

The icing on the cake was the hateful looks and loneliness one received by being a jinchuriki, or demon host to you not in the know. I mean, how well-received do you think you'd be if you had a twisted racoon-dog living in your navel that might force you to kill at the slightest provocation? Even Gaara's siblings were afraid of him.

Gaara and the Shukaku were often at odds. Since the day Naruto had beaten some sense into the redhead, Gaara had mended his ways and no longer spent every waking moment thinking of all the creative ways he could rearrange someone's internal organs.

Shukaku was not happy. And voiced his complaints, of which there were many.

Very loudly, I might add.

"HEY, KID! Let's go out and kill some citizens! Whaddya say!"

"Dude, I bet your brother's entrails would look SWEET wrapped around our gourd!"

"Let's see how much sand it takes to drown that orphanage! C'mon, c'mon!"

It was all Gaara could do to not snap back at the demon; a confrontation was what it wanted, and the redhead would NOT honor the bastard.

Then...one day...

His world cracked open.

Insert witty ending speech~