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Watching as she came into view, Brax exhaled deeply; composing himself as his heart rate increased immensely. He gazed at her in awe as their gaze locked against each other's.

Charlie stood gazing at him and the grin on her face couldn't be helped if she had tried. Even as her heart rate picked up pace a sense of calmness overcame her. Listening to the words of the song that filled the church she closed her eyes briefly and her grin only grew. Opening her gaze to once again to meet Brax's, her feet began moving to the pace of the song as she fought to pace herself towards him; in that moment everyone around her had been forgotten apart from Brax. Exhaling lightly she reminded herself to breath

In Brax's eyes no beauty had ever been able to match Charlie's but as she progressed towards him, he felt her beauty almost take the breath from his lungs. He felt his face sting as his grin stood in place watching her with concentrating as she closed the gap that seemed to go on forever between them; till finally she stood before him. He fought to tear his eyes away and glanced at Ruby as she gave Charlie a kiss on the cheek before smiling at Brax. Returning the gesture Brax immediately returned his gaze to Charlie as she stepped forward and stood before him. Brax exhaled as he took her hand in his wanting nothing more that to pull her towards him, closing the gap between them. He ran his thumb softly over the back of her hand and Charlie gave his hand a light squeeze fighting back her already brewing tears

All the guests took their seat eager for the ceremony to begin; soon enough it was time for both Charlie and Brax to say their vows

"The couple would now like to exchange their written vows and their rings" said the pastor

Brax exhaled as he turned to Casey who was already holding the ring out to him. Turning back to Charlie he took her hand placing the ring halfway up her right finger before looking back up at her and locking his gaze against hers

"Charlotte Alexa Buckton"

Charlie chuckled lightly at the use of her full name

"I hear people say this all the time, and as cheesy as it sounds it's true; from the very first time I saw you, you have had me mesmerized. You came and you changed everything in my world for the better; you gave me love and you gave me and my brothers a family and nothing could ever be enough to thank you for that. I have never wanted, needed or loved anyone the way I do you; You are the love of my life" Brax cleared his throat and couldn't help but bring his hand up to her cheek and stroke his thumb gently against it "You are my world Charlie, you're the reason for every breath that I take. I love you not only for who you are but for the person that I am when I am with you. From the kindhearted person that you are, the way you laugh and that beautiful smile of yours, those eyes that seem to take the very breath from my lungs; and the way you love me, all those things and so much more are the reasons you have my heart Charlie. Never have I felt such pain as I did when you was apart from me and I never plan to feel that way again" He sighed as a tear fell from Charlie's eye but his thumb quickly claimed it "Being without you isn't an option for me, because believe it or not you are my life; everything I believe in resides in you; you are my other half". Bring his hand down from her cheek Brax pushed the ring all the way up her right finger "This ring is my way of letting everyone in this place know what you mean to me; I promise to forever be faithful and true to you. I will be your strength when you get weak and never will I let any harm befall you. You have my soul and my heart, because of you I know what love is and I will spend the rest of our life's together loving you the way you deserve to be loved"

The girls and the rest of the church cleared the throat and some wiped away the tears that Brax's words had brought to their eyes. Charlie tilted her head to the side and pursed her lips together as another tear fell; quickly clearing her throat she composed herself before turned to Bianca who passed her the ring. Turing back to Brax she did as he had and slide the ring slightly up his right finger. She gave him a cheeky smile before speaking

"Daryl James Braxton"

Brax and everyone in the church chuckled at the use of his full name

"To say that I love you doesn't quite seem enough to fully express what you mean to me. We have been through so much but knowing that all those things led to this moment, this day; I wouldn't change a thing. Never have I known such happiness as the one I feel when I'm with you. You came into my life and you took away every pain and hurt and you healed me; you gave me a new life and I will forever be grateful to you. I smile because of you, I laugh because you love me and I only stand here as the person I am today because regardless of everything that has come our way, every obstacle that we have faced; you have never once wavered or given up on me. When I think of how much I love you I feel like my heart could explode. You are my best friend, my heart and my soul Brax; I live because you live, without you there is no me. I love you with my heart, soul and body" Her gaze lowered as she pushed the ring up the rest of his right finger she stroked her thumb against it before looking back up at Brax "With this ring I promise to forever be faithful and true to you. I promise to adore you all the days of our life, to be the shoulder you lean on when things get tough, to laugh when you laugh and to always stand by you no matter what may come our way. You are the love of my life Brax…" Charlie paused as she choked on her words "Today in front of all these people I promise that each day of my life with you I will cherish you above all other and will spend the rest of our life together making you feel the way I do when I am with you"

Brax had been fighting it but the tear finally escaped his eyes and he had to chuckle when he heard Heath, Jack and Miles clear their throats and a few people in their seats blowing into tissues.

"By the power vested in me I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss your bride"

At the words Brax immediately stepped forward and both his as Charlie's grin widened dangerously as he rested his hand on her cheek bringing their lips together in a tender, gentle but passionate kiss. The church was filled with the clapping of hands and numerous people whistling. Brax and Charlie's grins were still placed as they pulled apart.

They both laughed as they felt the twins kicking with force; Brax hands instantly fell to her bump

"I think they're congratulating us" spoke Charlie and Brax nodded with a grin

Charlie rested her forehead against Brax, their gaze focused solely on one another "I love you"

Brax placed another kiss on her lips "I love you too Mrs Braxton"

All the guests had now made their way back to the restaurant where the reception was to be help; and everyone was waiting for the bride and groom to make their appearance.

Sat in the back of the limo Brax had his hand entwined in Charlie's as they made their way to their expectant guests. Brax sighed with a sense of satisfaction as he gazed at Charlie "You look beautiful" he spoke his grin only widening as she blushed under his intense glare. He lightly brushed her reddened cheek with his thumb "You make it hard not to keep falling deeper and deeper in love with you" he spoke his gaze never leaning hers

Charlie felt the sting in her cheeks as her smile widened leaning forward she placed a soft kiss on his lips "That's the plan"

Walking into the restaurant hand in hand, Charlie and Brax smiled as their family and friends brought their hands together and once again the clapping of hand's and whistled filled the room. Greeting their guests and thanking them for coming Brax lead Charlie to their table not wanting her to be on her feet for too long

Charlie shook her head mockingly at him "Brax it's my wedding day, one day won't hurt" But her word's fell on deaf ears as he lowered her into her seat

"You've been on your feet for way too long… plus we still have our first dance" giving her a wink he placed a kiss on her lips before taking to the seat next to her.

The kids were being watched by Irene and Marilyn while Bianca and the girls and Heath and the guys sat on the center table next to Brax and Charlie. The restaurant was filled with laughter and Charlie had to hold onto her tears to stop them from spilling over at the happiness that filled the room.

Everyone fell silent and Brax and Charlie looked up at the sound of clicking on the glass. Bianca stood with a smile on her face as she began giving a speech

"Many of you here know Charlie as a police officer and Brax as a restaurant owner but to me they are so much more than that;and most especially to one another. I have seen many different kinds of love but never have I seen one like the one these two share. Life as thrown more than their fair share of obstacles their way and each time they come out of it stronger than ever. Everyone knows it's somewhat a tradition to spend the night away from your other half the night before your wedding…"

Bianca paused and grinned down at Charlie and Brax before looking back up at the peering eyes of the guests

"But it seemed even one night away from each other wasn't something these two could manage" Bianca produced Brax's phone from her bag and placed it in front of him. The look on both Charlie's and Brax's face was priceless

"I found this one the floor in the guest room. If you're going to sneak around you should really try get rid of all evidence" Bianca smirked at the two of them and the guests laughed loudly. Bianca turned back to the crowd "The love I see in their eyes when they look at one another, the way they hold each other above all else is simply amazing" she turned to Brax and Charlie "I only pray that everyone in this room will find a love even if it's only a fraction of what the two of you share. I wish you both the happiness that I know you deserve"

Charlie looked up at Bianca mouthing a 'thank you' as she sat down. Brax smiled at her also nodding his head hoping she knew how much he appreciated her words

Charlie and Brax smiled as Casey stood moments after Bianca sat down.

"Err…" Casey exhaled "Brax, he is more than just my brother; regardless of our parents not being here like they should be, never once did I feel a void because Brax gave both me and Heath more than most parents give their kids. He gave us his time; he took care of us and most of all he always put us first regardless of what that meant for him. And I want to thank him for that" Casey looked down at Brax "You gave more than they ever could have and you deserve to be happy"

Brax looked at his younger brother with much pride in his now reddened eyes with a smile on his face. Heath cleared his throat as he looked at Brax with a smile on his face; he only knew too well the truth in Casey's words

"You and Charlie deserve each other; I know she will make you happier than any other person ever could" and with that he took his seat

"To Charlie and Brax" spoke Jack and everyone lifted their classes and repeated

"To Charlie and Brax"

Charlie had been for another tour around seeing to all their guests and was now sat back down with Brax as everyone ate. Charlie and Brax turned their heads to the stage at the sound of Heaths voice

"We're thinking it's time for the bride and groom to have their first dance" he winked at the two of them

A smile crept onto Charlie's face at the intro to the song that filled the room. Surprisingly her and Brax hadn't discussed what song to use for their first dance but as Jason Mars 'I won't give up' started playing she looked over at Brax to see he was already standing with his hand held out to her

"I figured this song fitted us perfectly" he spoke and displayed his dimples

Charlie sighed as she looked at him; eyes filled with love. Placing her hand in his, he brought her to her feet and she allowed him lead her to the dance floor.

Her bump pushed into him and she rested her hand on his chest. The lyrics to the song kicked in as Brax rested his hands on her waist; both their eyes locked against each other as they forgot about all the people watching them in adoration

'When I look into your eyes

it's like watching the night sky

or a beautiful sun rise

there's so much they hold'

Charlie's smile widened at the words, her eye's still locked against Brax's; his gaze sending that familiar shot of electricity through her body.

No words were spoken between them for a while but so much was said through their silence. The guests fell silent as they watched the both of the move with much grace in the arms of one another

'I won't give up on us

even if the sky get rough

I 'm giving you all my love

I'm still looking up'

Brax brought his hand up to her cheek and shook his head lightly the both of them still swaying "I will never give up on us" and with the he placed a slow and soft kiss on her lips

Their first dance soon came to an end and they were joined by their family and friends. Heath was now dancing with Charlie and Brax stood by the bar watching with a grin on his face

"Hy" Jack walked up to him taking a seat on a stool

"Hy" Brax replied before his gaze slowly drifted back to Charlie as she laughed at something Heath had said.

Jack smiled at the grin displayed on his best friends face as he watched Charlie "I'm really happy for you" spoke Brax causing Brax to tear his gaze from Charlie and to Jack

"Thanks" said Brax, he took another quick glance at Charlie "She's my wife" he chuckled in joy

Jack smiled and nodded "I know, I kind of feel sorry for her"

"Funny" Brax spoke mockingly. His gaze turned with everyone else's as Ruby's voice filled the restaurant. He watched as she tapped on the microphone almost nervously before she looked up and smiled at the faces peering at her. Brax walked over to Charlie placing his arm around her waist and resting his hands on her bump.

"Unknown to my mother in my grandparents will I was given instruction to speak tonight, in case they were not here for my mums big day"

Charlie looked at Ruby confused as she continued

"With mum, my grandparents wrote letters in twos depending on who would be by her side on this day and although I wasn't completely sure I still throw one away a few months after we came back to the bay and I kept this one" Ruby held the letter for everyone to see "It seems even after all the years we spent away they still held faith that mum and Brax would end up together, I guess it paid off"

Charlie felt her eye sting with tears as Ruby opened up the letter and Brax placed a kiss on her shoulder blade pulling her closer to him

Clearing her throat Ruby smiled at Charlie and Brax before she began to read the content of the letter


We really hope Ruby never as to read this letter and we're there in person to tell you this but if not, then Elise was right in making sure we prepared just in case we missed your big day and if Ruby is reading this letter it also means Elise was right in getting us to right more than one letter for your special day and it warms both our hearts to know you found your way back to Brax; but even more so that Brax has proven himself to be the person me and your mother saw him to be and allowed you in his life

Charlie, we want you to know not a day goes by that you don't make myself and your mother proud; we have watched you grow into a beautiful woman and even without us there we know you will only continue to exceed our expectations. We can only image what a beautiful bride you must make and you may not be able to see us but we believe we will be watching you each step of the way. We have no doubt you will make an excellent wife

And Brax, we can tell you now it may not have seemed like it when we left but we have never once stopped praying or caring about you and your brothers or you and Charlie. We lost her once and you effortlessly brought her back to us. We got the sons we never had in you and the boys and even in our absence you have always been considered family.

We can rest with no worry knowing Charlie is in your arms because we know you will never fail her. You have proven yourself worthy as a brother and a son and we know you will do so as her husband.

We wish you both all the joy and happiness in the world; remember to love each other always, listen to one another and in the time of adversity join hands and face them together.

Love Ross and Elise

Ruby looked through her watered eyes at her mother and Brax to see Charlie was also now crying and Brax's eyes were red and glazed over. Putting the mick down she made her way over to them and Charlie immediately engulfed her in her arms. Finally releasing her Brax stepped forward and pulled Ruby into him and he placed a kiss on her forehead "Thank you kiddo"

Ruby looked up at him through her glassy gaze a smile spread across her face


"Mind if I butt in" Brax smiled at Ruby who stood talking with Casey, April and Dex. Brax held his hand out to her "How about a dance?"

Ruby smiled and nodded as she placed her hand in his

swaying on the dance floor Ruby smiled up at him "You make her really happy"

the corners of Brax's lip's curled up "And she makes me really happy" he replied "You enjoyed yourself today?" he asked and Ruby nodded

"So much" she giggled a little before looking at Charlie who was stood with Bianca, Martha and Leah as they all laughed about something. She turned back to Brax "For the first time I really believe everything is going to work out"

Brax nodded with a smile "Me too" he looked at Charlie in awe before turning back to Ruby as she spoke

"I'm really glad we came back"

he placed a kiss on her temple "So am I"

The night had been filled with laughter and joy and as it clocked eleven the guests had left and only a few people now remained. Charlie and Brax stood in each other's embrace on the dance floor

"Thank you" spoke Charlie as she trailed her thumb lightly against his chest

Brax raised an eyebrow in confusion "What for?"

"For today… for making it perfect" Charlie simpered up at him

Brax shook his head "I didn't do much, but I would do anything for you… you know that?"

Charlie nodded her head "I know"

Everyone had now retired and Ruby and Casey were spending the next few days with Bianca nad Heath giving Brax and Charlie some time alone

Charlie sighed as she and Brax approached the front door she stood behind waiting for him to open the door. Hearing the key click she stepped forward but Brax stopped her

"What?" she looked up at him confused

Brax didn't speak he simply brought his arm to her legs lifting her into his arms gently. He chuckled lightly as Charlie let out a giggle "I'm carrying you over the threshold" he grinned and walked into the house shutting the door with his foot before placing Charlie back down onto her feet "We don't want to go messing with tradition now do we" spoke Brax

Charlie chuckled as she rested her hand against his chest "Says the man that snuck into Bianca's last night" she grinned up at him as his lips closed in on hers and soon enough he captured her lips. Her hand moved to the back of his neck as she tried to get more of him. Finally pulling away they both looked at each other a little breathlessly, their grins matching

"I love you Mrs Braxton" spoke Brax

Charlie simpered up to him at the use of his words as her hands played with the hairs on the back of hid neck "I don't think I will ever get tired of hearing you call me that"

Lowering his head he once again took her lips in his in a gentle kiss "Good"

Looking down at the wedding band on her finger she smiled in disbelief of how perfect the day had been before looking back up at Brax as he spoke "This was by far the best day of my life" Brax grinned, his dimples on full display

Charlie brought her left hand up to his cheek and ran her thumb softly against it "I have never been as happy as I am now. I just wish we didn't have to skip on a honeymoon"

Brax sighed "Me too, but once the twins are here we can all go away together" he replied before his eye took in the time on the clock that hung on the opposite wall

"We should get you to bed" he laughed as Charlie instantly stuck her bottom lip out, pouting at him childishly as she shook her head

"I'm not tired" she protested

"But you've been moving all day which means you have to rest" responded Brax

Charlie sighed knowing he was right "Fine but I want to take a bath first"

Brax nodded "I'll run one for you" he placed a kiss on her temple as they walked into their room.

Charlie slowly stripped the layers as Brax walked out of the bathroom. He stopped and exhaled as he took in her beauty. She had removed the pins in her hair and the curls now ran down her left shoulder and ran over her left breast. Moving slowly he ran his hand around her bare waist as he looked down at her bump

"Your beyond beautiful you know that"

Charlie looked at him through the full length mirror as she rested her head in his shoulder "You make me feel beautiful" she spoke with a smile as she turned in his arm her bump creating some space "How about…" she paused as she unbuttoned his shirt "You join me in the bath" she pushed the shirt down his arms. "I know we can't do much but I just want you close to me"

Brax's grin appeared "Trust me being close to you is more than enough" discarding of his own layers he allowed her lead him into the bathroom; and soon they both settled in the warmth of the water embedding themselves in their new found title as husband and wife