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Prompt – Black


Black. He liked the colour once. Many fond memories. Black like his father's braided beard was before age tinted it with silver. A pillar of strength, no matter how rough the storm, a safe haven until he was old enough to strike out on his own. Black as the coat of the faithful old dog he had as his first true friend. Black like the flowing tresses of the smiling senorita he met in a convent. She stole his heart with her laughing eyes and a kiss before he even knew it. Black was also the colour of his pride and joy, the Black Pearl.

Practical colour for a pirate, too. Black kohl helped keep the glare from hurting his eyes so he had learnt, never mind if the land-lubbers laughed at his back. Black was also the backdrop of the pirate's Jolly Roger, the flag all his outlawed kind sail under. The colour reminded him of the sheer exhilaration of being alive and free on the waves.

Black was also the colour of the damned spot he was forced to accept twice. Once on a scrap of paper from Hector's hand as the dirty mutineer grinned. The next time was from a former shipmate, a cursed mark upon his flesh. Now he was staring into it and he did not like it one bit. Blackness was all he could see down the beast's gullet as it devoured him alive.

End of the journey for Jack Sparrow, pirate captain. Maybe black wasn't that great a colour after all.

Author's Notes:

Just a short drabble on the colour black.