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Warning – please read 'Misery' if you're a new reader... you won't understand this if you don't.


This love

She had never wanted it to end like this... if this was even the ending. Amongst the broken pieces of their hearts and their lives the only thing clear to Caroline Forbes was how messed up everything had become. She had never meant to be so broken.

Yes, amid all the confusion in her head the only thing clear to Caroline was that as long she at least had him by her side, she could suppress the burning pain in her heart.

She could still remember how it all began.

That fight with Damon, the one where they both lost their minds in the anger and hurt... vases flying everywhere, face streaked with tears as she yelled at him and he yelled back with equal furor, none knowing how and where this fight had started... but both never imagining where it would go.

She said her mother was dead, she didn't exactly feel up for a wedding right now.

He told her not to look for reasons to postpone the wedding.

She countered by saying that she was the one who proposed.

And maybe she was regretting it was his reply.

Do you want me to regret it was her serious question?

Maybe she was waiting for the other Salvatore... the right one. Maybe you were waiting for Stefan? He snarled.

She remembered how she froze at his words, unable to help the look of pain and loss that crept up on her face... the same look that hurt Damon beyond words. Even after seven years she couldn't just forget about Stefan. But he was Damon Salvatore and Damon Salvatore never loses an upper hand and he never... never lets himself be vulnerable to anyone, never lets himself be so undone that he could be hurt... especially not by someone who used to love his brother, so before he knew it, the fight ended when these words left his mouth

"Whatever... it's not like I wouldn't rather have Elena as it is... hell even Katherine would do"

He froze mid-step as he realized what he had said and looked up at Caroline fearfully, she was just as still as him, mouth slightly open and wide-eyed. He could literally see through her blue orbs and watch her heart clench in pain as he said the words, just as he was about to sing a never-ending song of 'sorry'... hell he'd even rap it, she did something that numbed him out.

She smiled.

Caroline smiled knowingly as if she just been expecting for that day when Damon broke her into pieces. And here it was. He scrunched his eyes close, he had been expecting it too... that day when he did or said something so terrible that he would have to watch her crumble before him. She still kept that sad smile on her face as her heart broke and she ran away like a bat out of hell.

She wanted to go to Radhanagar beach; it was her most favorite place in the world.

It was the first place Damon went to look for her.

That's why she never went there.

Instead she ran deep into the forest, it was too big for Damon to search. There was only one thought it her head when she was done crying for a full hour on the forest floor.


She knew he was here, had been for a few months now. He hadn't left since that day when they had seen each other, she would not be a liar so she had told Damon about their silent staring contest that night and he merely shrugged and said that if Stefan wanted to talk he would come. Now that she thought about it, he had been weird since that day despite the number of times she tried to reassure him. Stefan never showed himself again, but she could feel him... she could always feel him, but that wasn't enough for now. She needed to speak to him, she wanted to hug him and feel that safe blanket envelop her as he put his hands around her... she was drowning in her pain, Stefan was her float.

She followed his scent until she reached a little hut like thing and she knew he was inside.

"Stefan" she yelled at the top of her voice, not that she needed to the night was silent apart from the buzzing of the insects and the occasional howling from the wolves... full moon, perfect.

He wrenched open the door of his little establishment at the sound of her voice and was shocked to actually see her standing there, in a disheveled state. He didn't want to talk to her... he never wanted to talk to her.

"Stefan" she repeated in an almost moan and he pinched his eyes closed at the memory.

"What do you want Caroline?" he said in his best stoic 'I don't give a fuck' ripper Stefan voice and she winced

"Were you ever going to talk to me?" she pleaded and he raised a brow and simply shook his head with an amused smile... he didn't like this one bit, it was all going wrong. Why was she here? She was with Damon now wasn't she... he had watched in anguish as she proposed to him, then why why was she here?

"Then why are you living like a cave-man here?" she asked angrily, and he chuckled sincerely... she was still his Caroline, the impulsive ditz who thought like no one else in this whole world.

"Blood tastes better" he shrugged hoping this would gross her enough to leave, but it was time for her to cock a brow

"I just want to talk Stefan" she said softly and he shifted uncomfortably... why the hell wasn't Damon trying to rip his head off from behind the bushes... some fiancé he is! If Caroline had been his he would never have let her anywhere around Damon.

"That was the old Stefan Caroline" he replied calmly "I don't do nonsense talks anymore... and that's all you talk about... nonsense"

"You don't fool me Stefan" she said wisely tilting her head and he could tell she had been crying

"I don't care anymore Caroline. Go away" he shot making a 'get lost' motion with his hand and she snorted

"Oh really... you don't care?" she said sarcastically stepping closer to him with every word "Then why did you come to see me, why have been following me for 4 months... why have you been keeping an eye on me if you don't care about me Stefan?"


Silence was his answer, what else could he possibly come up with for that question.

"I need you right now Stefan" she whispered her eyes brimming with tears as she replayed Damon's words in her head.

"Well then go compel someone to brood for you, coz I'm not your therapist anymore" he snapped and started to walk back into his abode and she screamed in frustration and stomped her foot like he knew she was going to.

"I-I... I want t... want to" she stuttered clenching her hands into fists "I want to hurt something right now... I want to k" she stopped when she hear the howl of the wolf from inside the forest and Stefan stopped too and turned to look at her

"You don't care anymore do you Stefan... you don't, Damon doesn't, so you know what I don't care anymore either... and and I want to kill something... so so screw you Salvatore's" she screamed and he wondered if she had lost her mind... that was always a possibility for anyone in a relationship with Damon and she was already a little cuckoo to begin with.

Before he could say anything she zooped into the forest and he shook his head at her stupidity until he realized where she was running to... in the direction of the howling, she was looking for a fight something to kill and he gasped and ran full steam ahead behind her and came to stop when he was near the small lake and saw a bloody and ecstatic Caroline with three werewolves at her feet, he sighed in relied when he saw that she was unhurt. She huffed and closed her eyes feeling some of the rage leave her body and never noticed Stefan's arrival or him shake his head at her with an amused smile, but she did notice when he yelled 'No' loudly and she felt a pair of strong and safe hands encircle her body and shove her against a tree painfully but they left her too soon and she heard the whimpering of a wolf and opened her eyes to see a furious Stefan with a dismembered wolf in his hands.

He had saved her, like he always did.

"So... you don't care huh?" she asked with a crooked smile and he jerked his head to her and spat

"Don't start with me" he snarled "Do you have a suicidal wish or something?" he threw the dead wolf on the ground and walked towards her. She merely shrugged in response and smiled, he was her Stefan again.

"What the hell are you so happy about?" he demanded angrily

"I missed you Stefan" she laughed and he winced and grew into his brooding forehead once again

"It's okay to say you missed me too Stefan" she said softly looking at her feet and he shook his head

"No its not... You're with Damon now and I can't go through this Caroline" he turned to look at her with pleading eyes

"Forget Damon" she challenged but he cut her off

"Whatever Damon did... whatever he said" Stefan said seriously "I'm telling you he didn't meant it, he's just an ass that's it. He loves you you love him, so leave me alone" he added stoically and she was amazed at how well he knew his brother.

"I never meant to hurt you Stefan"

"I know"

"I missed you Stefan" she repeated now only inches away from him and he breathed deeply and closed his eyes and took one of her soft hands into his own

"I missed you too Caroline" he whispered and could feel the tear slip down her cheek and the consequent giggle causing him to peek one eye open with a demanding glare

"Even 'I don't care Stefan' broods" she giggled and put the fingers of her free hand on his forehead trying to separate the many folds on his head with a determined look on her face

"I'm not brooding" he replied bitterly


"No... This is my 'Caroline is gonna be the death of me' look" he quipped with a devil smile and she burst out laughing still holding his hand and he couldn't help but laugh with her as she held her stomach and giggled uncontrollably.

God had he missed her.

Too preoccupied with laughing and all of Caroline ahead of him, Stefan never noticed the yellow glint around the trees. The last thing he remembered was Caroline screaming his name.

Damon stumbled back into their little beach house hours later thoroughly exhausted. He had searched absolutely everywhere he could think of and he didn't find her. He slumped onto their bed pinching his nose when her familiar scent wafted through his senses, and put his head in between his hands in pure disbelief of all the things that had happened. He couldn't believe he had said that to her, he knew it was way out of line and he knew that it wasn't true at all. He just hoped that when Caroline calmed down she would realize too that he would never pick Elena or Katherine over her.

She had to know that by now, it had been 5 years of him proving to her how much he loved her. But then again, she had done the same for five years and yet he been insecure when she told him that Stefan had returned. Internally he had been happy that Stefan never came back for so long, but he knew his happiness was short-lived, he remembered Stefan's parting words clearly. He would be back for her, and he was but he never made a move and Caroline told Damon clearly that she loved him and would always love Stefan but not like that anymore. Damon believed her, he really did but he couldn't for the life of him understand why she never mentioned to him that he was following her around for going on 4 months now. When he confronted her she said that Stefan just wanted to keep us safe. Correction Damon thought Stefan wanted to keep her safe and use the first opportunity to wrench her away from him. But that never happened; Stefan merely followed her when she went out alone without Damon, keeping her safe. And that seriously pissed him off.

Damon waited and waited and every time he raised his insecurities to Caroline she always smiled and kissed them away and he felt better for a while but then they would rear their ugly head again. Damon could never win when it came to Stefan, he knew that but this was not Caroline's fault, she had never done anything to make him suspicious about her love for him, she didn't deserve the things he said to her. She hadn't ever made Damon feel that she still loved Stefan or ever made Damon feel less important, but he couldn't help being insecure when it came to Stefan. Stefan always, always got what Damon wanted. Which is why he needed to find her, he was about to call Bonnie and ask her to do a locating spell when he heard the front door of the house opening and he sighed in relief when he felt her presence. He didn't care if she was pissed beyond reason, he would make sure that she listened to him.

"I'm so so sorry Barbie" he started from inside the bedroom itself as he made his way out, she had the nasty habit of throwing things at him when she was royally pissed.

"I didn't mean any of it Caroline... please know that I didn't, I don't want Elena, before that statement I hadn't even thought of Elena for years and and I know that you don't love stef..." Damon froze as he entered the living room and took in the scene ahead of him.

A very pale and sickly looking Caroline clinging on to no one else other than his own brother Stefan. His face went white when he saw how weak she was, he knew something had happened. He tried to ignore his glaring disapproval of how closely Stefan was carrying her, but there were more important things right now. He gave Stefan a stern look and rushed over to Caroline and watched as she turned her head from its nestled place in Stefan's chest to look at him

"Damon..." she cried pulling her hands away from Stefan and pushing them towards Damon, he took the cue and wrapped her up in his arms nuzzling his head in her neck, hoping that his touch would tell her just how sorry he was. He put her down on the couch and turned expressly to Stefan

"What happened to her?" Damon asked fearfully keeping his eyes on Stefan too scared to look at Caroline.

Stefan sniffed his nose trying to control his tears and shook his head and sat down on the coffee table looking at Caroline one last time before shoving his head in between his hands. Frustrated, Damon knelt next to Caroline taking her face in his hands breathing hard to control his own thumping heart, willing himself to not break down

"What happened Barbie?" he asked trying to make his voice chirpy but the sound of her pet name made her cry even harder and bury her face in the crook of his neck and he was terrified, positively and absolutely terrified.

"It should have been me" he heard Stefan mumble softly thorough his tears from behind and Damon had had enough, he pulled Caroline away forcing her to face him

"Tell me what's wrong" he demanded angrily and she looked at him sadly still crying before leaning back more into the couch and pulling up her top all the way to her neck giving Damon a good look at the left side of her torso. He flinched and fell back hitting his back to coffee table as a lone tear slipped down his cheek

"No..." he said dazedly as stared transfixed at her flesh corrupting away. He had thought this day couldn't possibly get any worse but he had been so wrong. He tore his eyes away from her desiccating flesh to look her in the eyes and winced when he saw the pure terror in her eyes. This couldn't be happening to her... anyone but her, anyone but his Caroline.

Damon shook his head violently and bit into his wrist and thrust it down Caroline's mouth, she gasped at his sudden movement but relaxed after a while and he looked down at the wound on her side which was refusing to heal, so he kept his wrist put on her mouth even though she kept trying to push it away moaning in complaint.

"It won't work" Stefan said sadly and Damon growled

"It doesn't work like that Damon. Your blood isn't the cure" Stefan said a little more firmly

"SHUT UP!" Damon bellowed while Caroline his momentary distraction to wrench his wrist away wiping her mouth on her already bloody t-shirt.

"No... Drink" Damon said desperately trying to shove it down her throat again but she held his hand pulling him to her

"It won't work Damon" she whispered softly wincing in pain; her voice had already become heavier as the poison from the bite spread through her. Damon closed his eyes letting the tears fall as he put his head on her chest and she lay back on the couch, too exhausted to sit up.

"How?" is all Damon asked when he put Caroline in the bedroom and stepped outside to get blood and saw Stefan standing there. Damon was angry at Stefan... he no longer had the right to look so distraught over Caroline dying, she wasn't his girlfriend anymore. She was Damon's... all Damon's.

Stefan sniffed softly again and Damon wanted rip his nose off

"I didn't see it coming" Stefan stuttered shaking his head and ran a nervous hand through his hair tugging on it, trying to pull them apart "She did and she... she just launched right in front of me, shoving me aside and it bit her. It was coming for me"

Damon gulped nervously and nodded his head. His Barbie would die saving Stefan's life.

"Where is he?" Damon asked simply and Stefan knew he meant the wolf

"Dead" Stefan hissed dangerously "Very much dead... and in very many pieces." Stefan added and Damon grew angry again. Stefan didn't have to right to kill things that harmed Caroline anymore... that was his right.

"She's mine Stefan" Damon said calmly looking his brother dead in the eyes and Stefan merely nodded about half an inch each side. It was clear he didn't really get it.

Damon made a move to go back to Caroline in the bedroom when Stefan made a noise to make him turn around

"Klaus" Stefan said firmly and Damon nodded his head

"Morning... everything in the morning" Damon said firmly and Stefan said nothing but retook his place on the coffee table and Damon took it to mean that he would be there for the night. He would go crazy at Stefan after Caroline was cured... and she would be cured, no matter what.

Damon took a deep breath before he walked back into the bedroom.

"I didn't mean it Barbie" Damon whispered softly against her forehead

"I know" she said in a hush into his chest, it hurt her to talk and it hurt him to have to listen.

"I would never pick anyone over you... I hope you know that, and I know that you don't love Stefan like that anymore. I believe you but..." Damon began desperately but she put her trembling hand on his mouth looking up into his eyes

"Let's not talk about that Damon, I know everything... I just got angry when you said that, I didn't think you meant it" she said softly and he sighed in relief, though his guilt was killing him

"If I hadn't said that, this would never have happened..." he said angrily running his hand over her bite and she winced in response

"No don't Damon" Caroline said aggressively propping herself on one shoulder and wincing in the pain that it caused "If we start doing that the list will never end... you should never have said that, I should never have proposed, I should have never told you Stefan came, we should never have moved here... we should never have gotten together..."

"No I didn't mean that" Damon said terrified of her last words pushing himself up to look at her

"We can't start to place blame Damon, I-I just... just want to stay here with you" she pleaded putting her head next to his, unable to hold herself up anymore and he nodded, he could never deny her anything especially not in this situation.

But Damon knew whom he blamed, and Caroline knew it too. Stefan... if Stefan hadn't been there, if he had been a little more alert... if Caroline hadn't been freaking mother Teresa and jumped in front of Stefan... Stefan would be dying and not her, Stefan was his brother yes, but Caroline was too young and sweet to die... Damon remembered a similar time when she had jumped in front of him, and she had done the same for Stefan now... but this time she came out with a bite, a deadly bite. This was all on Stefan

"Don't Damon... don't blame Stefan" she warned cupping his cheek with her hand and he winced when he felt the burning heat in it, it was already killing her.

"Stefan would too" Damon said confidently undeterred by her pleading looks "He would rather be the one dying that watch you die... so would I"

"But that's not what happened... So I don't want to talk about it" she said firmly wiggling closer to him and he lost it

"Then what the hell do want to do Caroline?" he bellowed furiously and he didn't care if he had scared her, or that Stefan was listening.

She looked at him innocently for a full minute before smiling sadly and pressing her lips against his, and he kissed back intensively, grabbing her hair forcefully and pressed himself against her roughly, venting his anger and frustrations through his touches. She moaned into his mouth as he slipped his tongue through with expert execution and pulled him on top of her, even though she wanted to be on him but... she was too weak to be on top, she could barely hold herself up, she just hoped he wouldn't realize that or he would refuse to continue.

He kissed her passionately holding her face refusing to give in to his urges and graze his hands over her body like he so badly wanted to. But she had other ideas, realizing that he wasn't going to do anything she started to unbuckle his belt and he wanted to stop but he was to preoccupied by leaving his mark on her neck, sucking snipping and kissing as she writhed below him. His hands went to her knees, hiking both her legs over his back and she arched her back as she felt his very much eager member graze against her core.

"Just don't touch the bite... it hurts" she mumbled through her soft moans attempting to make it joke but Damon could tell she was dead serious about it, it really hurt her and he couldn't take it anymore, stopping what he was doing he put his hands on his ears closing his eyes and buried his head on her chest and he could feel her confusion. But she didn't take his cue and pushed her hands below his shirt from the back trying to take it off but he kept put in his child-like position.

"Damon" she pleaded wiggling her hips to help urge him on but he wouldn't budge.

"No..." he hissed picking his head up finally and looking into her eyes fiercely "We are not having sex right now"

"But..." she said perplexed as he rolled off her confusion clear on her face "But Damon... this could be the..."

"No..." he repeated refusing to meet her gaze, knowing full well what she was trying to do "This is not the last anything... we are going to have crazy monkey sex for thousands of years" he added adamantly crossing his hands in front of his chest and she gave an exasperated cry

"Not the time to be stubborn Damon... please I want to remember what might be my last night" she said softly placing her hand on his cheek and he scoffed again

"We will get the blood from Klaus"

"Yes I know... but in case we don't... I want to do this..." she said suddenly feeling shy and rejected. Damon turned on his side to look at her, weaving his hand through her knotted and now infested with dirt and blood blonde mop and smiled softly

"I won't say goodbye to you Caroline"


"Because it would mean that I'm accepting that you could die... and I'm not, I'll never accept that" he said firmly and she could see that none of her seducing skills were going to get him to change his mind "So I will not make any provisions for the 'in case' scenario" he added huffing and she couldn't help but be amused at his expression.

She huffed angrily though she understood his need to not want to let go. As a compromise, though Caroline didn't think of cuddling as much of a compromise he pulled her into him resting his chin on her shoulder placing a soft kiss on her hair, making a promise that when Klaus saved her and Damon would leave him no choice but to save her, he would fuck her brains out as many times as she pleased.

"Another two days max and she'll die" Stefan said somberly as they sat around the dining table early in the morning. Damon nodded his head, even though he already knew that... he remembered when Rose had died, and even he had been bitten, plus the fact that he had been checking up on her bite mark every half hour throughout the night. She had woken up many times in the night, coughing, hallucinating, and screaming in agony.

"So we need to leave now" Stefan concluded looking directly at Caroline and Damon nodded again

"How..." Caroline began unsurely looking in between Stefan and Damon "Why would Klaus just give it to us?" she asked finally, it had been nagging at her for hours

"He won't just give it" Stefan explained "He said I was free to join him again anytime I want. That is what I'll do, he gives you his blood and I'll go back to him. That's the deal"

Damon nodded again, whereas Caroline just stared at her feet, it was clear she wasn't a big fan of this idea, and just as Damon was about to tell her that there was no other way Stefan interrupted

"And you don't get a say in this Caroline" he said firmly and she looked at him pleadingly for a minute but sighed dismally knowing she couldn't change either Salvatore's mind.

"We need to leave now... come on" Damon said snapping into action as he got up and pulled at Caroline's hand in his, bending down to help her get up but Stefan coughed and Damon turned to look at exasperatedly


"You can't come Damon. It has to be just me and Caroline" Stefan said pointedly getting to his feet and Damon blinked in surprise

"No way in hell" Damon snarled at his brother

"Klaus will do this if I ask, you just piss him off and and... what if he asks you to join too or asks for you instead of me. The best thing is for me and Caroline to go alone" Stefan said calmly and Damon shook his head

"Stefan" Caroline said looking straight at him and he turned his gaze to her and it immediately softened "He really can't come?" she asked fearfully and Stefan shook his head

"Klaus won't kill me... Damon is fair game for him"

"Then you can't come" Caroline said turning to look at Damon fiercely "I'm not putting you at risk too"

"I will not let you go with him alone" he hissed in response tilting his head towards Stefan while taking a step closer to her, wrapping his hands around her in a possessive manner and Stefan scowled behind his back

"I'm not going to try and seduce Caroline when she's on the verge of death Damon" Stefan quipped angrily

"I'm sorry I have no trust in you" Damon countered

"Well I do" Caroline butt in strongly detangling herself from Damon only to almost fall down and having to use his arm for support. He turned to look at her and she saw the hurt at her words... but she didn't have time for insecure Damon right now, not when every single cell in her body was on fire. She needed to either get the cure or die.

"Please... do this for me Damon" she begged tugging on his arm and he closed his eyes in anguish, utterly lost about the turn of events. How had everything become so complicated? He nodded his head slightly and heard her small sigh of relief and picked his head up to look at Stefan silently asking him to look after her... and not himself.

Stefan nodded his head minutely indicating that he understood and that he agreed. If there was anyone other than Damon who would protect Caroline with their life then it was Stefan.

"Come on we need to leave Care" Stefan said with a small smile shaking the travel bag in his hand and she turned to kiss Damon on the lips softly, and he kissed back pushing away the thought that this could be their last kiss. She pulled back as soon as she felt the tears brimming and walked to Stefan who put his hand on her shoulders as they walked to the door.

Damon plopped down on the chair after their departure, with her giving him a lingering smile from over her shoulder. A depressing thought made its way into his head, the last time Stefan had to leave him and Caroline alone... when she had very much been in love with Stefan but she had fallen for Damon. And now he had to leave Stefan and Caroline alone... and he hoped against hope that history didn't repeat itself.