Evelyn. My baby girl. I remember when I first saw her, all that brown hair sticking up everywhere, my slightly curved nose, and her mother's eyes. That's when I knew she would and always be my Evelyn.

Of course, there is a negative side to another child in the household. By the age of three, she was able to properly defend herself of attacks from her older brother, Jonathan. Oh, Jonathan. You would think being three years older than your sister gives you a higher advantage when it comes to tackling each other in the foyer. Not when you have a sister like Evelyn. By the age of five, they were still fighting. And it continued pretty much into her teenage years. Though it bothered me to see them act like this, my wife just smiled. "she's strong, just like you."

I knew, deep down inside, that Jonathan thoroughly enjoyed having a baby sister. I know he doesn't really look like much, but at an early age, he got the tricky job of being a big brother. One who always takes after his baby sister.

As I watched my two children grow, I began to notice changes in their behavior. For instance, Evelyn's sudden interest in Egypt. She was only four when I took her on her first plane ride to the country. I was planning to do a short dig while there, and when she heard this, she pleaded and pleaded until I finally said yes.

She was in my arms when we first stepped foot in Egypt; I could almost feel the excitement within her. She pointed towards the pyramids of Giza sitting on the thin darkening horizon and smiled. She had that sparkle in her deep eyes as she looked at me with amazement. "daddy, I want to go there when I get big!"

I knew this was true because even when Jonathan laughed and taunted, she kept her composure like he wasn't even there.

Over the years, Evelyn became Evy, who grew more and more obsessed over her mothers country by the minute, Jonathan was still plain Jonathan, and something else. We were all closer as a family. And by those words I mean my two children had stopped fighting each other every waking morning.

And something else, too. I could see the apparent differences between Evy and Jonathan. For starters, anyone with working eyes could see that my baby girl was way smarter (I mean more academically inclined; Layla doesn't approve of me saying that our son is stupid). Now I'm not saying he will be "less academically inclined" his whole life, but the way he's headed, I'm just grateful my girl will always be there for him.

Lately though, I've been worried for my son. I love him, as much as a father can love his only son, and try not to loose hope in him. I watch as he begins to fight more with his school mates, coming home with more and more bruises and scratches. Sometimes when Evy doesn't think anyone's watching, she will care and treat her older brother, her motherly instincts glowing. I smile when I see this, as I know my baby girl will always take care of her brother, even if drunk and hopeless.

It's early may now, the summer air is just barley sweeping through our doors.

My baby girl is almost reached her fifteenth year, and Jonathan his eighteenth. It seems as they grow older, so does their sense of adventure. I send Evy and Jonathan off to school that early morning, feeling quite empty without them here in the house. I sit, almost anticipating their arrival home. I can't help it. The look on my daughters face after a long days work at school always makes my day.

Hours pass, and finally they come. I open the door, and my smile fades. I guess I didn't see this day coming; the day when my baby girl bright home her first boy.

I could see re nervousness in her eyes as she cleared her throat and looked up at me. I myself couldn't bear to look into her eyes. Because all I can see in them is my baby girl.

"Father, this is Luke." Evy spoke with a soft voice, like she wasn't sure how it would sound on my ears. Believe me, it didn't sound too pleasant.

"We're going to study for tomorrows test in history."

I was still on disbelief. He did look like a charming man, but fifteen?

"Well then," I shook the boys hand before letting him into my house. "You two better get at it."

Evelyn flashed me a smile and hugged me before walking off with a certain spring in her step. Boy, it was going to be a long day.

Then came the day that changed our lives forever. Recently before, I was offered the job of finding King Tut's tomb. Never before has something like this been offered to me. I didn't know what to say.

"You're going to take us, right?" Evy was almost jumping off the walls when I told her this opportunity.

"I mean, you're going to take me, right?" this comment received a glare from her brother.

I didn't know what to say to her. Looking at her facial expression, anyone could see that going to Egypt with me would make her life complete. But, as fate would have it, the bloody board director strictly said no one under the age of eighteen. My baby girl fell under that requirement by a mere year and a half. Taking Jonathan only just wouldn't be fair.

"Sweetheart," I began, looking right into her eyes to avoid any unfair confrontations. But my little girl knew me all too well.

"Don't even bother!"

Evy pushed her breakfast away from her and stood up abruptly. She ran out of the room without a word.

I caught a glance at her brown eyes before she hid them with her hands. They were lifeless.