I stared outside the car window, looking at the passing trees and scenery. It was a extremely bright gloriously sunny day. This only helped dampen my dark mood. Being transferred to another school was always nerve racking, having to leave your old friends, leaving your comfort zone and everything you've ever known is always sort of difficult though. Even so, what got to me most was that fact that this was in the middle of the second trimester, which meant everyone had divided into their little packs. The nerds, the jocks, the cheerleaders, the punks and goths...the problem was, where did I fit in?

I looked over at my mom and dad in the front seat, bickering over something completely idiotic, like what color the curtains should be. Of course my mom being my mom, if the curtains don't match the carpet (heh) it's about the end of the world. But I was only 16 and I had bigger things to worry about. Like not making a fool of myself at my new high school, South Park High School. South Park was a small red neck town in Colorado that people only know is there if they live there. It was so small they only had one high school and it was just simply named after the town. Yeesh.

My mom broke my thoughts, turning around in her car seat and tapping me lightly on the shoulder.

"Honey, we're here." She said quietly before opening the car door and stepping out. I slowly opened my door and hopped out of the old rusted blue mini van and stared up at our new house. It was a green two story house covered in snow. It looked like it was a million years old. I wondered how long it had actually been here in this small town. I shivered slightly, mentally scolding myself for not bring one of my heavier jackets to wear. I grabbed my luggage and hauled it up the drive way and into the house. As soon as I set one foot in, I wanted to reverse said motion by ten fold. The floor creaked and moaned under the weight of my feet and when I walked farther into the house I could notice a faint...no scratch that, a STRONG smell of what was probably dust and...bug repellent?

"Uhh, mom? Has anyone lived here in...oh I don't know...the past 10 years!" I asked, dropping my luggage on the floor (Which I regretted because the floor sounded like it was dying)

My mom just rolled her eyes, "Allyson, it just needs a few touch ups. We were lucky to get this house anyways, with your dad's sudden transfer."

I just shrugged my shoulders. I knew I should be happy since I was getting a 'clean slate' as they would say. My social life at my old school was sort of...crappy. With my social skills though, making new friends is like trying to defeat a dragon when you can't even pick up the sword.

I quickly unpacked my things, which were mostly my clothing and fantasy books. The moving truck wouldn't be arriving for another two days which meant I was without my laptop for a while and that was about the only social life I had. I flopped down on my air mattress (currently my substitute 'bed.')

and before I knew it I was drifting to sleep.


"Ohmycod..." I said, my voice muffled by my pillow, "What is that nooooise."

It was actually my alarm which I remembered I had unpacked yesterday. I fumbled around trying to get the blankets off me before rolling (literally) out of bed. I smacked my alarm clock a few times before I found the 'off' switch. After the annoying beeping subsided I looked at the time.

5:01 A.M.

I groaned loudly, trying to rub the sleep out of my eyes. Today was my first day of my new school. My mom had wanted me to start immediately and had signed the papers and made plans with my school. I rifled through the clothes that I had unpacked into the tiny dresser drawers of the antique dresser-like-table-thing. I quickly pulled out a black tank-top and a pair of flared jeans and slipped into it. I shuffled into the bathroom to brush my teeth and wrestle with my tumble-weed morning hair. When the horrible task was finished I put on my signature black hoodie with the yellow Batman symbol on the front. I passed about an hour by playing extreme tic tac toe matches against myself, until I checked the clock which now read 7:14 A.M. I quickly ran down the stairs and grabbed my already packed back-pack (Mom must have done that) and headed out the door before my mom could start on me about not eating any breakfast.

I shuddered a bit as the cold wind hit my face. I was so use to the hardly cold winter of Oakley, California that below temperature weather was horrid for me. I felt chilled to the bone. I also felt a pleasant bubbling sensation in my stomach, the kind you get when you know today is going to be a good day. I adjusted my backpack on my shoulder and took off at a fast pace towards my new high school.

I arrived at school about ten minutes before the bell would ring, so I headed to the office for my schedule. Inside, the paint on the walls were peeling from old age. It made me wonder if the whole town was like this.

"Shut up Cartman, you fat ass!"

"Hey don't call me a fat ass, you fucking Jew!"

I turned around to see two kids sitting in old plastic chairs, next to the principals office. One was skinny, wearing a orange coat and a bright green hunting cap. Locks of stray hair stuck out of the bottom of his hat, where the deep red hair curled in all different directions. The other boy, who was considerably chubbier and shorter, had brown pants and a red top on along with a blue and yellow hat with one of those puffballs on them. He had brown hair that was combed to the side and a stream of profanities were spilling out of his mouth by the second.

Just then the principal came out of her office. She tried to tell them something but ended having to scream to get their attention. "ERIC, KYLE, GET IN MY OFFICE NOW."

I turned my attention elsewhere, and walked up to the secretary's desk.

"Right..I'm Allyson Kirkland, just transferred here today." My voice was a whisper, which was an annoying habit I did when speaking to adults. She nodded her head, like she approved of this, and quickly printed out my schedule.

"You haven't been here before, correct? Well I think we should have a student show you around. Do you need some help? I could call up student to help you right away." She spoke so fast it took me a few seconds for it to process.

"Oh, uhm. Sure that would be nice. Right." I said, starting to tear the edges of my schedule.

The secretary picked up the school phone and waited a while before exchanging a few words and hanging up.

"Butters Stotch will be here shortly to show you to your class, and then around at lunch." She sighed blissfully, "He's such a sweet boy."

A few minutes later, a small fragile looking boy burst into the room. He wore a turquoise jacket with dark green pants and I could see a little Hello Kitty pin in his bright blonde hair. The front of his hair was longer, and stuck up in tuffs while the back was much shorter and neater. It looked cute on him, and made him for feminine looking. The secretary pointed toward me and I guessed this was 'Butters'. He smiled, bright and joyful, before practically skipping over to me. His smile was so warm it was contagious and I couldn't help but smile back.

"Hi there! I'm Leopold Stotch but everyone calls me Butters so you can too! Golly, we don't get new students often. I hope we can be friends." He happily took my hand and shook it. I followed him out side, where he showed me to my locker. I stuffed my textbooks in there, and kept only the ones I was going to need before lunch in my backpack.

Shortly after the bell rang loud of clear. Butters showed me to my first class which was History. The teacher quickly hurried me to my seat, which was in the second to last row of the classroom. History was fairly easy for me so the class went by quickly and I headed to Geometry class. This time I had to sit in the front. After a few minutes of getting my things ready, and taking notes, I felt something small hit the back of my head. Then some giggling. I ignored it and focused on the teacher but then another one and another one...and another one.

"Heeey. Hey bitch!" I heard someone whisper behind me.

While the teacher had his back to the board, and I turned around to see the fat kid I saw in the office.

"The fuck do you want?" I whispered angrily. Before I could get a reply the teacher walked over to my desk.

"Ms. Kirkland, do you have something to say to the class?"

I coughed to clear my throat, another habit. "No, not really..."

He glared at me and gave me warning before going back to teaching. I breezed through the rest of my classes before it was finally lunch!