A/N : Yay! I just finished this, I type like a mad man. I finally introduced Lyra, together with Cartman. Hes my least favorite character so it's hard to show him in a good light. I also got some alone time with Kenny, heheh. I hope you like this chapter even if it is a little rushed, but I wanted to get it up before I leave to go gorge on popcorn.

***Chapter 3***

I met Butters in one of the quads under the shade.

"Hey Butters!"

"Hi Ally! How was your first day?"

"It was nice, actually. I made a friend." I smiled at him and started to walk but he held me back.

"My friend wanted to walk with us today. I hope it isn't to much trouble." He looked a little nervous, like I was going to refuse him.

"The more the merrier, right?" He grinned at my response.

"Hey! Here he comes! Ken~!" Butters ran over to the fast approaching figure. I sharply sucked in air. It was Kenny, his orange parka hood now covering most of his face but his bright blue eyes still shone through along with some golden blonde hair sticking out of his hood. Butters grabbed Kenny's hand and dragged him over to me.

"Kenny, this is Allyson the new girl!" He cheerfully pointed to me and I raised my hand halfway and waved my hand weakly.

When he spoke I felt like even though the parka covered his face, I could feel him smirking.

"Why we met earlier didn't we, beautiful?"

There was a small amount of awkward silence before Butters said, "Well, we better get a move on it fellas'. I can't be late home, or my parents will ground me again."

I nodded in approval and walked next to Butters, Kenny on the other side of him. Butters did most of the talking, Kenny butting in a few times to make sex jokes. Butters was the first to leave, branching off to go to his house.

For a little bit me and Kenny just walked silently, the cold air whipping around our faces and the soft sloshing noise of snow underneath our boots.

"Is your mom a MILF?"

"A-a what?" I said, my teeth chattering together. A MILF? That caught me off guard...

"You know, a MILF. Mother-I'd-Like-to-Fuck." He said with some smugness in his voice. "I do like older chicks~"

I shook my head and laughed a little. "Yuck. My mom must be ancient. So wrong." I paused before quickly adding, "And shes married, that too."

He laughed, clutching his stomach. It wasn't that funny was it?

We were nearing my house when all of the sudden I felt something cold slide down my neck, and down my shirt. Cold...like snow. Kenny seemed to have gotten hit too because he was squirming around doing a funny dance and quietly chanting "Oh oh cold cold cold!"

I giggled before I got hit again, a snowball to the face. I wiped the cold snow off my face and saw that up ahead was that fat boy, Eric, and another girl with him.

"Cartman, you asshole!" Kenny yelled, making a perfect snowball and chucking it at Eric. I smiled and made my own horrible snowball, weakly throwing it. It landed a few feet away from the girl and she laughed.

"The girl with the brown hair and messy bangs? That's Lyra, one of Cartmans friends. Hes practically her bitch though. Think you can take her?"

I blushed and slightly shrugged my shoulders. "I'll try."

"Hey Kinny! Your momma's so poor when she goes to KFC she has to lick other people's fingers! Hahahaah!"

I couldn't tell if Kenny was angry or not before he started throwing snowballs at Cartman like a launcher. I took cover and threw snowballs at my own snail pace. Gradually I warmed up and was out in the open, laughing. After we were spent we decided to call it quits. Before we left, the brown haired girl came up to me. For the first time I saw her clearly. She wore a blue jacket with black skinny jeans. Her bangs where messy, going every which way and she had piercing blue eyes. Did everyone in South Park look so fabulous?

"Yo, I'm Lyra Collins. Thanks for the wicked snowball fight." She had a blank expression on her face, and a monotone voice with only a hint of emotion to it. She waved to me goodbye, and then flipped me off which confused me a little. I waved back and she turned and walked back to Cartman, punching him in the shoulder.

As me and Kenny walked away from the weird pair, a comfortable silence settled between us. My cheeks felt flushed from all the exercise and I looked up at Kenny to see he was slightly the same too. He was rubbing his hands together and then rubbing them on his face, attempting to warm himself since his hood was full of snow and would be useless to wear currently. He caught me staring and his face slowly transformed into a large grin, like the Cheshire cat.

"Admiring my handsome face? It's okay, you can tell me, I won't judge you." He said with fake sympathy, like I was telling him the biggest secret of my life.

I was a lot more comfortable around Kenny now, and I just laughed. He stopped walking and I realized we had reached my house. I waved him goodbye and watched as he continued down the sidewalk to his house before entering mine.

One of the only good things about this house, I found, was that the heater was in glorious condition and wasted no time in heating up the house. I took off my hoodie and shoes, tossing them into a corner of my room. My mom came up a few minutes later asking about my day and so on.

"Tomorrow is Saturday, so be ready for the moving truck. You need to spend the weekend unpacking okay?"

Crap, I completely forgot it was Saturday. Before I could reply, the phone rang.

"It's for you Allyson." I accepted the phone from my mom.


"Allyson is that you? Its Belle!"

"How did you get my phone number? We just hooked up the phone yesterday."

"I got it from Butters."

"How did he-"


"Right, okay. What do you need?"

"Can you come over Saturday, I want to go see the new Breaking Dawn movie!"

"...Breaking Dawn. Seriously. I probably can't go anyways, I have to unpack my stuff tomorrow."

"I'll come over and help then! See ya at one, 'kay?"

I was about to protest, but the line went dead with a small click. I groaned, running down the stairs into the kitchen. "Mom, my friend Belle wants to come over and help unpack is that okay?"

My mom smiled and nodded. I ran back upstairs and spent the rest of my time re-reading a few of the books I brought with me.

~~ Next Day: Saturday, 1:10 P.M.

The door bell rang with a dragged out dooooooong. I raced down the stairs and yanked open the door.

Belle was there of course...so was Kenny. I gave Belle a quick glance saying 'how in the name of cod did this happen?'

She just grinned and stepped into my house, elbowing me playfully in the side. I stepped to the side so Kenny could come in. The moving truck was already here, so all we had to do was haul up my crap and unload it into my tiny room.

This was going to be interesting.