Disclaimer: As per usual, credit where credit is due. I don't own the FF series or Spider-Man series, X-Men series nor any Marvel creation. This was written as Christmas present for someone I roleplay with. It fills the gap of bridging a few canon arcs with headcanon.

When I Grow Up


"I promise to come back."

If there had ever been a bigger lie in the entire existence of everything in the world, Franklin could only think of one other thing. It was something he had whispered to him since he was a toddling child, the fresh face of disgust as a part of Public Enemy number one, clinging to Mr. Parker's neck as he sobbed because something had gone wrong, terribly wrong. In one moment, Daddy's computer in his big, shining and clean smelling laboratory had been linked to the spacecraft's computers, hosting a video chat between him and his Uncle Johnny telling him to sleep well tonight. In the next... Auntie Jennifer crashing into the wall from off camera. A screeching sound of metal getting ripped, Uncle Johnny forgetting to properly close the chat – static and nothing.

"It's going to be okay," Mr. Parker whispered against Franklin's curly mop of hair. His face was transfixed on the computer screen in horror, had been since Franklin's wail roused him from where he had fallen asleep on the couch. With awkward, unsure and hesitant hands, as if the man might crush him, Mr. Parker moved from being crouched beside Franklin and stood, scooping the boy up in his arms. Mr. Parker repeated the other biggest lie Franklin has ever heard over and over again.