In The Arms Of The Angel
Chapter 6
Bella's POV

It was getting worst. My cancer was getting worse... Soon i wont be able to walk, soon ill be in a grave. Edward and I did talk about me becoming a vampire, I know he didnt want me to become a vampire because I would have no soul but what about now? Either I die or Im a vampire. But how would that effect me? I have cancer, then get turned into vampire, would something be wrong with me? Would I be hurt? Would I be different? We will never know.

Angel is beautiful. Shes a few months early, but since shes part vampire she looks normal. I wonder if shes going to grow faster then a human? I guess we will find out. Or should I say, they will.

My mind runs slow, so I havent got a chance to freak out yet.

I wont be with Edward... I wont get to see my daughter... I wont get to see crazy Alice... I wont be able to see my new family ever... I wont see Mom... or Charlie... I wont see highschool...

Ive been in the hospital for about 2 weeks now. Carlisle has been keeping me under tabs... He says hes trying to do everything in his power to save me.

I was sitting in my hospital bed, holding Angel in my arms.

Im spending everysingle minute of time I can with her and Edward.

I dont have much time left.

The Cullens, even Rosalie have came to see me, they all seem... different... more sad. I wonder if it has to do with my Cancer, and me dieing.

Today, Billy and the pack along with Claire came to see me.
Quil imprinted on Claire, shes such a sweetheart, shes only 5 years old now. I still cant believe he imprinted on her when she was 2? They said sorry for Jacobs part... I didnt really accept it, after what he did to me.

Everyone got to see Angel, I guess since the Jacob thing the treaty was broken. Since he went passed the line. Sam didnt seem to have a problem with Angel, I thought he would of but I was wrong. Everyone fell ln love with her at first sight. I let Claire hold her, and she said she wanted a baby with Quil. It was so cute everyone started laughing.

Even though she might be 5 years old, I consider her like a friend. She could grow up with my daughter... Teach her things and what not.

Esme made plans with them and invited them over for dinner, they agreed finally, but anything can go down. Carlisle is going to let me go home today, and I couldnt get out of the hospital

"Bella, love? Are you ready to go home?" Edward asked me inturpting my thoughts.

I blinked, the surroundings around me becoming more clear.

"Home? Yes Im ready." I told him.
He held his hands out for Angel, and I gave her to him.

"Are you ready to see your new home Angel?" I asked her.

Since I was in the hospital because of my cancer, Carlisle let me keep Angel with me. So this will be both of our first times at the house since the... wedding.

Edward got Angel ready and put her in her carseat Alice bought, and then helped me get into the wheelchair. Everyone whos given birth, or anything like that had to be driven out of the hospital in a wheelchair. I dont know why?

Edward handed me Angel, and I held the carseat on my lap.
I looked in, seeing Angel staring at me smiling.

I smiled back.

"Are you ready to see your new home Angel?" I asked her again.

Her smile grew wider, and she started sucking her thumb.

I didnt realize we were outside, until he stopped moving my wheelchair. We were in front of his Volvo. He put Angel in first then helped me in the front seat. Soon we were driving, Edward holding my hand the entire time.


I've been at the Cullens for 2 days now. Once Carlisle gets home from work, he checks me out. So far it has been good. According to Carlisle, Angel will grow slower then a human. Me and Edward will have more time to watch her grow up, that is if I make it through the rest of my life.

Today ive been feeling alot of pain...I havent told anyone, because I didnt want to go back to the hospital... I dont know if it has to do with my Cancer, but I was pretty sure it did. I guess I should tell someone soon before something happens...

Everyone was outside, watching the sunset. Most of them were sparkling from the sun, but I only had my eyes on one, Edward. He was sitting there holding Angel in his arms, She was smiling up at him talking away, touching his skin. She sparkling a tiny bit, it was cute.

All the sudden the pain increased.

I screamed loud.

Everyone turned to me, and I looked down, holding my side.

Everything and everyone flashed before my eyes, I couldnt see anymore, I couldnt hear, the pain increased, and I was falling into darkness.

I tryed to find my voice to say something, but I was slipping... slipping into darkness.

The last thing I thought was 'I Love you Edward... Take care of Angel'

And then I passed.