A/N (Author's Note):

This bonus is not a continuation of the fic itself. It is a re-written version of a scene from chapter 7 of "Let's All Be Friends Together". I created this second version to fulfill a prompt at the Death Note anonymous kink meme, at dn_kink2 on Livejournal.

I re-wrote it into this version because the original scene in chapter 7 doesn't fulfill two key elements of the prompt: that the character be alone, and that the character orgasms just from the hypnosis. To fix this, I re-wrote the scene to make Light imaginary instead of really there.

So, that's why this is bonus content. It's not really new as long as you've already read chapter 7, and it's not actually part of the storyline of the fanfic proper. It's an AU of a divergent-AU fanfic, and it doesn't really fit in with the canon Death Note timeline either.

Bonus Content:

L found a cozy room, dimmed the lights, and stretched out on a large, comfortable sofa, anticipation running through his body. This was it, a chance to truly thwart Light's control in sexual matters, to achieve secret orgasms against Light's orders. It was deliciously naughty just to think about it.

But they deserved this subversion of their desires, this method of getting around the rules they'd laid down. L's nerves were worn raw from chasing Misa and teasing her, sometimes bringing her to climax with no real relief for himself, and from experiencing Light and Misa fucking in bed nearly every night beside him, around him, or on top of him.

The self-hypnosis audio represented sweet, sweet payback.

He eased his breathing, slowing it, taking big breaths and getting into a mild meditation state. When he felt that familiar drifting sensation, he closed his eyes and began playing the recording.

A smooth-toned male voice spoke to him gently, a droning, comforting voice taking him through a series of mental relaxation exercises, with only the slightest sexual insinuations at first and then, deeper, deeper, and there was almost no awareness of the room and the voice was suggesting things that brought a radiating heat to between his legs.

L spread his legs and the feeling got stronger, his erection beginning to rise as the voice talked him through every step of the process, suggesting how he should react, how he should feel, and his body responded marvelously to each suggestion, the voice magical, leading him on, exploring the pleasure. His penis was full, throbbing, straining upward against his clothing, every tiniest bodily shift bringing a jolt to it.

He felt almost as if he were being touched, but not really, as if a ghost-hand that was more imagination than real were jacking him off, slowly, leisurely. There was no time pressure, simply that encouraging voice in his ear and the increasing arousal, more and more, feeling oddly like the ramp-up leading to orgasm.

Without touching, he was falling into the pattern, ready for release, back arching, thrusting up into nothingness, gasping, wanting, feeling that warm throbbing sensation and then at last the rise of that feeling of inevitability right at the base of his penis. He would come. He knew it. No stopping it now.

But the tension within stayed at that raw edge of release too long. Writhing, he tried to feel more, to go that last little bit. It wasn't happening.

He sobbed into the pillows and tried to relax again, to recapture the magic of that smooth voice, and he was drawn into it almost effortlessly, falling under the spell, excitement rising. Almost there... almost... almost... he rubbed his thighs, wanting to touch, to grasp his penis firmly and bring himself to climax. It wouldn't take much, but he couldn't do it.

His entire body was like a stringed instrument, strings wound tightly and ready to play, but he couldn't touch. Rather, it was like the frustration portion of a wet dream, immersed fully in a state of strong arousal, but no release. No, no release at all.

Panting, he began coming out of the deep state he'd been in, and realized the voice was gone. He checked the player, and saw the self-hypnosis audio had played completely.

This is not good. But, I won't lose. This does work for people, so it will work for me. Orgasms happen in the brain, not the genitals.

L got a drink of water, rubbed all his limbs briskly, and then lay down to try again. If anything, it was easier to fall under the spell the second time. He was deeper, certainly more hypnotized, aware of almost nothing except his body, which was hyper-sensitive all over, throbbing and begging for relief.

Every movement, every breath, he was drowning in arousal, completely immersed, chasing that ultimate peak, getting close to it, right to the shuddering edge. It was inevitable, unavoidable. It would happen, his body urged on and on.

And it just barely slipped away, again and again and then eventually the voice stopped talking.

L lay there in the dim light, panting hard. His penis was a sharp point of pleasure between his legs, almost unbearably aroused. His stubbornness urged him to try again, but his intellect urged him to think. He assumed his best thinking position, crouched with his knees clutched to his chest, and allowed his thoughts to flow freely.

It was not long until a most intriguing thought occurred to him, and he set out to achieve it.

He lay down again, starting the recording from the beginning, and this time he imagined wandering around until he found Light, relaxing in front of the news.

In L's imagined scene, Light turned off the television as soon as L entered. L tried to strike a sultry pose and said, "Light, I'm horny. I want to make out with you alone. I'd like to start with kissing. It's okay if I don't know how far I might go, isn't it?"

As expected, Light began looking incredibly smug and agreed. They quickly found their way to that same sofa, that was conveniently wide enough for two bodies to lie side-by-side, and L stretched out on it, coaxing Light forward with sultry looks.

Light slipped into place, facing him.

It was working, a dream-like state building, the imaginary Light reacting just as the real Light perhaps would in the same situation.

"Don't you want to stop listening to that?" Light asked.

"No, I won't stop. Whatever I need to calm myself is good for our relationship, if I'm expected to accept you as a lover. Don't you agree, Light?"

Light looked for a moment as if he might suspect something, but then the expression was gone and Light merely blinked, saying, "It's fine with me."

"Let's see," L said, and adjusted himself, seeking the right position, slipping a leg between Light's legs, and then deftly hooking behind his knee, tucking their legs together tightly, creating that feeling of closeness, almost interlaced. Everywhere from their thighs on up was just inches apart or less, a span that body heat was already crossing. The created scene was certainly dream-like, but feeling more and more real. L closed his eyes and concentrated fiercely on it.

"Why now?" Light asked.

L shut him up with a kiss, and the anonymous voice started pulling him very deeply as he tasted Light, soft lips moving against his, and just a flicker of tongue from time to time.

The situation was full of choices, every moment blossoming with possibilities, of different ways that the progress could go. Light was there to be savored, tasted, used. Light's face had that deceptively innocent look it sometimes had, the one that consistently fooled almost everyone. It was very wide-eyed and fresh, the face of a pretty schoolboy.

The world was narrowing down to little more than a keen awareness of Light. Even the voice was drifting far to the background, almost unheard, whispers at a distance. Everything was happening faster with Light's warm, close body spurring on L's arousal, provoking him, pushing him to better heights. He couldn't have imagined before that only kissing could be this good.

Light's eyes were half-closed, lustful, his arm drifting across the gap to settle on L, cradling his hip.

L muttered, "You're very persuasive," and he didn't know if he was talking to Light or to that anonymous male voice droning hypnotically in his ear, though somehow those two were perhaps the same, merged together in this magical space outside of reality.

The pent-up feelings were rising, rising with a force that surprised L. He was completely hard, panting softly, making tiny thrusts and believing that he could almost, almost reach relief without Light. His penis was immensely heavy, a swollen weight tugging on him with every shift of his hips, a heated pleasure that was almost pain, the room long since dissolved into abstractions.

In a voice that didn't quite sound like his own, L said, "Touch me, right here. I need..."

He couldn't finish his sentence. The sensations were too immediate, too strong, driving out words from his mind and he wanted, wanted, wanted and then Light's hand was reaching in, right into the boxers. Contact was a jolt, warm fingers curling around, and at that instant L let out a loud cry and began releasing in one of the most explosive orgasms he'd ever had in his life.

Time was a single moment only, shuddering and twitching. He couldn't hear or think; everything was experience, pulsating pleasure, that slippery release pouring out of him, immense quantities. Tension had turned to pure, shivering white-hot ecstasy and his system was flushed free of it all.

He wriggled slightly, wriggled, spurting still, time stretched out but beginning to flow again, distant sounds starting to impinge, thoughts forming sluggishly, the world becoming clearer, the phantom-Light fading into imagination once more, L blinking to see the huge amount of white mess he had spread all over his belly.

L was shaking, alone. He could barely breathe. There was so, so much of it, more semen that he'd ever seen himself produce. Every worry had been discharged into that white puddle, leaving behind only complete relaxation.

L sat up. He was still woozy and out of sorts. The room felt vaguely unreal, and a buzzing, lazy warmth filled his entire body. The voice was still speaking in his ears, trying to hypnotize him, and he managed to switch it off.