The boy

Ouch my head. Where am I? Who am I? Ahhhhh dead Body. Oh my god I covered in blood. Ahhhhh the knife. I picked it up and chucked it. I don't know what to do. The, the dead man he's moving. Is he alive? I study him carefully. He opens his eyes. From his face he looks scared. Slowly by slowly he's moving away. I got up and ran not knowing where I'm going. I run up to the lift and a girl was standing there. She was wearing party clothes like she was out partying. She screams so loud. She looked at the man then at me. Gradually she was moving back then she clicked on the 8th floor button. I tried to calm her down but she screamed louder. The lift doors shut. I took the stairs as fast as possible. I need new clothes as these were all bloody. I saw a woman put clothes out for her son. I quickly jumped over the fence and grab them she saw me take them so I had to run a far distance. I had no idea where I was and where I was going. It was me left alone. Did I have parents? Any brothers or sisters? Am I a twin? I quickly went into the public toilets and changed into the clothes. A Nike black t-shirt, designer jeans and Nike hood jumper.


I just saw a man dead not only him but the killer to. What am I doing just standing here I need to call the police and the ambulance. I ran to my flat and that was on the floor that the man was dead on. I jumped over him and that's when I spotted the knife. The knife that killed him. I decided not to touch it as my DNA would be on it. I ran into the flat my mum was in bed and I woke her from the noise that I made "MUM CALL THE POLICE THERE'S A DEAD MAN IN FRONT OF OUR DOOR" "what are you doing coming back this late its 1:00am" I ignored her and I pick up the phone and dialled 911. "911 operators please state emergency" "there's a man dead in front of our house" "what's your name" "Charlotte Jones" "are you still at avenue flats" "yes" "floor 5 door 21" "yes" "ok help is on the way" I put the phone down and went to the dead man I check his pulse and he was dead I was too late. "Oh my god what happened" "a boy killed him" "don't just sit there next to him call the police" "I already did that" sometimes my mum can be so annoying "go and get some towels so we can stop the bleeding" "He's dead already so what's the point" just then the police and the ambulance are here. Paramedic's ran our way. I move out of the way for them to do their thing. "are you Charlotte Jones the one who called 911" "yes" "we need to talk to you" just as I get up my mum buts in "I'm coming with you to" Charlotte's mother Maureen says. The polices look at each other and then carry one walking. We go down outside our flats "Charlotte Maureen I'm detective Cleon and this is detective Ferguson" "oh my god I didn't know what to do" "calm down Charlotte" Detective Cleon said. My mother put my arms around me. People out on the street were looking at us. It was quite funny seeing my mother in her pick gown with cops. "can you tell us what happened right from the begging" DI Ferguson asked "well I was just coming back from my friend's house and a boy I think he was the same age as me or one year older I don't know coming towards me then I saw the dead man I looked at the boy and he was covered in blood. He wanted to kill me as he was coming closer. I had to run so I clicked on the 8th floor button" "then what did you do" "I came to my flat to call the police" "ok Charlotte you were a very brave person" I was still afraid and terrified.