A/N: This is the sequel to my story Beckoning. It's been so long since I've posted, you might have to go back and read Beckoning first to understand this one.

Chapter 1

Juno sat at her desk, smoking a cigarette and grinning widely. Betelgeuse and the Deetz girl had gotten themselves stuck in Limbo. When Fred told her that they had been found, she went to the basement to find out how Betelgeuse had managed the trick. She found the book immediately. It was the same book Lydia had inside her summoning circle. Apparently, they had summoned each other at exactly the same time. "Shitty timing," Juno thought.

Knowing where they were was one thing, but keeping Betelgeuse locked away in Limbo was very appealing to Juno. He couldn't cause trouble there, and he would be out of her hair for good. Of course, he could still be summoned out. Lots of breathers still knew about him and his "bio-exorcist" business. Eventually someone would think they needed his services, and call him out. The Maitlands and Lydia's parents didn't know that she was trapped in Limbo with him, and Juno was going to keep it that way. That was a paperwork nightmare just waiting to happen. Juno shuddered at the thought of it.

It had been three days since Juno found out where Lydia and her not-so-favorite ghost had ended up, and truthfully, she wasn't in any hurry to get those two out of there. Ever since they met, it had been one headache after another. She seriously doubted that Betelgeuse would hurt the girl. She wasn't stupid, she knew that he still saw that girl as his ticket out. She just hoped that Betelgeuse hadn't figured out who Lydia Deetz really was. If he convinced her to marry him, he would be almost unstoppable.

The connection those two shared was forged long before they met in that attic. Juno exhaled a thick grey cloud of smoke and pulled a file from her desk drawer. She frowned at the names written across the front. The memory of that day was still very fresh in her mind. She hadn't wanted to do it. Soul reintegration was a tricky thing, and Juno hated every minute of it. It never did any good anyway. He always found her. Obviously love never dies. Juno began reading. "Third soul reintegration of Isabel Denton. New body-Lydia Lenore Deetz." Juno sighed heavily. Isabel, the former fiance of Barrett McAlister, now known as Betelgeuse. Putting Isabel's soul into Lydia had taken nearly two weeks, and the paperwork that followed had taken three times as long.

Isabel was running from her memories, and she thought reassignment would help her forget him. But no matter how many times, or how far away, they always found one another. When Isabel was reintegrated, she had no memories, but she always managed to call him. This was the first time he ever convinced her to marry him though. If it hadn't been for Barbara and that sandworm, Juno's afterlife would be hell now.

Juno sighed again. She knew that if Betelgeuse and Lydia were left alone too long, that one or both of them might begin to remember the bond they once shared. As much as she hated it, she knew she had to get them out before it happened, She hoped it hadn't already. She would just have to go get them herself.