This is an extremely short little drabble that came to my mind randomly, apparently in a subconscious fluffy mood. Makes me love Robin, being all warm and cuddly! This takes place before Robin and Starfire are together.

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He was always in awe of her; the way her hair flowed whenever she turned, the bright smile on that graced her full lips, how her skin seemed to sparkle in the light. He couldn't exactly remember when he fell in love with her – it really did seem as if their friendship and (at least his) love were almost combined – but it didn't matter. He knew now, and there was no going back.

They were all having a picnic in the park, in their usual clearing. She was wearing a white halter sundress, hugging her in all the right places; then again, he was sure she could make anything look good. He watched her laugh at one of Beast Boy's jokes, and he had to smile and tilt his head in affection. She then looked down, her eyes lighting up at the sight of something on the ground, and then bent down to pick up whatever it was; he was too busy keeping his eyes on her to care. He narrowed his eyes slightly as it seemed she was coming closer to him, her eyes on him. Was he really that engrossed that he was hallucinating?


He blinked and straightened, coming out of his stupor. So she was really walking toward him. He put on a sheepish smile and rubbed the back of his neck, hoping she didn't catch him staring. "Uh, yeah?"

She gave him that beautiful smile that brightened his day, and brought the object up in his view. "Please, what is this called?"

He looked down at the white flower in her grip, smiling. "It's a daisy." He looked back up at her, the smile still present.

She stared at it in wonderment, her bright smile turning soft and sweet. "It is beautiful." She turned abruptly when she heard her name being called, Cyborg calling her over for a game of football. She giggled and flew over to the others, waving at Robin as she went.

His lips tugged slightly, studying her. "Yeah…beautiful."

He's so cute! :)

I actually had a second part I was going to do with it, but I felt it would take away; actually having them get together. Maybe I'll post the extension, not sure yet.

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