Calvin went into his closet, and took out his cardboard time machine/transmorgifier/duplicator. He crossed out the words "Time Machine," and wrote "Transporter." He then, places the box outside, in the backyard. He calls Hobbes to come to the backyard. When Hobbes saw the box, he said, "Nuh, uh, I don't want to go on another almost failed adventure!" Of course, Calvin needed Hobbes for this, so he begged Hobbes to come. Reluctantly, Hobbes joined him. Calvin explained to Hobbes that there is no way do control where they were to end up, but he drew a "Go Home" button.

Soon enough, They had their goggles on, and "BOOM!"they ended up in another book. In fact, they ended up at a golf course. There was a giant fox standing on it's hind legs, wearing golf clothes, playing golf! He notices Calvin and Hobbes, and comes over to them.

Calvin was scared, and was hoping he wouldn't be eaten. Instead of that, the Fox said, "my name is Roger Fox. I think you want to be at that golf course." Pointing towards the Mini Golf course. Oh, last name "Fox.", of course he looked like a fox. Calvin explained how he transported here by box, and this is where they ended up. Mr. Fox thought that Jason would want to talk to this kid. He said to him, "What is your name?"

"My name is Calvin," Calvin replied, then pointing to Hobbes, "And this is Hobbes."

Roger: "I would like you to meet my son, he is also into technology."

Calvin: "OK"