Title: A Christmas to Remember
Chapter: Tea With The Lord?
Disclaimer: I do not own Inu Yasha and Co.
Summery: She sat there arguing with her clueless professor until he asked her "Higurashi, you act as if you knew him in person. Tell me, did you and the mythological Lord have tea together?" He asked with sarcasm in his voice. Kagome refused to let him belittle her, so with a smirk that spoke a thousand words she replied "No professor, The Lord of the Western lands and I never had tea together, although we did spend Christmas together."

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She sat in class, staring out the large window where the snowflakes fell down in what seemed to be slow motion. One by one they fell on the ground where the snow was and meshed with it. How she loved winter time. A smile appeared on the woman's face. The smile however was not a happy one but more a smile that held longing. Longing to be outside. Longing to be anywhere but here.

But instead she sat crammed up in a classroom listening to her professor lecture the class on things he knew nothing about. Although to be fair, how could he possibly know of the things he taught? She had taken this class in hopes of giving her closure, yet at the same time help her relive her experiences. Sadly, to her disappointment, the class was anything but accurate. Okay, some things were accurate but not most. Yet she continued doing well in the class in mere hopes that they would touch the subject of the Feudal Era that she had remembered, yet so far they had done anything but.

The mythology class that she was taking as an elective was nothing like she had hoped it would be. She had given it two months and still nothing that she deemed important had been said. So naturally she chose to ignore the professor's ramblings and silently read the book at home in her own time. This was exactly what she had been doing until she heard the professor call her name.


"Yes, Professor?" She asked quietly, looking up at the teacher with an apologetic expression on her face.

"While you are one of the top students so far, could you perhaps inform me why it is that in the past week you have suddenly deemed this class unimportant?" He replied with an angry and haughty look.

"I'm sorry professor, it won't happen again." The raven haired beauty in her early twenty's chimed as she gave him a smile. Who was she kidding? If he kept babbling the same nonsense then she only had two choices. She would either ignore him or correct him. Considering the options, she had decided to ignore him and not sound like a know it all and at the same time a lunatic. Turning her head, the snowflakes once again caught her attention, as if teasing her at the sudden dilemma she was in.

"Miss. Higurashi. Tell me what your opinion is." The professor once again spoke up, well aware that the woman was not paying attention again.

"My opinion on..." The woman began and the professor sighed.

"The mythological creature known as The Killing Perfection." The professor filled in. Instantly the student's eyes went wide. Surely he didn't mean...but she had to make sure.

" The Great Taiyoukai of the West?" She managed to choke out. When the teacher looked pleasantly surprised, the woman knew that they were talking of the same person. The only difference was that she had spent actual time with the so called 'mythological' creature while the professor merely thought it a legend. While she had done research on him, no names had ever come up. To all of modern Japan, he was a legend and went by the name of The Great Demon Lord of the West or the Killing Perfection, not once was he called Lord Sesshoumaru.

"So you were paying attention." Came his quick and rude response.

How had she missed this? How had she not realized that the professor was finally talking about something she actually remembered? Trying to hide her excitement, she gave a tiny smile.

"How would you describe his personality, Miss. Higurashi?" The professor inquired causing the woman's tiny smile to turn into a smirk. How would she describe him? She could think of a million descriptions for the man—well, demon, but she decided to keep it simple and how the textbooks probably described him.

"Strong. Beautiful. Cold." She began and the professor nodded, as if stating to continue on with the information and elaborate on her description of him.

"He was the son of the famous Inu Taiyoukai who fell in love with a human woman and died protecting her. However, The killing perfection had a Youkai mother." She began and the professor began to clap. Even as she spoke her response she somehow felt that the person she was talking about was not the same person that she knew.

"Well done. It seems you have been paying attention. Anything else you would like to add?" The professor asked. Feelings of guilt began to fill her as she mentally argued whether to give Sesshoumaru the credit he deserved. How would he have felt knowing that the only remains of him were in a textbook, and that even those did not accurately represent him. Biting back a sigh, she decided to add more.

"Yes, while he was known to be cold, I don't truly believe he was." She whispered and this time the professor seemed confused.

"Yet all the reading had pointed to him being a cold blooded murderer, perhaps you would like to explain why you feel he was not?" He asked and she nodded.

"I read somewhere" She began with a lie and then continued. "That he actually had a ward, a human ward. Tell me professor, does that sound like someone that is a cold blooded murderer?" She asked the professor with such passion the entire classroom got quiet.

"Perhaps he wanted to eat her? It is not so absurd to think since youkai were known to eat humans." The professor joked, yet the women did not laugh. The mere thought of Sesshoumaru taking care of Rin in hopes to eat her made her sick to her stomach. He was not such a youkai, no, Sesshoumaru had been honorable and so much different than what she had thought of him when she first met him.

"Not only that, he had a half brother and although the legends stated that he hated hanyou's with a passion, he let his brother live peacefully. Once again, does that sound like a cold blooded murderer to you? Perhaps he was merely strong and defended those he cared for? Back then that was how things were done for the most part." She added.

"His half brother?" The professor asked curiously, completely ignoring the rest of what she had said. However, This time it was the woman's turn to grin. He didn't know?

"Surely you must have read about his father falling in love with a human and having another child but instead of a youkai he was a hanyou." She stated with a smirk, for all the times the professor gave her a hard time, she could finally get a little bit of revenge. She heard some of the students snicker at the professors reaction.

"Miss Higurashi, I don't think that fact is correct. I am not aware of him having a half brother." The professor bit out, more than likely irritated at appearing clueless at his own subject.

"I'm quiet sure he did." The women argued back.

Finally the professor huffed with irritation.

"Higurashi, you act as if you knew the daiyoukai personally. Tell me, did you and the mythological Lord have tea together?" He asked with sarcasm in his voice. The class now began to laugh at the joke that the professor made. The women told herself to remain calm and attempted to ignore the comment he had just made to her.

Taking her silence as a sign of defeat, the professor once again began to speak.

"Now students, in a few minutes we will be having a guest speaker who has studied Feudal Era Mythology for almost twenty years." He began and instantly the class room door opened.

"And here he is!" The profess replied enthusiastically as he ushered the guest speaker to come to the front of the classroom. As the man walked by the women, she felt something, something familiar. Then it hit her, it was faint but it was there. Following the man with her eyes, she realized that she was not looking at a man but a youkai. Better yet, not just any youkai but an inu youkai. As the Inu greeted everyone, he began to speak.

"Hello everyone. My name is Shinji Murasaki. I major in Feudal Era Mythology-" But the woman known as Higurashi did not let him continue. She didn't let him continue for several reasons, the most important one being that she had a plan.

"Excuse me." She interrupted and the Inu looked up at her.

"May I help you?" He asked and she shook her head. Waiting for her to speak, he began to take a sip out of his water bottle.

"No, I would just like to tell the professor something." She said with a smirk that spoke a thousand words.

"I would like to say that...No, professor, The Lord of the Western Lands and I never did have tea together although we did spend Christmas together." She said with such confidence yet humor in her voice that most assumed her to be joking and merely teasing the professor. However, she did not stop there.

"And let me just say, Lord Sesshoumaru is really not a fan of Christmas carols...although, Rin most definitely was!" She added with the same confidence. The moment those words left her lips, she knew that her plan had worked. For the moment she finished speaking, the guest speaker began to choke on his water with wide eyes directed at her, and only at her.

Hmm, so her theory had been correct. This Inu Youkai did in fact know Sesshoumaru personally, and not just as the mythological creature known as the "Killing Perfection."

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