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Quinn walked the halls of McKinley to her locker. She was slightly agitated, okay may slightly was an understatement, she was very agitated. Her 'best friend' had been going non-stop about Rachel, even going as far as teasing the blonde about having a crush on the blonde when she attempted to avoid the subject of the diva. If she didn't know any better she's say that the Latina had a crush on the girl herself.

'No, she couldn't. She's been terrible to her for years.'

'So have you.'

'Shut Up!'

'Very mature, Q. Just as mature as picking on the girl you have a crush on.'

'I can't believe I'm having this conversation.'

'Neither can I. I think you're losing it Fabray.'

She reached her locker shaking off the argument in her head and just as she assumed there in wait were Brittany and Santana.

"Did you see Rachel?" the Latina inquired to her girlfriend. "Looks like she's gone back to her old look. Animal sweaters," she shuddered at the though. "But I guess it's worth it to see her in those skirts again. I never thought I'd miss those legs."

'Oh my…do you have to talk about these kinds of things around me?' she wanted to scream out, but thought better of it. She didn't need any more suspicion on her so she opt to just to get her books as she tried to ignore the thought of Rachel's tan legs.

"Really?" the tall blonde squealed excitedly. "I missed her sweaters. She looked really cute in them," she spun around. "What do you think Q?" Quinn snapped out of her thoughts only noticing that she had been asked a question.


"Don't you think Rachel looks cute in her animal sweaters?" Brittany repeated happily. Past her Quinn noticed that Santana had a devilish grin on her face.

"Yeah…I mean no, of course not," she had to get out of there and so she turned around quickly heading off to her class. Luckily it was one she didn't share with the pair.

"So are you calling your friend ugly?" Santana called out. Though Quinn couldn't see it, she was certain the Latina had the biggest smile on her face. And she was right. Santana would never out Quinn, but there was nothing wrong with making her get red in the face.

"She's not ugly!" she all but screamed out as she turned to give her best glare. 'Nice move, Fabray. Oh look your gay is showing.' She ignored the thoughts in her head. "And we're only kind of friends." She stumbled through her words. 'What exactly are you trying to do, Q?' Santana looked to be holding in her laughter. The confused look on Quinn's face was hysterical no doubt due to having a conversation inside and outside her head. "Look I have to get to class." She made her exit scolding herself for being so stupid.

"Why are we being so mean to Q, San?" Brittany asked when Quinn was out of sight.

"It's for her own good Britt." She had already asked Kurt about what happened when Finn confronted the midget. Now that their suspicions were confirmed, she threw her plan into action. Well, okay there wasn't really a plan, at least not yet.

The rest of the day went by without incident. Having mostly AP and Honors classes, Quinn didn't share many classes with Brittany or Santana. Then would come Glee Club, which thankfully they would never harass her there. But just to be careful she waited to enter last. Upon entering the room she noticed one very peculiar thing. Finn and Rachel were nowhere near each other. Oh, and not to mention that the only open seat was next to Rachel. She cursed internally. Taking the seat she gave Rachel a genuine smile that the brunette returned.

Mr. Schue entered soon after. "Alright guys, Regionals are just around the corner," he started. "Now last year this was the time we started writing original songs. And with the success they had before, I was thinking that Rachel and Quinn should work together again to work on our ballad," he motioned to the pair and was met with a round of approval from everyone in the room except from one blonde.

'Oh come on, this is a joke. Right? I can't stay at her house, Alone, With Her, And Her Skirts. I'd probably just pounce on her and kiss those soft lips of hers until she saw stars.' She shifted uncomfortably in her seat before speaking. "Mr. Schue, while I appreciate your confidence in us. I don't think it would be best for me to work with Rachel." The rest of the group stopped their ramblings on how the pair worked so well together and instead turned their attention to Quinn all, excluding those who knew her secret, looking perplexed.

Rachel on the other hand looked broken-hearted. 'Oh no, not that look. She probably thinks I don't want to be her friend anymore. Think fast, Fabray!' she pleaded internally. "It's not that I don't want to work with you, Rachel. It's just that I- I- I don't want to get in between you and Finn." She said quickly. 'Yeah, that'll work.'

"That's okay Quinn," she looked up to where the voice came form to see Finn. "We broke up." He said solemnly while staring off into space. It was just a few minutes into Glee Club and it already turned into a badly written story.

"YOU WHAT?" she jumped out of seat. "HOW COULD YOU DO THAT? SHE LOVES YOU!" Finn looked terrified. And who could blame him Scary Quinn was well scary. It was then that Quinn noticed a hand on her shoulder. She turned to meet Rachel's chocolate brown eyes. They were glistening from pride that Quinn had been so openly defensive of her.

"It's okay, Quinn. I'm okay. We just found that what we wanted individually didn't coincide very well, and so it was deemed that as I had already told him before that our relationship could not continue if he had no intention of coming with me to New York, we should just end it now before we ended up hurting each other more. Furthermore," she was now addressing the entire room "we've agreed that we'd prefer not to preform duets together, at least for the time being, unless it would cost us a competition."

"Um, okay guys. I think we should take a break." Mr. Schue said, finally deciding that maybe some time to cool off was what they all needed. He wasn't sure, hell most everyone wasn't sure, what had just happened but none of them were very eager to see where it was leading to. Rachel and Quinn soon left the choir room in opposite directions, but the rest of New Directions just sat in awe, confusion, and a lot of discomfort.

"What just happened? You guys really are awful. You can't even go fifteen minutes until all hell breaks loose. How did you even beat us?" Everyone immediately turned to their newest member. "Sorry, Asperger's." Sugar's random jabbering seemed to get everyone to lighten up a bit, although they all still felt odd due to the awkward silence that had befallen them.

Quinn had made her way to an empty restroom. She checked the stalls just to careful. The blonde went to the sink to splash some water on her face. She inhaled deeply taking in all that had just happen mere minutes ago.

'They broke up…They broke up…How? When? Why?'

'She already told you, and why does it matter? She's single. Go find her and scoop her up.'

'Oh, like you actually believe her. Besides just because they're not together doesn't mean she doesn't love him.'

'So, what if I don't believe her. I do believe that I'd like to find her and get my hands on that ass of hers.'

'No, I am not having these kinds of thoughts of her. She's beautiful, angelic. She…'

'Has a nice ass.'

'How are you me?'

Eventually Quinn regained control over herself and returned to the choir room several minutes later. Rachel was already back and the group was discussing original songs again. She sat down next to her crush, trying to stay as far away from her as she could without having to move her seat. It led to her sitting very uncomfortably.

"So Quinn," the blonde turned to her. "The rest of the group still thinks that we should write a song together." She paused to read the girl's face. "And if you don't mind I'd like that as well." And predictably came they eyes, those puppy dog eyes.

'Tell her you're not comfortable with that idea'

"Sure, Rach."

'That's not the plan!'

"I'd love to."


"Is tonight okay?" the brunette nodded her response. "Okay, I'll be there around seven."

'Fine! But you better get a kiss out of this!'

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