The Lone Soldier

The Lone Soldier

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Alex trudged through the murky water of the SAS camp. His feet and legs felt like they went for a thousand mile walk, then been pulverized by a kicked by a 200 pound man a million times. Better yet, that's what did happen. He was forced to walk a twenty mile course with a 50 pound bag and then was asked kindly, to face Wolf in hand-to-hand combat. And Wolf, noticing that Alex's legs were cut up from all the thorns in the forest, used this to his advantage and kick Alex in the legs.

After Alex lost, because there was no way for him to beat Wolf in the state he was in, he was once again asked ever so kindly, to swim through the disgusting lake. When he was done with that, he was allowed to get a hour long water break, which to Alex, made him want to throw up. He never wanted to see water again in his life after swimming in the damn lake.

Even if he detested seeing water, he didn't decline the offer to go relax for a little bit. Panting from the walk up the hill, (of course K-unit's hut had to be the farthest away from his current location,) he arrived at the run down cabin that contained Alex's most hated people on earth- the evil K-unit members, and the most lethal of all, Rat.

Alex cringed at the thought of the man. He was an unusual man with hateful brown eyes and a devilish smile. His cloths were also always tidy, which was a nearly impossible task when you where in a dirt filled camp. He was very muscular and used that to get Alex at every chance he got. He never seemed to let Alex off the hook for anything. It was always Alex's fault whenever K-unit completed a task one second to late. When in reality, it was Rat's fault for tripping on the hidden trip wire.

Trying to lose the thoughts of the lethal man, he walked into the cabin. Cold glares were sent his way when he entered, Rat's being the hardest of all. Ignoring the icy glares, he walked to his bed at the end of the room. He was, however, delayed by Rat's foot, that, ever so slightly, moved right to where Cub was walking.

Now, Alex had plenty of time to move out of the way. He saw Rat move faster then any normal person could. He was, once again, asked nicely to pretend to be a normal kid when he was faced with the members of K-unit. MI6 knew that Alex could take them all down in five seconds flat. They wanted him to, but, they also had to make sure that no one knew about there secret weapon. He was trained alone and was not allowed to talk to any other soldiers. They only reason he trained with K-unit once in a while was to keep image alive. He was supposed to lose every single time.

Alex pretended to trip on the man's foot, sending him hard into the ground. Once again ignoring the loud laughter of the other people in the room, he winced and got back up, heading to his bed. Even if it was faked, it still hurt like hell. His ribs where hurt from extensive training with some of the best soldiers in the world. He was never allowed to let out on complaint or sit down. Every second was to learn something new. He finally made it to his bed and laid down, letting out a small puff of air when his legs were allowed to take a rest. He closed his eyes in exhaustion.

The relaxing was short lived. His team mates used every second to either torture him either physically or mentally. Apparently today, was mentally. "Hey, Double – O – Nothing," Alex cringed at the nickname. "How was training today. I bet it was quite . . . wonderful. Don't you think, Snake."

Snake was too caught up in reading one of the SAS textbooks to pay attention to Rat's rant about Alex. "Whatever you say, Rat." He muttered while turning a page.

Alex was quite tired of Rat at that second. He was being a jerk and a down right bastard. "Why don't you shut your pot hole and go bother some one else for once." Alex regretted saying it the second he did. All the people in the room looked up at him in disbelief.

"What did you say to me?" Rat demanded. He threateningly got out of his bunk and walked over to Alex. Alex sat up when he came close.

Now Alex, seeing things far scarier then the man in front of him, didn't even look away. He, rather, gave him an icy glare back.

"Why don't you go shut you effing pot hole, and annoy some else." Alex said in a mocking tone. He then pointed to the door. "I would gladly kick you out of here and explain to the sergeant how a school boy kicked you arse."

Rat's face showed a great amount of shock, but then laughed. "I dare you to try it." The others gave each other worried glances. Of course, they didn't like Alex, but they didn't want Rat to kill Cub. They would have to explain what happened.

Alex shrugged. "You'd be a waste of my time." Alex said seriously. Alex then laid back down on his bed and closed his eyes.

Rat's face became angrier then K-unit ever saw him. Without even thinking about it, Rat tried to slap Alex in the face. Before K-unit's eyes, they saw the Cub- a small and skinny school boy- jump up from his bed and grab Rat's hand and twist it to the left, making Rat cry out in pain and fall to the floor grabbing his wrist.

"Pathetic." Alex muttered. "All you are is bark and no play."

With another cry of rage, Rat got up from his position and tried to punch Alex in the stomach. Alex reacted without thinking and once again blocked Rat's hand and punched him in the stomach. Rat made a pain filled cry and wrapped his hand around his ribs.

Alex smirked at him. "I suggest you get out of here before I kick you ass to America." He said with a pretty good fake American accent.

Rat looked at him, almost calculating how Alex got so good in one day, then ran at him again. He looked like some kind of angry elephant try to squish a small spider. He was trying to either block Alex, or attack him. Every time he got close, Alex manged to block it and send Rat closer to the door. Of Alex's moment of hesitation, Rat manged to get a good kick to Alex's chest. Alex cried out a little, but manged to kick Rat in the chest, sending him falling through the door way.

"Stay the hell away from me!" Alex yelled before slamming the door in his face. He then, slowly, turned around to face the rest of the members. Alex would have laughed if the situation was on TV. K-units mouth's were hanging open in a complete 'O'. They were opening and closing their mouths like fish out of water.

"What?" He asked in a innocent voice.

Eagle, the dramatic one, then fell one his knees and bowed up and down. "We're not worthy, we're not worthy. . ." He chanted.

Alex raised an eyebrow at the man but his eyes fell on Wolf. Wolf knew about his missions. He must have realized why Alex was actually here, right? Alex guessed that Wolf just played along to look good. To the great shock of Alex, Wolf began to clap. "I've been waiting for ages to do that. You did me a favor." He said before sitting on his bed behind him.

It was then Alex's turn to look like a fish out of water. "W-w- what?"

Wolf then raised an eyebrow at the teen. "Look, Cub. We hated the man as much as you. We just didn't want to get binned for injuring your own team mate." Wolf chuckled lightly. "God, that was priceless." He muttered while smiling.

Getting over his shock, he finally found his voice. "You wanted him binned?" He asked. He was a mildly shocked to hear this. Alex thought that all of K-unit hated him. He was only mildly shocked because does any one really like a guy who is a git the whole time. He was also a little angry. How could they leave him alone to deal with Rat?

Wolf rolled his eyes a spoke some-what mockingly. "We would have killed you if you hurt any other team mate."

"Then why didn't you stop him? Why did you leave him to me?"

Snake answered before Wolf. "Look, Cub." He began uncomfortably. "In all honesty we don't want you here. You're a kid, and kids don't belong here. You should be home with your parents."

"That could lead to some problems." He muttered darkly. It seems that Alex said this a bit to loudly. K-unit gave each other nervous glances.

"What do you mean?" Snake asked the teen. Alex didn't like he wanted to talk anymore about it. He silently glided to his bed, grabbed a towel and went off into the showers. Five seconds later, K-unit heard the showers going.

"What did you think he meant." Eagle asked. For once outside of a mission, Eagle seemed to be in deep thought. K-unit would have told a joke about it if it wasn't such a serious time.

"Maybe he just meant that his parent are away?" Snake suggest weakly. Wolf almost hit him for suggesting something so stupid.

"Really, Snake. It's been three months since the kids been here. Why would his parent be away for that long?"

Snake threw his arms in the air. "Then say it Wolf! We all know the reason he is here!"

And, deep down, everyone knew it. There was no other reason why a child was a SAS training camp. The teenager was a spy. And, probably, one of the best ones there was.

"He's a spy." Wolf finally said. As soon as he said it, he felt a huge weight come off his shoulders. It was not only him who knew that Cub was a spy. Maybe they could fix it.

"And we can't do anything about it." Wolf muttered darkly after thinking about it. Snake also knew this. It might have been the only reason they never talked about it.

"There has to be something we can do about it." Eagle said desperately.

Wolf ran his hands through his hair. "Please, Eagle, I would love to hear any ideas you have. Use your mind for once and give us any ideas you have to help Cub!"

Eagle had no time to defend himself or even shoot out any ideas, because, just then, Alex came out with only his pants on, his bullet wound was plain in sight.

-five minutes before-

"How could I be so stupid!" Alex asked out loud. MI6 was going to kill him when they found about what he did to Rat. Even with K-unit on his side, they could send him on a mission. The thought made Alex skin crawl. He couldn't afford a mission right now, not with all the injuries he had.

The first problem was his chest. His bullet wound was suffering so much. Every time he was hit even near it, it sent huge amounts of pain through his body. He couldn't handle any enemies hurting him.

Taking off his shirt was pain strikingly slowly. With all of the other injuries it hurt even to move a little. Finally getting his shirt off, he looked down. He almost threw up. His chest a sickly purple and blue. Around the disgusting blue was a painful looking red. He had burn marks on his shoulders and a knife mark going straight down his stomach.

With a frown he got out his pill bottle. He usually never used it but when Rat kicked him right on the wound, it was extremely painful to even move a little. It was a miracle that Alex was still awake. Popping the pill bottle, he put two in his mouth and quickly got a drink of water from the sink. He frowned when he felt the pills go down his throat. He hadn't had them for a few months. Why all of a sudden did he feel the need to take them?

Shaking his head, he looked for his tee shirt. looking around for a while, he realized that he must have forgotten it. Knowing K-unit, they were usually gone by now to train more while Alex got to relax. At least MI6 gave him that little pleasure. He finally walked out of the bathroom.

The first thing that came to his mind when he saw that his unit was still there, was, "Shit." Which he accidentally said out loud.

luckily, K-unit was to busy gawking at his chest to hear him. Alex didn't really know what to do. He couldn't pretend that they didn't see it, that would cause more problems then solutions. He decided to go the sarcastic root.

"So, do you guys think that I could be a model?" He asked with a glare. K-unit was still unable to get themselves together.

"How- what- huh?" Eagle stuttered.

Snake, for once, was able to gain his composer back first. "What the hell happened?" He yelled.

Alex shrugged as if it was nothing. "I got shot."

"And someone kicked your arse while they were at it!" Wolf said with wide eyes.

Alex ignored this and walked to his suitcase, calmly pulling out a shirt. He was, however, delayed by Eagle who made a break for it and grabbed the whole suit case and shirt out of Alex's hand.

"Now that," Alex growled. "Was unnecessary." He stood there uncertainly. He was unable to cover himself and stop K-unit from gawking at him. For once in two years, he was uncertain of how to get out of a situation.

"Give me back my shirt." He said in a icy voice.

K-unit almost jumped out of their skin when they heard their little Cub gave them such a evil glare. It might have been better then Wolf's. "Easy their, Cub." Snake said with his hands raised in a 'I'm innocent' way. "We just want to help."

Alex rolled his eyes and laughed. "Since when did you ever want to help?"

Alex left the question hanging in the air. With a sinking feeling, K-unit realized how correct Alex was. Were they really that bad to Alex? This sent pangs of guilt through Wolf. How could he have not seen it?

"Look, Alex." Wolf saw Alex head snap quickly to Wolf. has he really never heard his real name in that long? "We're just trying to figure you out. We want to help me."

Alex laughed darkly. "Like have haven't heard that before." He whispered. He realized what he had said and quickly change the subject. "Give me back my stuff." He repeated.

With a shriek of fear from Eagle, He threw it to Wolf. Wolf was unsurprisingly, not ready. Alex slowly saw the suitcase rolling in the air then crash to the ground, everything falling out with it.

Random pencils and pens went everywhere. Only two normal set of cloths fell onto the floor. There was a strange smashing sound of glass and then the last thing fell slowly onto the floor. It was a photograph K-unit realized. The were unable to see it however. Eagle went for it but Alex was faster. He was just about to grabbed it when Wolf lightly (he didn't want to hurt Alex.) pushed Alex back. What he forgot was about was Alex's already bruised chest. He might have pushed Alex lightly, but it still hurt like hell to Alex. With a pain filled cry, he feel to the floor clutching his chest.

What happened next made Wolf's heart stop. Alex started coughing up blood.

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