Chapter 1:

Cammie's Pov:

Hi my name is Cameron Morgan, but everyone calls me Cammie, I attend Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Woman, everyone thinks we are a rich school for snobs who have nowhere else to go but in fact that is just our cover. We are really a school for spies but if you're reading this you must already know because you should have a high enough clearance to be reading this and know all about the Gallagher Academy! I was sitting in my room, waiting for my room-mates to come back, Elizabeth Sutton-Or Liz, Macey McHenry and Rebecca Baxter-But if you want to live I would call her Bex if I were you! I was thinking about what life would be like if I was a normal teenage girl not a spy in training, I might still be with my ex-boyfriend, Josh, or maybe not? "Bloody hell, Cammie, how have you coped all summer, stuck here by yourself?" screams Bex, crushing Cammie in to a bone crushing hug, "C-an'-t Br-eat-he, ne-e-d ox-y-ge-n!" I managed to say, she got the message and let go of me. No sooner had she let go and I was tackled by Macey and Liz! "We've missed you so much!" screamed Liz, "Guys, you're going to suffocate her!" Thank goodness for that! They got off me looking down at their feet a bit guilty, "Come on," said Macey, "We don't want to miss the welcome dinner!" and with that we left.

Zach's Pov:

Hey my name's Zach,

I go to a school called Blackthorne, it's not a normal school; it's about as abnormal and any school could possibly get, it's a school for spies. Now I know what you're thinking, "It's not a school for spies," Blah, blah, blah. Well get this, there is! "Yo man, what ya doing?" Asked my friend Grant, "Oh nothing, just doing that mini-journal for class," I answered. Grant and I go WAY back since before we even knew what the family bizz was. "Oh, tough luck, I heard that thing sucks! I'm lucky man; I go out that this year." said Grant. "Yeah, it's pretty high maintenance, get this, we have to keep it all year!" I said, at the time it sounded pretty stupid but now that I think back on it, it might have just saved my life in the end… and someone else's too.

Hello Fan fiction this is Frizzy-Wizzy-Oringina, this story was originally done by someone else, well that someone else was me so don't think that I am copying cos u can't copy urself this is just a different account! So sorry!