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Then a cross burst forward in a shock of white, glowing around the edges. The Earl suppressed a jolt of shock at the cross. The two swords intermingled, black and white overlaid until the middles crosses of the two sword created a glowing light of one single cross. It spun and grew until from it rose a structure. From the cross rose a giant green crystal. Neah let his eyes soften and felt his heart ache as he stared at the woman encased. His nostalgia was shattered by the soft, broken murmur from behind him.


"H..How. She is dead... has been dead for years" he whispered to himself, his body blindly leading him forward until his trembling hand was centimetres from resting on the glowing crystal in front of him.

"Things have never been as you've seen them, Adam"

The Earl whipped his head around, his arm withdrawing, only to see a panting Neah, pure green sword in hand, grip shaking as the weapon pulsated slightly. Sweat dripped down Neah's face. The influx of the two powers had cost him greatly. But he could not falter now, not when they were so close.

The Earl's eyes narrowed. "What do you mean" he hissed

Neah took a shaky breath and smirked at his old lost friend. "The third side of the war. The truth has been kept hidden from everyone. You, Mana, Cross. Only Eve and I know. And God of course. This was all set in motion by him. Even her death..."

Adam was there, in front of him, gripping his shirt and shaking. "What are you talking about! God loved Eve, he feared her death" the Earl growled.

Neah pushed him off, stumbling slightly as his body ached, exhaustion etched into every bone. He could feel Allen's concern as he recognised the sensation was not born from their shared body, but from Neah's very core. Neah straightened himself, and turned to face the encased body of Eve.

" You know, when Eve died, God entrusted her body to me. And when I saw the madness you had fallen into, I hid it in the Ark. As the original overseer of the Ark, I have always been the only who could control it properly. That's why I took it with me when I left. I couldn't risk you finding her body, when you weren't able to see the truth. Although, what you see before you now is just an empty vessel. But still, it's the only one capable of containing Eve's soul"

Neah could feel Adam's anger dissipating, he could see when he looked at him; the confusion, the thirst for understanding. He was vaguely aware he had an audience, the lack of sounds of fighting meant that the Noah had been stripped of their darkness and the Exorcists of their Innocence, the pieces of Eve's soul. A battlefield no longer reigned beneath him.

"Did you not think I wouldn't realise? The Noah you have created were not like me and Mana. They were not cursed by God's hand as we were. They were forsaken by God. The opposite to the Innocence that makes up Eve" Neah hissed, watching as Adam's eyes flickered to the sword in hands as it began to pulse stronger, green light echoing off the surrounding shadows

" The greater the light the deeper the darkness, Adam. But you overlooked one thing. The same is true even when reversed. When true darkness meets absolute light, there will be equilibrium and everything that makes up human nature will converge as one. A new spirit will be born"

Neah felt Crown Clown burn beneath his hand. The light shone brighter, a strong beacon against the darkness.

"What is happening" Adam hissed, his eyes warily on the sword

"You see, like I said, I may be the only one who could have kept Eve's body, but it was another person that kept her soul. Even if you collected the 109 pieces of Eve, it would not be enough to bring her back. Because you would need her the core of her being to bring her alive. The 110th piece, if you like"

The Innocence formed from Allen's right hand let out a soft whining noise as it began to shake

"All those memories held in those pieces, they are nothing without the core of Eve herself. Allen Walker was not a vessel I chose by accident. It had to be him, and only him. I needed his Innocence in particular, because he was born from a reincarnation that held the foundations of who Eve was. And so, his Innocence holds the final memory, the key to awakening Eve. When all of her memories accumulate in one place, when darkness and light are balanced, then finally, the core of her soul will awaken. And then, when her body is called out, when every part of her soul becomes one and has its home to return to, Eve will be reborn once more..."

The Innocence in Neah's hand began to screech softly, the light a constant glare in his hands. Neah could feel the pull, it was now or never. Everything he had done, he had sacrificed, even the poor child that Allen was, was for this moment. He knew the consequences of these actions.

"Neah! You need to stop!"

Allen's panicked voice whispered inside him, faint and desperate. Neah smirked, knowing he had figured everything out, but he felt sadness and gratitude at the unmistakable feeling of panic radiating from Allen. He closed his eyes in ascent

"I cannot"

He thrust the sword into the crystal as Adam cried out, reaching towards him. The effect was instantaneous. A loud screeching sound could be heard as the green light of the Innocence flashed upwards, curling around the crystal that contained Eve. Crown Clown moved quickly and fluidly, covering the entire thing until the ridged shape of the crystal began to move. The shape shifted as Crown Clown eroded the structure until the body of Eve was obscured by a whirring, spinning cocoon of Innocence. Until suddenly, the light burst bright white. Neah fell the floor, his eyes burning from the light, as he felt his presence in Allen wane.

"Not now, not yet. I'm so close"

From inside him, he felt Allen push. Keep walking. He felt the vitality that lied behind the motion, as if Allen himself was giving him life. He swallowed, relishing in the movement that he had nearly lost as he thanked Allen for his support. He could not give in yet. As the light died down, Neah slowly brought his head up to face the most beautiful sight he had been greeted with in many years.

"Your really back"

He could feel it. A strong pull, a terrifying warmth in his chest. The light burned as the sensation did in his body. The blackness, the emptiness that was always present lifted all of a sudden. Adam could not see beyond the whiteness of the light, but he could feel the presence there. His breath caught in his throat as the familiar sensation fell upon him, as the light cleared and a beautiful face of green eyes and white hair filled his vision.


He could only stare as Eve softly came up beside him, whole being glowing a gentle, subtle light that radiated from inside her. She placed her hand on his arm, her eyes gentle and sad.

"Neah, you've been through so much, haven't you?"

He couldn't answer, his mouth felt dry as he swallowed reflexively. He could only stare as Eve smiled at him, watch her as she twisted to let her gaze fall on Adam. Her eyes narrowed with sadness

"I'm so sorry" she breathed, her hand falling from Neah's shoulder as she slowly moved towards Adam, her footsteps light. Adam moved back as Eve drew closer, shaking his head in denial

"Impossible. They killed you. The humans did this" he muttered, eyes wide as his fevered gaze took in the ethereal appearance of the only women he had ever loved. Eve's face fell at his words, a deep look of sadness overcoming her

"No. There are many things that I kept from you Adam. It wasn't my choice to. after all this time, you've acted on what you know. I wish I had told you sooner...the truth of everything."

Adam closed his eyes desperately, shaking his head rapidly

"Silence! I know the truth. It was them..."

"No" Eve interrupted, "What happened was written long before I was able to prophesise. A fate especially for me, one that wrote my very existence. One that God, and Neah alone bared the burden of knowing.

Adam shot a wild look at Neah, who had sunk down to the floor of the pillar, his right arm grabbing his left arm as he stared back at him just as determinedly

"What are you talking about" Adam gasped

"The third side of the war. The enemy we both share, is God and his own brother" Neah snarled from the side of them, but Adam remained with his eyes locked on Eve, whose face saddend ad Neah's word.

"It is not God's fault, Neah" she whispered, glancing at him. Neah shook his head in deference. Eve turned back to Adam and gave a tentative smile.

"Before you or I, there was one person who stood with God. It was he, and he alone, that God trusted, who oversaw humans alongside him. And there came a point when God recognised a darkness growing in humans. They were becoming greedy, prideful, lustful. He saw a seed of something that if left untouched, would spread and poison the whole of mankind. And after seeing God's worry, it was he who offered to go down to the human world to rid it of this darkness"

"Except he was a liar, and a traitor!"

Adam peered around Eve to focus on Neah. His once friend's face was screwed up in hatred and anger

"He betrayed God, and led the humans to their ultimate end. If you want to blame anyone, you should blame him" Neah spat.

"Neah is right, Adam" Eve's melancholy voice brought him back to focus on the woman before him.

"His name was Lucifer, the first angel, and he betrayed God. He became consumed with the idea that humans were not worth saving. He fed their darkness, nurtured it in effort to make God abandon humankind. But God refused to give up on them, and so Lucifer cursed both God and humans to fall to a great flood that would wipe clean the Earth ready for his reign"

Eve walked closer, coming to a stop in front of Adam, taking in his confusion and shock.

"I don't understand" Adam whispered, eyes searching the woman in front of him.

"The flood was not caused by my death. It was something that was always going to happen. I was created for the only purpose of helping to stop it. I was created to make sure humanity lived on. God knew that he would not be able to stop him himself, but had hoped that perhaps he could make sure the humans helped themselves"

Adam's retorting question was cut off by Neah, whose face had taken on a look of desperation as he tried to make him understand.

" God thought that if they knew what was coming, and if they had someone to guide them through, then maybe they could save themselves. God came to me and Gabriel, and asked us to help. He told us that he would create a prophet who would go down to Earth when the time was right and warn humanity of the flood no matter what the risk. That he wanted Gabriel to judge whether they humans had the capability and worth to save themselves. If so, then I would guide them through the flood to ensure their survival and help them recreate a new, better humankind"

Adam could feel the anger coursing through him. He looked at Eve, meeting her eyes challengingly.

"How could he create you just to someday watch you get destroyed. Surely he knew what was going to happen. Aren't you angry!" he cried. Eve looked away in resignation, and what Adam strangely thought might have been shame. At her refusal to answer he glared at Neah, who shot him a wry look of understanding.

"It's not as simple as that. God is more like us, like humans, than you can imagine. Because he began to love Eve as if she were his own child. And as the days went on, the idea of allowing her to go down and sacrifice herself for the sake of helping humanity became harder and harder. He knew there was a risk, and he could not bare the idea of Eve's demise. So he hid her away. And so she was not alone, you were born"

Neah shut his eyes against the onslaught of memories.

"She is lonely, you know."

His statement was ignored. He sighed

"Do you intend to keep her locked up here forever?"

Another stretch of silence. Neah huffed and turned to leave the room when His voice spoke.

"I want to see her happy"

Neah rolled his eyes. The answer was obvious then, wasn't it?

"Then do not let her be alone forever. She deserves to have someone who is hers"

He had made his decision, and called upon him and his brother to witness it. Neah watched in awe as He called Eve over, her face lighting up as she saw Him, running to be swept up into His arms. He told her to close her eyes and keep still, He had a surprise for her. Neah observed as God drew a circle on her chest next to her left breast, and where his fingertips lightly traced, a bright light glowed more vivid by the second, until Eve gasped with her eyes flying open, her body arching in motion. From the area of her left rib, her heart, the light was forced out and slowly moulded into the form of a human shape. Neah stood shocked, as the light dissipated leaving the form of a man behind, who promptly crashed to the ground.

Eve looked, wide eyed, at Him and back to the now sleeping body on the ground. He smiled

"There, for you. A man. His name is Adam. Now you will never be alone"

Adam could only gape in shock. He had never thought much to his original reason for existence, only that he was here for Eve and for Eve alone. Without her he had nothing, he was empty. Her death had left him lost, completely alone. To think that he had been made for it, no wonder he had no sense of purpose when she was gone. How easy it had been to fall into despair.

"Then how! If he loved you and cared for you so much, how did it all end up with you dying" Adam gestured furiously to Eve. He wanted so desperately to touch her, and hold her. But he could not accept that everything he had done had been misguided. He deserved to get revenge of humans, it was the only thing that had kept him going.

Eve looked up at the desperation in his voice. She felt her eyes fill with tears. She had cause so much pain. To Adam. To Neah. To God.

"It's my fault" she cried "If you want to blame anyone, blame me"

"I found out about my true purpose. My true existence. I overheard Mana and Neah talking one day about how my dreams were coming true. It was then I realised they were prophecies of the human world. The world I loved so much. And when I kept seeing the same dream, of a great flood that swallowed the world, I knew that I had to do something. So I told God. And all he told me was that there was nothing I could do. Until the day I left the Ark, I only went out for a bit to see the human world, and that night the dream shifted slightly. There was no destruction, only blackness for me. And so I realised that I was the key to changing it all. I knew that if I went to the humans and told them, that I might die, but that they could be saved. I couldn't allow God to keep me in the Ark anymore when there was something I could do. I needed to fulfil my reason for existing. But... but I had no idea that anything would have happened to you Adam"

Adam shook his head in denial, his brain unable to process what he was hearing.

"It cant have all be inevitable! Besides it was me" he whispered "I was the one who brought the great flood down, not Lucifer. It was only because Neah and Mana stopped me that I failed. And I only did so after falling into darkness after your death"

Eve lunged forward towards him, her hands scrabbling for his face

"No!" she cried "It wasn't you! Lucifer manipulated you. The darkness you fell into was his own. He is darkness, he took you feeling of despair and made you do these things! If it wasn't you, it would have been someone else he used. It was never you!"

Adam shook his head. "But all this time, I have been trying to end humanity. I have been trying to end so I can create a place where me and you can be together again"

Eve sobbed now as she clutched on Adam, who sat dazed as he tried to process all of the information. Had he truly been wrong. Eve had known, all this time that this would happen. She had tried to protect him, tried to protect the humans from it all. Just what had he been doing all this time?

"Silly, Adam your so silly! I have always been with you. We have always been together. You were made from my heart. What is a body, a soul, without its heart? That is why your soul materialises in the same way as the child's over there does. One hold the memories, the other the heart. I'm so glad that God made you for me. I've missed you so much"

Adam felt his eyes water as he thought of how every time he came into contact with Innocence, he felt more at ease. He always found that strange, his very being rejected the purity of it, he should be repelled. But every time he felt it near, it was like a heat in his chest. A comfort, rather than a pain. And now he could feel Eve next to him, her arms wrapped around his neck, her soft voice still ringing in his ears and he just didn't know what was going on anymore except that they were together. And that was all that mattered.

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