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Dragon (One that can change its size)


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Orihime walked in the door to her apartment as she was greeted with a woof, she smiled at the former shingami standing in front of her as his tail wagged at seeing her. Aizen hated his new form as it showed every emotion but he had to admit they could have placed him with someone who wouldn't have been as kind to him as Orihime despite everything he had done to her. The chocolate lab puppy barked as he raced into the kitchen and came out with a plastic bowl as his tail wagged, Orihime laughed softly as she said "I guess it is supper time…"

Aizen sat in front of his bowl while he was given some cooked chicken and then began to eat neatly while Orihime smiled and sat down with some homemade chicken breast in honey garlic sauce and garlic mashed potatoes. She sighed as her thoughts turned to the man who had watched over her in Los Noches and couldn't help but wish he was alive…it seemed foolish but she had fallen for the Arrancar and didn't realize it until he was gone. She felt a paw on her leg as she felt the tears that had started pouring down her face and looked down at Aizen as she whispered "I miss Ulquiorra…"

Aizen looked at her with understanding eyes as he tried to jump in her lap so he could comfort the teen causing her to smile as he picked him up and scratched behind his ears, Aizen sighed at the gentle petting as his tail wagged and his back right leg twitched. He had learned a lot about Orihime since coming to live with the teen, especially how alone she had been even with her friends…his isolating her when he had been human was definitely not the best thing to do. He sighed as Orihime continued to pet him absentmindedly and looked up at the teen he was starting see as a niece or daughter for some reason, her eyes were sad and lonely as she stared straight ahead. He whined softly as he licked her hand gently causing her to look down at him, she smiled as she said "I-I need to move on, no matter what I wish or how hard…he isn't coming back…"


Ulquiorra felt strange as he opened his eyes and looked around for HIS Onna, He blinked as he realized he was no longer in the place he last was. He tried to stand but his body felt very wrong and he tumbled on to his side gently, he looked at his body the best he could as a shocked noise left his throat. He was an animal! He was now small "Cute and Cuddly" animal from what he could see! Ulquiorra saw water nearby and hurried to over to it the best he could, he looked in the water and yelped at the sight that greeted him. He was a …..