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Its peaceful I thought happily compared to the usual amounts of chatter from the other Pokémon. I stood on the edge of a small cliff that led to the valley below. The forest was behind me, the wind was calm today and the trees rustled quietly as they made contact with one another. The sun had come up not too long ago and the streaks of new born yellow rays were being sprayed across the green grass of the valley, and were quickly rushing along the ground as the sun rose higher and higher into the sky.

It's nice for everything to be so peaceful but I paused considering what was bugging me. The other Pokémon would have normally been awake by now, chatting and yawning. But there was nothing. Not the slightest movement, not even a snap of a twig. Not even the Pidgeys were chirping. There was a sudden change in the direction of the wind which made my black and yellow fur twitch. My yellow ears twitched, they had black lines at the top half, forming an upside down v on both of my ears that were the same size as my head.

As curiosity got the better of me I shifted slowly towards the edge of the small cliff. My small body stiffened as I saw the scene below. Two circles, one magenta and the other Prussian blue. There was a flash of bright white light and my eyes were blinded! I raised my short arms and placed my tiny paws over my eyes hoping to block the light out. A roar from behind me caught my attention, but I before I had chance to react pain exploded through my head, blackening the world around me.

I was falling. Fast. There was nothing I could do about it. I could hear the wind rushing past my ears, making them flap everywhere. My stomach was being heaved up into my chest. I forced myself to open my eyes but the rush of wind was making them water and I couldn't see properly. It felt like a millennia had past and I thought the inevitable would never happen. But it did.

I groaned, opening my eyes slightly. Everything was blurry and the ground felt like it was moving, tossing and turning from side to side. The only things I could make out were the green ground, long thick brown waves rising upwards only to burst out into tiny, thin lines that seemed to pierce a patch of blue floating calmly above it all.

My head was pounding, I could not stay awake for much longer. Once again everything faded and I heard the sound of running feet, the snaps of twigs and branches before they stopped, not too far to the left of me.

"Look Charlie, over there! D'you think it's what we heard a few seconds ago?"

"Looks like it." Replied a small voice, which I heard slowly moving towards me. "It's hurt!" I heard it shout over. Quick footsteps approached and I felt a small hand stroke my head.

"You're right Charlie, let's get it somewhere safe. And fast!" said the first voice. I was scooped up and they were running before I had a chance to realise what they were doing. The last thing I heard was the first voice whispering "hang in there Pichu, not far away now."

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