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New Secrets and a Battle Gone Wrong!

Pain. Tearing me apart. I want to scream. But I know no one's there. It hurts. I can feel it. In my head. In my chest. Everywhere. My fur feels like it is being ripped out, my skin in two. Every fibre. Every gene. Every last piece of DNA, being ripped out and changed. I scream once more, hot tears flood down my red cheeks. I electrocute everything I can, but the pain is still there. Voices. There are others. Watching me. I can't see them, my eyes are clouded in pain. They laugh as I struggle to retreat, but there is some pity. A crash. A flash of light. Some shouts. Angry ones. Scared ones. The pain dulls but I'll never forget it. Tearing. Ripping. Changing. Weary thoughts disappear as thought ceases to exist and everything fades.
Darkness swirls around me. I can't move. A voice, different to the ones before. It calls to me as I slowly wake. "Hello?" It sounds desperate but I can't reply. "Please. If you can hear me..." It pauses. I try to reach out to it. The voice gasps and a sudden powerful force strikes my head, filling every corner. It doesn't hurt and I welcome it. "You're alright!" The voice is clearer now, it's presence in my own head. I can feel the presence rooting through my thoughts. My memories. I laugh, not properly but as much as someone who feels like they are dying can. There're no memories for it to search through. "Hm... They're not here." The voice then brightens a little "You forgot didn't you!" It giggles, a soft high pitched noise that rings through my head like a thousand bells chiming. "Here let me help you!"
I cry out as memories flood into my head. Memories of pain. Horror. Sadness. Loneliness. Memories I don't remember having. Memories I don't want. They appear. Image after image. Sound after sound. A wave of emotions. Too many to count, to see but they are there, shooting pain through my head. I scream as I force the memories away. "No! Wait!" The voice calls faintly as its presence starts to disappear.
I sat bolt upright as my scream died away and my throat is left sore. Coughing, I stood up and looked around. It was still dark and the moonlight was shimmering through the half shut curtains. I was stood on the end of the bed that Katie was now asleep on. She had rented out a room at the Pokémon centre after our first gym battle and M had wanted a battle not long afterwards. But Katie, Nate and M had all agreed that it was late and that their Pokémon were tired, so they each rented out a room at the Pokémon centre and M wanted the battle in the morning.
Katie mumbled slightly before rolling over and I jumped lightly off the end of the bed onto the cold wooded floor. I walked over to the curtain and opened it, allowing all the moonlight to flood into the dark room and I hopped up onto the windowsill and sat down. The stars were out and they twinkled brightly in the cloudless sky.
Thoughts slowly drifted back to my nightmare. What was that all about? I asked myself as I tried to remember it. I shook my head; all I could remember was how painful it felt, how real. And the voice? I could remember the presence in my head and I tried to figure out who or what it was. But, as usual, my mind was as full as a blank sheet of paper.

How long I sat on the windowsill, I do not know. The sun had now risen over the horizon, lighting up the buildings in Striaton City. The trees and grass now had a slight orange tint to them. It's almost time for the battle. I thought to myself as I jumped off the windowsill and padded across the floor to Katie's bed. She looked peaceful, happy in her sleep. Wish I was like that.I thought glumly before jumping onto the end of Katie's bed and curling up into a tight ball. A sense of longing and despair threatened to rip my heart out as I drifted off into a weary sleep.

I awoke to find the sunlight trying to break through the shut curtains. Wow I slept in, the sunlight is shining really bright through the curtains. Wait... Since when we're they shut? I thought jumping onto my back feet and quickly scanning the room. All of Katie's stuff was gone. I spun around, panic rising. The spot where Katie had been was empty and there was no trace of her ever being there. I quickly jumped off the bed and sprinted towards the door, leaping to try and reach the door handle.
Which I completely missed.

I smashed into the door and fell to the floor painfully. I jumped back up into my feet, about to take another charge at the door when something landed on my face, blinding me. I scrabbled at the thing covering my face, my heart pounding rapidly from shock. I ripped whatever it was off my face and stared long and hard at it.
I sighed in relief as I realised it was only a piece of paper, with a message from Katie on it.
Hey Lucia,
You feeling ok? I decided to let you sleep in because you looked slightly stressed. Me, Nate and M will be downstairs getting breakfast and Nate will be giving us both a few tips on our Battle techniques! I also promised to let him draw a few pictures of You, Charlie and Aurora if you're alright with that.
Well hope you're feeling a bit better and we'll be waiting!

Smiling with relief, I folded the piece of paper and placed it in a bin before looking back up at the door handle. I took a few steps back and concentrated this time. I jumped and grasped the handle in my paws before letting my drop when I felt the door swing forward. I walked out the room and shut the door behind me before heading down a flight of stairs.

Once at the bottom of the stairs I looked left and right wondering which way it was to the cafeteria. I shrugged and started to walk down the left hall when my ears twitched at the sound of voices. Slowing down her pace, she determined that the voices were drifting from the inside of a room she was approaching.

I stood by the door and looked around the room. It was huge, filled with rows and rows of tables and chairs on which trainers were sat with their Pokémon laughing and chatting happily as they ate. I looked to my left and spotted that Katie, Nate and M were all sat a table. I was about to approach them when I heard Katie's voice talking worriedly.

"…see what happened yesterday?" She asked Nate but I only heard part of it because I only just tuned into their convocation. I knew what I was doing was rude but something told me to stay where I was. I took a few steps back and hid behind the door, twitching my ears until I could hear them properly.

"Yeah, I saw what happened yesterday. I understand why you're concerned about her but," Nate paused for a few seconds. "She's tough and I mean mentally as well. She coped really well when she found out she had lost her memory." I twitched my tail in annoyance. She told Nate about what happened? And that I can talk both Human and Pokémon? My body shook as anger filled my thoughts, but then one thought spoke through the others. Would you have done the same? I thought about this for a few seconds when I heard Katie speaking again.

"I know Nate but. What if there is something wrong with her? I'm just worried, she seemed almost possessed when she used Thunderbolt yesterday. And Iron Tail was a surprise; I thought Pichus had to use a TM to learn iron Tail?"

"I don't know Katie. Lucia is very powerful; yesterday's battle proved that much especially since she can use Thunderbolt in the first place and she lost her memory. She could have learnt it before then." Nate said calmly, but it was obvious that something was bothering him.

"I guess you're right. But you must admit there is something different about her, not just her appearance but…"

An orange and white Pokémon suddenly stepped in front me, a growling quietly at me.

"What are you doing?" The Growlithe demanded. I was shocked at first but then I relaxed slightly once I realized who it was.

"I was just on my way to see Katie." I said factually as I started to walk in their direction. The Growlithe seemed to relax as well.

"You're one of Katie's Pokémon, right? You fought well yesterday." He said.

"Thank you but I'm not properly her Pokémon." The Growlithe stared quizzically at me.

"What do you mean?" He asked.

"She never caught. She found me unconscious and helped me recover. Since then I decided to travel with her until she has six Pokémon in her party. I'm hoping by then I can found my way home." I paused at this realizing I had said too much. The Growlithe however took no notice and sat down beside Nate as I walked over to Katie, sitting on the floor next to her chair.

"There you are Lucia, did you sleep well?" Katie said to me. I nodded in reply.

"How about that battle now?" M asked excitedly.

"Okay but let Lucia have something to eat first." Katie replied. M nodded.

"I'll see you outside." He replied quickly standing to his feet and walking out of the cafeteria.

"This enough?" Katie asked me as she passed a bread roll and an apple.

"Yes thank you." I said happily as I began to eat the bread roll. Nate and Katie continued their conversation whilst I ate but changed the subject because I was now sat next to them.

"Have you got any battle tips? Not just for next battle but future ones as well?" Katie asked Nate. Nate nodded in reply and they began to talk about Katie bringing the best out of her Pokémon by considering their strengths and weaknesses whilst also talking about ways Katie could use quick wit instead of power when it comes to battling. I finished my apple and stood, pausing for a second to poke Katie's leg. She looked down and nodded before standing up and heading towards the door, me and Nate a step behind her.

When we walked outside we found M talking to his Zorua, Zookie about what they should do in the upcoming battle. He turned and smiled as Katie approached him.

"Let's do the battle on the road to Nacrene city, it'll be a great spot for the battle and it'll help with our training for the next gym." M said happily. Katie nodded.

"Okay let's go!" She said as all five of us walked of in the direction of Nacrene city.

~two Pokémon floated over a forestry area which had a path straight through it.
"They're on their way. Once they get here we'll set the plan into the motion." One reported smiling smugly.
"Good," The other snorted. "I'll be glad to be rid of everyone breathing down our necks." They both floated to the ground.

"You remember our course of action?" The first asked. The second grinned evilly and nodded.

"She'll never see it coming."

"This battle shall be a two on two battle. The trainer is not allowed to withdraw their Pokémon unless the Pokémon is defeated. Both of the trainer's Pokémon must be defeated for the opponent to win." Nate said as Katie and M prepared to battle. I stood by Katie's side, adrenaline starting to rush through my bad at the anticipation of testing out what I'm truly capable of. True, I am only a Pichu but after using Iron Tail I might know some more moves because of TM.

Katie pulled a Pokéball off of her belt and threw it high into the air. "Ready Charlie." She shouted as the hyper brown Pokémon appeared on the battlefield.

"My choice now. Ivy show them how tough we are!" M shouted throwing a Pokéball into the air. A grass snake-like Pokémon appeared on battlefield, smiling mischievously at Charlie.

"Okay Ivy, use Tackle!" M said. Ivy raced across the battlefield directly at Charlie.

"Quick dodge!" Katie shouted. The small Pokémon quickly jumped into the air as Ivy raced underneath him. M smile grew wide as he shouted his next command.

"Vine whip!" Ivy produced two vines from behind her neck and sent them straight towards Charlie who was unable to evade them. The vines coiled around Charlie's body tightly and he cried out in surprise.

"Charlie use shadow ball to break free!" Katie cried desperately. A dark orb formed in front of Charlie as he powered up a shadow ball.

"Throw him Ivy!" M said. Before Charlie had a chance to fire Shadow ball Ivy hurled him across the battlefield and into a tree. The Eevee slid to the ground with a groan.

Ivy yawned. "Surely you can do better than that." She said tauntingly. Charlie stood up and glared at her. Suddenly a volley of Shadow balls shot across the battlefield and slammed into Ivy's body before she had a chance to move.

"Great job Charlie!" Katie cheered. "Now use Tackle!" Charlie ran towards Ivy, picking up speed as he closed in on her. A silver trail appeared behind Charlie and he charged into Ivy's side sending her flying across the battle field. She landed on the floor and took a few deep breathes before standing up again. Charlie must have levelled up after the gym battle yesterday. I thought to myself.

"Ivy use Leaf tornado!" M shouted and Ivy began to spin on one foot, a green tornado filled with leaves formed around her. She then stopped and swung her tail around, sending the leaf tornado towards Charlie.

"Use quick attack to dodge!" Charlie ran headlong at the Leaf tornado and dodged at the last second, continuing his sprint towards the Snivy.

"Leech seed!" Ivy fired a leech seed at Charlie, who hit the seed head on. Charlie shook his head and continued to charge at Ivy when vines suddenly sprouted out of the seed and wrapped around Charlie causing him to fall and skid along the ground. The Eevee tried to stand up but cried out in pain when Leech seed sapped energy from him.

Frustrated Charlie forced himself to stand up; he then started to bite at the vines that were slowly sapping his energy.

"Ivy use Attract!" M said. Ivy locked eye contact with Charlie before winking at him. Hearts appeared in front of Ivy and floated around Charlie and they began to spin faster and faster. The next thing Charlie knew when he had bitten through the last vine the hearts hit him. He stood still and stared at Ivy, rooted to the spot.

"Charlie, snap out of it!" Katie called desperately.

"Finish this with Vine whip." Vines shot out from behind Ivy's neck and coiled themselves around Charlie's body, lifting him into the air. Charlie made no attempt to move out of the way of the vines, but once he was a few feet in the air he suddenly stared at the ground in shock as it shrunk beneath him.

"Charlie break out of it!" Katie cried, panicking. Charlie squirmed as much as possible trying to get free. He then stared down at the vines a look of deep thought on his face. He showed his small teeth before biting down hard onto one of Ivy vines. Ivy cried out in pain and released Charlie; letting him land on the floor whilst she rubbed the part of her vine Charlie had bitten.

"How'd you like that?" Charlie said, grinning. Ivy glared at him, and Charlie gulped slightly feeling like he was about to set alight from such an angry glare.

"Quick attack Charlie!" Katie shouted. Charlie ran full pelt towards Ivy.

"Leaf tornado!" Ivy spun round on the spot before releasing a tornado of leaves in Charlie's direction.

"Dodge it!" Charlie nimbly jumped to the side, receiving a graze on his shoulder from where he wasn't quick enough.

"Use your vines to block him!" M shouted to Ivy, who brought her vines ready to swat Charlie aside when he came close enough. Katie grinned. What's she up to? I thought as Katie shouted her next command.

"Sand attack!" Charlie skidded to a stop, kicking up a wave of dust from the sudden stop. The wave of dust covered Ivy who cried out in pain as her eyes were filled with dirt and dust. She frantically tried to rub the dirt out but it only made it worse for her.

"Shadow ball!" Charlie jumped in front of the unprepared Snivy and released a flurry of Shadow balls in her face. They exploded on impact and Ivy was sent hurtling towards a tree, her body making a loud thud when she made contact. Ivy slid to the ground, groaning in pain but making no attempt to get up.

"Ivy is unable to battle, Charlie is the winner!" Nate shouted. Charlie jumped for joy.

"Way to go Charlie." Katie shouted across to him.

"Yeah, you were brilliant!" I said, nodding in agreement with Katie.

"I must say," M said to Katie. "The battle took an unexpected turn," He pulled out Ivy Pokéball, releasing a red beam of light which engulfed her body before she disappeared. "But don't expect the next to be so easy!" He cried out as he threw a different Pokéball which opened up and released a bright light of energy. Seconds later a Liepard stood on the battlefield, glaring daggers at Charlie.

Charlie's eyes widen and he gulped nervously." Don't think about it Charlie, just keep a sharp eye out for any tricks!" I called over to Charlie, who smiled gratefully at the help.

"My turn to make the first move," Katie declared. "Charlie quick attack!" Charlie sprinted towards the Liepard intent on hitting it full on.

"Dodge." M said simple, and just as Charlie was about to hit the Liepard, it jumped to the side and disappeared.

"Where'd it go?" Katie said looking around the battlefield. Charlie was thinking the same thing, spinning on the spot trying to spot the Liepard.

"I was hoping for a proper battle, not a game of cat and mouse." Charlie said, grinning mischievously.

"Okay then," A voice echoed from nowhere. Charlie took a step back in surprise. "I'll be the cat." It said menacingly.

"Faint attack!" M called. The Liepard appeared in front of Charlie.

"And you can be the mouse." The Liepard announced as it charged into Charlie, sending him flying across the battlefield. He landed on the ground, skidding for a few feet before lying motionless.

"Charlie is unable to battle, M's Liepard wins." Nate said. Charlie grunted and shakily stood on his feet.

"How you feeling?" I asked Charlie as he walked back to stand beside Katie.

"Like someone released a hyper beam right next to my head." He replied grinning once more.

"You did great Charlie," Katie said to Charlie as he flopped onto the floor. "You ready for this Lucia?" She asked me. I nodded enthusiastically before walking out onto the battlefield.

"Fury swipes!" M shouted. The Liepard charged towards me, glowing claws extended.

"Dodge then use Thunderbolt!" Katie cried. I jumped to the side just in time and release a lightning bolt towards the Liepard who cried out in pain.

"Iron tail!" I ran towards the Liepard s my tail took on a metallic glow. I spun round at the last second slapping the Liepard across the face, who fell back in shock.

"Quick use Faint attack!" M cried as I prepared to swing another Iron tail. I spun round just as the Liepard disappeared, missing my mark completely. I spun around as panic started to take over my thoughts. Where on earth is it? I thought desperately.

"Keep on your toes Lucia, it could appear any moment," Katie shouted over to me. I nodded in understanding and prepared for the worst. The Liepard appeared in front of me, charging in my direction.

"Look out!" Katie shouted. I panicked as the Liepard came extremely close and I raised my fist to block it. My fist took on a white glow as I lifted it in front of my just as the Liepard made contact with me. We both flew backwards as both of our attacks hit each other.

"Was that Mega punch?" M said in shock. I groaned aloud as I stood up. The Liepard was nowhere to be seen; instead a dark grey Pokémon was on the other side of the battlefield, painfully getting up. The Liepard was Zookie?

"Wait Lucia, when did you learn Mega punch?" Katie asked me. I turned to look at her and shook my head, unsure of how to answer. Katie opened her mouth to say something when a rustling from my left caught our attention. Suddenly a blur jumped out of from behind a bush and charged into my side sending us rolling along the floor.

I managed to push whatever it was off of me and I stood up spinning around to attack my attacker. Only to stand in shock, my eyes wide. In front of we was well… me. I couldn't get my head round it but whoever was stood in front of me was me, which meant I was stood in front of myself.

"Lucia?" Katie said. Both me and my doppelganger turned to face her and tilted our heads to the side.

"What's going on?" M said quickly glancing from me to my doppelganger and back again.

"How are we supposed to tell who is who?" Nate queried a look of confusion on his face. M shrugged in reply.

"I'm the real Lucia, who else would it be?" My doppelganger said. I glared at it.

"Me of course, you're nothing but an imposter." I spat. We both turned to face each other, sparks bouncing on our cheeks.

"Stop you two!" Katie shouted. We both turned to face her. There has to be some way to prove I'm Lucia. "How about I ask you both some questions and whoever answers right must be the real Lucia." I nodded in agreement.

"That's a good idea Katie." Nate commented. Both me and my doppelganger approached Katie so that M was out of earshot of us talking. I don't want him to know about me being able to speak both human and Pokémon. I thought.

"Ok. How did I meet you?" She asked.

"I fell out of the sky somehow. You came across me unconscious on the ground and took me to a Pokémon centre." My doppelganger quickly said before I could answer. I glanced angrily at it when Katie nodded.

"That's right," She said. "How did you remember your name?"

"You suggested Lucy when we were guessing names and I had a vision. White light appeared in front of me and when I opened my eyes there was a blurred orange image calling out to me. When the vision disappeared, a voice in my head told me my name was Lucia and then I remembered it." I said smiling as my doppelganger glared at me.

"That's right as well," Katie said looking at both of us. "One final question. Yesterday in our gym battle, what two moves did you learn?" She asked.

"I learnt Iron Tail." I said smiling. I've got them all right! Katie has to realize that I'm the real one. I thought happily.

"That is right but," Katie said and my hopes dropped. "I said what two moves did you learn." What's she talking about? She only told me about one!

"That's easy," My doppelganger said happily, glancing at me victory in its eyes. "I learnt Iron tail and Thunder." I stared at him in shock. When did I use Thunder? Katie nodded and my heart sunk.

"I've come to a conclusion," She said. "The real Lucia is-" She was cut short by the sound of a screeching Pokémon. A blue and black blur shot out from behind a tree and started to attack my doppelganger. I jumped back in shock s my doppelganger tried to retaliate but was sent flying across the battlefield from a blow. The Pokémon that had attacked it was a Riolu which stood tall and proud, a look of hatred was on its face as it glared at my doppelganger.

"What are you doing?" Katie asked the Riolu. This one's Aura, The Riolu said to all of us using telepathy. His Aura is bad. Not your friend. He then turned back to my doppelganger.

"You have no business here!" The Riolu shouted at it.

"On the contrary," My doppelganger said. "I have every reason." The Riolu tilted its head in confusion. Movement caught my eye and something flew into to me, grabbing by the tail as it flew high into the sky.

"Lucia!" Katie cried out when she saw me being snatched.

"No!" The Riolu shouted when a large blue blur jumped up in front of me and the Pokémon kidnapping me. A blue orb appeared in front of the blue Pokémon's hands and it fired an Aura sphere at my kidnapper, causing both me and it to crash into the ground. I jumped to my feet instantly and backed away from both Pokémon. The one that had just saved me was a Lucario, the Riolu's mother from my own guess. The other Pokémon was a Shaymin but instead of its body being white it was black and the flower on its neck was blood red.

"Leave," The Lucario growled. "You are not allowed here. None of your kind is." Your kind? I thought. The dark Shaymin looked like it was going to protest but then it looked around the group, seeing it was heavily outnumbered. It then turned to my doppelganger, which I saw was locked in a deadly glare with the Riolu.

"We must go now." It said to my doppelganger.

"But-" It began to protest but was silenced by a quick hiss from the dark Shaymin. My doppelganger nodded before glowing white. Seconds later it was also a Shaymin, but not the same dark colours as the first one.

They both flew high into the air as quickly as possible. The dark one then turned around and glared at me. "This isn't over," It spat. "We all know about you now and we know where you are. It won't be long until you find your way to your rightful place." And with that they both flew off without another word.

Me, Katie, Nate, M, Zookie, Charlie, the Riolu and its mother all stood in silence for a few minutes. The silence was broken when the Lucario spoke. We must go now. She said motioning to her son.

"Wait," Katie said. "There are too many unanswered questions. Can you help us?" She asked locking eye contact with the Lucario. OK, But not here. We shall go someplace safe. And with that we all followed her as she and her son took us deeper into the forest. Questions buzzed in my mind. Who were those Shaymins? What did they want with me? I shuddered. What did they mean by 'we all know.'? And my rightful place?

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