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Mickey sat on the sofa staring at the carpet. It had been a long and exhausting few days. He knew the rest of the team were as exhausted than him; especially Ash and Stacie. Both seemed to think the other was dead and Mickey had a feeling he would always remember the look on Ash's face when he realised Stacie had been as worried about him as the rest of the team had been.

"Penny for them?" Emma sat beside Mickey and watched as he loosened his tie.

"Not sure they are worth that much."

"Oh, I dunno." Emma smiled slightly before frowning when Mickey refused to meet her eye. "Mickey? What is it?"


"Me?" Emma raised her eyebrows. "What have I done?"

"Not you, you. Something you said back there." Mickey sighed. "I just hate thinking about what you and Sean had to go through, all because of your idiot of a father not being around."

"Hey." Emma rested a hand on his arm. "You think I was telling the truth? Blimey, I must be good."


"All that crap about me having a knife held to me? You really believed that?" Emma smiled.

"Well." Mickey shrugged his shoulders. "I."

"Oh Mickey."

"Well, I don't like the thought of you getting hurt."

"Funnily enough, neither do I." Emma took his hand and stood up. "Now, Ash and the others are waiting for us in Eddie's." Mickey got to his feet and pulled her into his arms.

"They can wait a bit longer." He kissed her gently as Emma wrapped her arms around his shoulders.


"I cannot believe they fell for that." Ash shook his head as Eddie placed a very large scotch in front of him.

"Drink that."

"Well, I wasn't gonna wear it as a 'at." Ash downed the drink in one as Danny and Sean smirked. Carole clipped Sean on his ear.

"Dun be cheeky, you." She smiled as she dumped her handbag on the counter. "You alright, Eddie luv?"

"Yeah." He smiled at her. "Yeah, anyone seen Mickey and the others?"

"Running late." Danny interjected before Sean could question anything. Even though the rest of the team knew about Mickey and Emma it wasn't something they spoke about around Sean. The younger Kennedy sibling shook his head as he took a sip of his pint. He couldn't help but smile as he saw Stacie walk into the bar. The normally overconfident brunette looked more nervous than he had ever seen her.

"Any news from Nikki?" Danny turned to Carole. She nodded.

"Oh yes. They nicked the scum bag. And your Rachel."

"She aint my Rachel." Ash spoke through gritted teeth. "I'm a grifter, we all know that. Ain't no point in me saying otherwise but there ain't no malace in it. Wiv 'er? Well, she got a screw loose if you ask me. God only knows what I saw in 'er. Must have been the bang on the 'ead or something."

"Must have been." Ash opened and closed his mouth before turning to see Stacie stood behind with Emma and Mickey. Emma nodded at her brother before going to talk to him while Mickey took a seat next to Danny. Eddie shook his head and began pouring more alcohol in to glasses muttering about how Mickey was going to have to take on a bigger tab.



"Hiya." Ash swallowed hard.

"So." Sean drained his glass. "Me and Danny have been thinking."

"Careful." Emma smirked as Sean shot her a look. Mickey smirked slightly, knowing it would wind up the youngest member of the team.

"Go on." Ash spoke calmly despite the fact his heart was beating twice as fast as normal. None of the team mentioned the fact Stacie had slipped her hand into his. He smiled at her while Sean and Danny endured the good natured teasing that they were getting from the others.

"Well, seeing as we all worked so well together."

"What? Wiv me getting kidnapped and my psycho ex wife trying to stab Em?"

"Yeah, well apart from that." Emma rolled her eyes.

"Why dun we keep things as they are?" Danny jumped in. "How about me and Stace, stick around for a bit."

"Yeah." Ash nodded, looking directly at Stacie. "I think I could live with that."

"Me too." Stacie smiled slightly.

"Ok then." Mickey nodded. "That's settled then. We now have a crew of seven with Eddie and Carole slipping in and out as needed. Talking of seven, where's Albert?"

"Said something about seeing a man about a dog." Eddie shrugged.

"Oh great." Danny shrugged. "Dog racing."

"Shut up, Danny." Stacie rolled her eyes. "You really are thick at times."

"Everyone." Albert stood in the doorway as the team turned to face him. "May I introduce you to our next mark? James Hallows, wants to sell the local nursing home. Putting forty pensioners out on the streets."

Emma and Stacie frowned as Albert spoke. Mickey smiled and shook his head.

"Alright, Albert. Where do we start?"


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