Soooo this a brand new story I'm alittle bit too excited about, lol. But I've been working on it for awhile now, and Its based on a movie. Im not saying what one (So if you know, or figure it out, don't say anything!) In any case though, I hope your guys enjoy, and be alittle patient, I'm still finishing up my other story All that I'm living for.

Also, just alittle background information, this story takes place in the late 1980's and the early 1990's if you hear anything people wouldn't normally say or do. And Jacobs Mother isn't dead in this story...or will she be? ;) You'll have to stick around to find out!

With out further delay, I give you, Chapter one of Heaven sent!

Chapter one(Prologue)
(Mostly all of the story will be from his point of view unless I put otherwise!)

"Come on Jake! Hurry your slow ass up!" My friend Quil yelled.

It was a surprisingly warm september night, and it was me and the guys hanging out with a couple girls instead of going to the lame homecoming dance. I wasn't much of a dancer anyways.

"Dude, whats the rush?" I said, leaning back against my car, popping a cigarette in my mouth. "The guy isn't even here yet."

"He's an hour late, fifty bucks he won't show." Embry said, tearing his lips away from some random chick he picked up.

"Nah, he wanted this too bad. No way he'll punk out." Paul added.

"Jacob? This is getting boring, why don't we go back to the dance for awhile?" My EX girlfriend Leah practically purred at me.

"You know I don't dance, and nothings changed, so fuck off." I said, blowing smoke in her face.

She just huffed and stomped back over to Claire, who was staring at Quil with a longing in her eyes as he tongue fucked his girlfriend Rebecca.

"Guys this so lame!" Rebecca complained, tearing away from Quil. "I don't feel like standing out here all night!"

"God, will you shut up?" He roared, grabbing her arms. "You've been whining all night! Why didn't you just stay your ass at the-"

"Cool it Quil. She wanted to be with you. I think you've had enough to drink."

I snatched the beer bottle from his hands and downed the rest of it before he could protest. The loud roar of a truck caught all our attention, and the boys started whooping and carrying on.

"Finally the little shit is here!" Quil exclaimed, clapping me on the back. "Here comes the real fun Jake baby!"

I just smirked and watched as Seth Clearwater got out of his car.

"Nice shirt kid, borrow it from barney?" Paul teased.

The guys laughed and Quil slung his arm around Seths shoulders.

"Lets go boys!"

We all whooped again and followed Quil to First beach. To the cliffs.

Paul approached me and pulled me to a stop.

"Your gonna jump off the cliff with him this time, fresh meat."

"What? Hell no I'm not jumping off that cliff! Its Quils job anyways."

"I wasn't asking a question. You got a problem with it you can take your ass home."

I growled and brushed past him, hitting his shoulder.

"So wh-where are we going?" Seth asked, clearly shaken up.

I almost felt bad for the kid. Almost. If he wanted to be one of us, he'd have to grow a pair.

"See that cliff up there? All you gotta do is jump from it. Then your one of us." Quil answered.

"Are you sure its safe? That looks pretty high."

"Just do it okay kid? Go on, Jacob's going to jump with you."

I rolled my eye's. The bastard's already planned for this. Me and Seth stripped down to our boxers, while the guys took our clothes.

"We'll be waiting at the bottom! Don't have too much fun!"

With that they ran off, Leaving us to climb the rest of the way to the highest cliff in La push. Seth was practically shaking in fear and jumped when I patted him on the back.

"Be cool kid, s'not so bad. We all had to do it. Looks worse than it actually is. Just get it over with."

He gulped and nodded."Count to three?"

I nodded, trying to hide a smirk. "One...Two...Three!"

I took a running start, faking like I was gonna jump with him, and watched as he flailed around as he made his descent into the water. I'll admit it, I got alittle scared. If he kept squirming like that, it was no doubt that he'd break something once he hit the water. Or worse.

Killed himself.

"Come on kid! Straighten your legs out!" I yelled.

It was too late anyways. He hit the water, making the guys roar with cheers.

"Yeah baby! That's what I'm talking!" I heard Quil yell faintly.

Then everything got eerily quiet when they realized he wasn't coming back up for air.

"Come on Clearwater, stop fucking with us!"

I heard Leah, my ex-girlfriend, scream bloody murder. "Oh my gosh! Is he dead?" She shrieked.

"Fuck! Jake man, jump! Jump so you can pull him out of the water!" Embry yelled.

I stepped back alittle, said a silent prayer, then ran straight off the cliff. Unlike Seth, I kept my legs straight, ( and my neither region cupped), And made a clean dive. Once I hit the water, I searched for Seth's body and saw it just floating along with the waves. I swam as fast as I could towards him, carefully wrapping my arms around his torso.

"Jake hurry the fuck up man!"

I saw a flashlight shine on the water near me and panicked.

"Hey who's out there? No trespassing!"

"Come on, Come on we gotta get out of here!" Jared yelled.

The guys kept yelling for me to hurry up, and as soon as we were pulling Seth onto the shore, we heard the sirens of a police car.

"Shit! Its the 5-0! Jake just leave him there, we gotta go!"

Seth was groaning and shaking his head from side to side, there was a deep gash in his forehead, blood gushing out.

"Hey calm down, it'll be alright. The police will probably call for a ambulance."

"Jake we have to go!" Leah begged, pulling on my arm. I flung her off of me.

"Then fucking leave! I'll catch up with you guys later."

She hesitated, before running to catch up with the guys. I heard the sirens getting closer and sighed.

"Sorry kid, but your on your own!" I quickly grabbed my clothes, pulling my pants on, then sprinted off to my red rabbit, that I rebuilt myself.

I put the key in the ignition, stepped on the gas and tried to floor it out of there, but the 5-0 was headed straight for me.

I did a fast spin around to confuse him, heading off in the opposite direction. My moment of truimph didn't last long though, because I saw the the flashing lights on tail a minute later. Stepping on the gas as hard as I could, My heart beating out of my chest, I turned down what I thought was another road, but It was actually a empty lot and a dumpster.

A dumpster that I just ran into. I cursed loudly as I propelled forward hitting my head, and banging my knee against the steering wheel.

"Keep your hands where I can see them!" An officer yelled, pointing a gun at my face.

"Officer I was-"

"You have the right to remain silent, do not speak unless you are spoken too."

I sighed again, and surrendered. I placed my hands on the steering wheel, waiting for my punishment.

"Now slowly exit your vehicle.'



I grabbed my keys and slowly got up with my hands over my head. He quickly spun me around, so I slammed face down on the roof of the car. He started patting me down and inspecting things in my pocket.

"Well, I'd like to atleast know your name before we get intimate officer." I commented.

He roughly pulled me up, and put me in handcuffs. "I've heard just about enough out of you son."

We walked over to the police car and he tossed me in the backseat, driving to the station.

So, how'd you like the first chapter? This was just alittle introduction to the life of Jacob Black. We'll be introducing Bella soon so stay tuned.