Okay okay, this isn't a new chapter and I know I promised to post a new chapter, but RL has been a SERIOUS pain in the ass. I've got college exams coming up, and now My new computer, (The one I had my friend buy me back in the howl at the moon days) just got a fucking virus and completely crashed. Something with the hard drive or whatever, so I have to get THAT fixed. I think computers genuinely hate me. Its ridiculous. UGH.

I won't bore you with my complaining though, I'll just say that I will try to get to the library as much as possible or maybe I'll borrow a friends laptop, because its been F.O.R.E.V.E.R since I updated End of the dream and especially Heaven Sent.

Please just bear with me, I hope to have everything sorted out soon, and once I do I will post a gazillion chapters! :D