Fang stood staring out the window of the house just watching the darkness descend. He felt a presence next to him and sighed mentally. Ever since he had gotten back Max had been all over him to be with her but he never would.

"Fang you must be tired maybe you should come to bed. I can help you relax." Max whispered to him trying to act seductive and only managing to look awkward.

"I'm not tired, Max. Maybe you should go to bed though." Fang said trying to be polite while silently wondering to himself what he ever saw in her.

"Alright Fang what is up with you? Ever since you got back nine months ago you have been distant with me. What's going on?" Max finally snapped. Fang sighed and was about to answer when he saw a snow white dot in the distance and the closer it got he could make out that it was an owl. He opened the window quickly and the snowy owl swooped in and landed on his shoulder.

"What the fuck is that thing doing here." Max snarled.

"This is Hedwig. Hedwig this is Max." The snowy owl now known as Hedwig seemed to be eying Max up for a few minuets before hooting and ruffling her feathers and holding out her leg. Fang smiled and took the parchment that was tied to it and handed her some food that they had left over. Hedwig eyed it mistrustfully which made Fang laugh.

"Don't worry I made it." Fang laughed again when the owl nodded her head and took the food and flew over to a chair to eat it.

"Who is that from then?" Max snapped, not liking being ignored. Fang gave a soft smile when he recognized the writing.

"It's from someone special." He said before walking off to his room to read his letter. Max huffed and glared at his retreating back.

"I will have you back Fang. You will be mine." Max hissed before storming out. Back in Fang's room he had eagerly opened the envelope and lovingly traced the signature at the bottom.

"My darling Fang,

Hello my dearest Fang I am sorry I haven't been able to write as much as I hoped I would. The war has escalated and the final battle soon approaches. I promised myself that I wouldn't endanger anyone else that I love yet I find myself wishing and dreaming of being back in your arms and having you here to watch my back.

My love the final battle will be soon and I don't know if I will make it through alive. I never used to care if I lived or died now that I have you I hope that I will be able to survive this. I have left everything I own to you. In the event of my death the goblins will get in touch with you.

I don't want to tell to come here but I know that you will. Please Fang if you feel the need to be the hero again please be careful. I know if I tell you not to come you will anyway so please be careful my winged angel.


Your wingless Hero

Fang finished the letter with tears in his eyes. He quickly packed up some of his stuff. He went into the living room and was about to flay away when Angel, Iggy, Gazzy and a very tired looking Max walked in.

"What are you guys doing here?"

"Fang we aren't letting you go alone. I may not be able to see what you going to do but we are a flock and we won't let you go alone." Angel said with a determined look. Fang sighed and nodded before jumping out of the window. He was soon joined by the rest of the flock. They flew until they were tired and found a small forest to rest in. The next day Fang led them across the Ocean until they reached Europe.

"Ok guys I need to get in contact with someone so please stay here until I come back." Everyone looked skeptical and Max was about to argue before Fang shot her a hard glare before taking off. Fang flew until he reached a remote little village. There he walked to the oldest looking building and walked through a seemingly solid wall to end up in a totally different place. He looked around with a smile when he saw all the witches and wizards walking around. He walked to the large white building and entered. He walked up to one of the tellers and smiled at the goblin there.

"I need to get in touch with someone and I need to do it quickly." Fang said softly.

"Who do you need to get in touch with?"

"Harry James Potter." The goblin's eyes widened almost comically.

"And who would you be to want to get in touch with a goblin friend?" the goblin hissed out. Fang gave a smile and pulled out a necklace with the Potter crest on it.

"I am his husband."

"Oh Consort Potter of course please follow me." The goblin scurried down a hallway until he came to a room and quickly ushered Fang into it.

"Here we can get in touch with anyone. Please say your name and who you wish to contact and a holograph will appear and you will be able to talk to the person."

"Consort Fang Orion Potter. Lord Harry James Potter." Fang couldn't help the smile that stretched across his face when he saw the face of his beloved husband.

"Fang I should have known you would come. Where are you?"

"I just got in to Europe so I'm not quite sure. Can you track me through the necklace?"

"Of course. I will be there shortly."

"Beloved I have the rest of my flock with me." He flinched slightly when he saw his husband's eyes go hard.

"That bitch came with you?" Harry snarled.

"Please my beloved I swear nothing has happened." Fang could see the tension in the set of his husband's shoulders. "Beloved have you been taking care of yourself?"

"Always the mother hen aren't you my Angel? No I haven't had much time for anything." Harry smiled and his eyes softened. Fang crossed his arms and leveled a glare at him which only caused Harry to laugh.

"I will be there soon. Do I need to bring extra arrangements?"

"We have two smaller kids along with Iggy and Max."

"Ok I will bring a few extra riding arrangements."

"Thank you my love." Fang smiled and blew a kiss at the hologram. Harry giggled and caught it, sending one back.

"Be there soon my Angel." With a final smile and wave Harry was gone. Fang turned to the goblin and bowed.

"Thank you for your help."

"Of course Consort Potter, Lord Potter is a goblin friend and you are his husband."

"May your gold shine bright" Fang said with a bow.

"May your vaults never be empty." The goblin bowed back.

Fang quickly made his way out of the building and quickly flew back to the others.

"So did you find some way of getting where ever we are supposed to go? My wings hurt and I'm hungry." Max whined.

"Someone will be here soon and I'm sure they will have some food with them." Fang said with a slight sneer. "Until then please sit down I have a few things we need to discuss." Everyone sat down and waited for Fang to start.