Fang took a deep breath before he started speaking.

"As you all remember I left about a year and a half ago. I traveled and ended up here in Europe, England to be precise, when I was injured. I ended up in a small forest near a playground when someone found me. It was a small boy trying to hide from his enormous cousin…."


Fang was hiding in a strand of trees hoping his wings would heal soon and he could travel again when a small boy stumbled through some of the trees. He could hear something that sounded like stampeding elephants following the boy. The boy dived into the same bush that he was hiding in and nearly screamed. Fang quickly put his hand over the boy's mouth and pulled him closer so he could whisper in his ear.

"Shhhh I won't hurt you. Be quiet so they don't find us. I'm a friend." Fang slowly pulled his hand away and the boy just stared at him with large mesmerizing green eyes.

"Where are you freak! I'll show you the con.. consi… what happens when you make a fool of me!" Fang peeked around the bush to the sight of a landed baby whale struggling through the underbrush. He turned back to the boy who had let out a tiny squeak and dived behind Fang. The whale moved toward their bush so Fang pushed the small boy into a hole in the tree and stood to meet the whale.

"Oh have you seen a little freak run past here. Short, baggy clothes, messy hair, ugly glasses. He's the ugliest little runt around."

"Who are you?" Fang drawled trying to hide his anger.

"Names Dudley Dursley, I'm looking for my freaky cousin. His name is Harry."

"Get out of here. I don't tolerate bullies." Fang snarled at the boy who reminded him so much of a beached whale.

"Now see here you can't order me around. You'll regret it."

"I hardly think that. You may be big enough to form your own army but you would not be able to beat me." Fang finished with a hiss and unfolded his wings. Dudley shrieked and ran off holding his rather large behind. Fang gave a snort and turned around to see if the boy was ok but stopped short when he felt a small hand run over his wings and stopped just short of the large hole in his wing.

"What did you do?" came a soft voice. Fangs eyes unfocused for a moment on hearing that sweet voice.

"I was shot out of the air and it hasn't healed." Fang replied softly.

"How long has it been like this?" the boy, Harry he thought, ran gentle hands around the hole.

"Several days."

"And it hasn't healed at all in that time? You have an accelerated healing rate so it should have healed since then."

"How do you know? Fang asked suspiciously, bunching up his muscles to take off.

"It's a gift of mine. I have an ability to know things like that. I know everything about those that I touch." Harry said softly. "Now if you will kindly relax I can help your wing." The boy said before Fang felt a kind of tingly feeling in his wings before he watched the hole in his wing heal on it's own.

"How did you do that" Fang asked in awe, flexing his wing. The boy smiled gently and turned to walk away.

"Wait! How do I thank you?" Fang asked gently grabbing the boy's wrist.

"You don't have to thank me. Think of it as payment for keeping me away from Dudley."

"That was hardly anything."

"And so was this." Just then Fang's stomach started to growl. The boy giggled as Fang's cheeks went bright red.

"Come with me I'm sure I can find you something to eat." Fang looked the boy over and almost refused. The boy was wearing nothing but over sized rags.

"Come on I know a place we can go and the food is good."

"I don't even know your name why are you helping me?"

"Not everyone is mean hearted. And my name is Harry. Just Harry." Harry gently tugged on Fang's hand and led him out of the trees.

"So why are you here in England?"

"Kind of a coincidence actually. My flock and I had a fight and I left. The two females were fighting over who would be leader and Max, the current leader, wanted me to pick a side but I couldn't."

"So instead you ran so you wouldn't have to deal with the fighting. Not very noble yet effective. Ok here we are." Fang looked around and saw nothing but a ramshackle old building.

"It's nicer on the inside. Come on I know someone who is staying here. Several actually." Harry led him into the building and Fang's eye went wide.

"Harry! What are you doing here young man?" a sandy haired man exclaimed while hurrying over and wrapping his arms around Harry. Fang felt sudden jealousy towards this man.

"Remy calm down I'm fine. Just a few bumps and scratches." Fang couldn't help the small growl that came from his chest when the other man was touching Harry. The man suddenly looked up and his eyes widened.

"Cub I didn't know you had found a mate." Harry's eyes went wide and he looked from the man to Fang.

"Remy what are talking about? I didn't find a mate."

"Cub he is giving off the "don't touch" pheromones worse then Sev does."

"Um Remy maybe it would be better if we talked about this in the room?" Remy nodded and led the way upstairs and into a rather dark room.

"Father's not feeling well again." Harry said softly and Remy shook his head. Harry quietly creped over to the bed.

"Papa are you sure he's not pregnant?"

"Cub you know that's impossible." Remy said sadly.

"Please papa will you check? I just have a hunch." Remy's eyes went wide and immediately pulled out a stick of wood.

"Your hunches have never been wrong cub." Remy waved the stick of wood and a jet of light flew out of it and gently wrapped around the figure on the bed and turned a baby blue.

"Cub….. you were right. A baby boy. A son. Your going to be a big brother!" Harry giggled and the figure on the bed moved.

"Will you kindly keep it down! I am trying to sleep." Came a snarky voice.

"Father, come on wake up just for a few minuets."

"Harry? What are you doing here cub?"

"Well I had came with a new friend to eat and papa says that we are mates so we came up here an then papa finally cast a pregnancy detection spell on you and you pregnant with my baby brother!" Harry said in one breath. The figure went stock still then slumped over.

"Nice cub. You know he hates surprises." Harry just smiled.

"Any way you were saying that he and I are Mates? But I thought I didn't have enough of either you or father to have a mate?"

"You don't but apparently he does."

"I have no idea what your talking about." Fang said quickly going over everything that was in his blood in his head.

"Dark hair and pale skin. Dark vela maybe."

"Sounds familiar." Fang said with a nod.

"Well cub you are the mate of a dark vela. Congrats."

"I can't do anything easy can I?" Harry sighed. Remy just smiled and shook his head then gently shooed them both out the door.

"Come on I'm starved and they have good food here. We can talk while we eat." Fang nodded and they found an out of the way table and a man came over and they ordered something to eat.

"Ok so first of all what is your name?" Harry asked.

"Fang. Why do I feel so comfortable around you?"

"Well apparently one of your parents wasn't fully human."

"I don't have parents. I'm a test tube baby. The scientist's wanted to see if they could evolve the human race so they combined human and bird DNA."

"Well that explains things a little better. One of the scientist's must have been a Magical person and put in a few Vela hairs and now here you are." Their food came and they sat eating for a few minuets in silence.

"What are you anyway?" Fang asked.

"I am what people call a wizard. I can do magic."

"Can I see?" Fang felt no reason to mistrust this boy when he said that he was magical.

"I can't outside of school. But I do have a few tricks up my sleeve. Maybe some other time I will show you."

"Who were those men upstairs?" Fang asked, still slightly jealous.

"My adopted parents. Remy or Remus, was the one we met down here and Sev or Severus is the one we met upstairs."

"Is he really pregnant?" Fang had a sudden flash of Harry rounded with his child and his cheeks went bright red. Harry giggled and nodded.

"Yes. It's rare but there are cases in which a male can get pregnant. In most cases they are either a creature or the mate of one. Like I would be. Both my parents are creatures so it's almost inevitable that I would be a mate to one."

"And your supposedly my mate? Is there anyway to prove it?" Fang asked hoping beyond hope that it was true.

"I'm sure my dad's could prove it. Papa did say you were giving off possessive pheromones like crazy. That's not normal unless you're a creature or a very possessive person. My guess is you might be both thought." Fang nodded.

"Well my papa practically confirmed it then. You, Fang, are my mate. Dominate mate would be my guess to." Fang cocked his head to the side for a moment.

"What do you mean?"

"Think about if we were to have sex. Would you be the one inside me or would I be inside you?" harry said with a slight flush. Fang thought for a moment and smiled.

"I think I could maybe manage both but I would much prefer being inside you." Harry nodded and ducked his head to hide his bright red face.

/\/\/\/\ END FLASHBACK \/\/\/

Fang finished just as he spotted something flying towards them.

"Our rides are here." He smiled in anticipation to see his husband again.