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DI Sam Tyler sat at his desk, he had a stack of papers sitting in front of him. The papers looked old, they were crumbled, some with tares, and some with tea stains. The hand writing was atrocious, and he had put a great deal of focus into what he was attempting to read. Next to the stack of papers was a stray paper, it's proper white colour and crisp edges set it apart from the others. Sam was using the paper to write clean, legible, notes from the case. They had started out in his neat handwriting, but after filling up an entire side of the paper with what seemed like filler words, the letters began to twist and change into annular swirls. Sam hadn't even noticed what he was doing until DCI Gene Hunt appeared and snatched the paper out from under Sam's nose, it caused his pen to drag a long black line down the rest of the page. Sam looked up. Gene flipped the page back and forth. Studying it.

"An' 'ere I thought you were working all this time, but you're just drawing a bunch of bloody circles." Ray and Chris stood behind the Guv, laughing. Sam reached up and grabbed the paper out from Gene's hand and began to look at it himself, like really look at it.

"But... I thought...I thought I was about to finish the notes." Sam started closer at the circles he'd scribbled all across the page.

"Wow Boss, you must've been really out of it," Chris said, a smile still on his face. Ray was giving him a smug look.

"What, you thought you finished all those notes on that one piece of paper?" Ray mocked him. Sam couldn't stop himself from nodding as he review the paper again, then proceeded to throw it into the bin.

"Finish up that report, and stop that bloody racket while yer at it!" The Guv stormed off.

"What?" Sam asked Chris and Ray who were still standing in front of his desk. They gave each other a look before Chris pointed toward Sam's left hand. Sam looked down at it and realised he'd been tapping out a beat. One-two-three-four.One-two-three-four.One-two-three-four.One-two-three-four.


The Doctor was in the TARDIS, he ran over to the other side of the control panel and started pressing buttons. Amy and Rory were hanging on with dear life to the railings.

"Where are we going?" Amy screamed over the blaring sounds of the TARDIS going through the vortex.

"Dunno!" The Doctor yelled back.

"You what!" Amy replied as she fell into Rory, knocking them both to the ground. The Doctor laughed as he to fell to the floor when they finally landed. He jumped to his feet and ran to the door. Rory stood and helped his girlfriend get up, they both followed the Doctor.

"Where are we?" She asked.

"Manchester, I'd say around the early '70s." He smiled and walked outside. The sun was blocked, clouds everywhere, looked as if it'd only just stopped raining.

"Manchester? We're in Manchester?" Amy asked in disbelief. "Of all the places in the universe, we end up in Manchester?"

"The TARDIS wanted to bring us here," he answered.

"To Manchester? God."

"I'm sorry, I didn't realise you had something against Manchester," he smiled, making no attempt to leave.

"I just don't like it, it's not exciting, its not exotic, it's just Manchester." Amy pouted. The Doctor made a face as if to comment, but stopped dead in his tracks.

"Do you feel that?" He asked, changing the subject.

"Feel what?" Amy asked, almost forgetting that Rory was even there. The Doctor paused before answering.

"Nothing I guess, anyway! Alloy-Y!"

"Al-on what?"

"Let's go!" Amy and the Doctor walked off, Rory stood there and watched them for a moment before deciding not to follow. He always went off with The Doctor and Amy, it was always about them. He never got to do anything fun, he was always watching to make sure nothing happened between the two of them. Amy probably wouldn't even notice if he just went the other way for once.



"What?" Sam looked up from his desk, slightly annoyed at being interrupted.

"Crime scene!" They both ran out to the car without another word. Ray and Chris hopped in the back, Sam and Gene in the front.

"What's happened?" Sam asked, his hands gripping the seat of the car. He'd gotten used to the Guv's driving by now, but that didn't really help. Plus it'd been raining earlier. Sure there was always the possibility that dying here would mean waking up back in 2006, but he wasn't prepared to risk it. Killing himself was simply something that he could not do, and dying was something that he would just not allow.


"What?" Sam asked.

"Ol' bird standin' in the middle of the bloody road!" Gene slammed his hand on the horn, not slowing at the slightest.

"Oh," Sam whispered to no one in particular.

"What'cha say Boss?" Ray asked, stretching out the sarcasm in the word "Boss."

"Nothing," Sam replied,

"You've been acting off your rocker all day Tyler, go on then, spit it out, what's bothering ya' this time," Gene demanded as he gave the wheel another good swing.

"Nothing, its nothing really, just something feels different today. I can't put my finger on it."

"'s rainin' today Boss," Chris pointed out.

"Yes, I can see that Chris, thank you." Sam rolled his eyes.

"Shut yer yappin' we're here," Gene barked. They all piled out of the Cortina and walked over to the scene. The victim was a women, mid-thirties, long blonde hair, wearing a bright red dress made of silk. Sam stared at her, eyes focusing on her hair and dress. She was laying on her stomach so he couldn't see her face. The image a young woman with blonde hair and a red dress holding a gun flashed through his mind. Sam stuttered involuntarily. Ray noticed and gave him a smug look. Sam ignored him and began giving out orders.

"Flip 'er over will ya'? And check for ID." Ray helped Chris flip the woman over, revealing a large gash in her forehead with trails of blood down her face.

"'d you know 'er?" Gene asked Sam.


"Know 'er?"

"Uh, no, why?"

"That look on yer face, thought you knew 'er."

"Oh, uh no, she just looks like someone I used to know." Sam replied, making it up as he went along. He didn't know anyone matching the woman's description. "Are there any witnesses that we know of?" Sam asked, changing the subject.

"Blonde bloke over there," Gene pointed over towards Rory Williams who was talking with Annie.

"Thanks," Sam walked over to get a proper statement from the guy. At least he was talking with Annie, she was the only other copper in this time who had any sense. She was smart, and dedicated, he wanted to trust her. It wasn't as if he'd been betrayed before, he just had this nagging voice in his head telling him not to get too attached because if she betrayed him it'd only make the pain worse.

"Hello, my name is DI Tyler," he reached out and shook the man's hand. Annie smiled.

"I was just taking his statement sir." She was such a sweet girl, he really liked her. Sam smiled back, a genuine grin.

"Um hello, Rory Williams," he introduced himself.

"Nice to meet you Mr. Williams, can you tell me what happened?"

"Not really, sorry, I was only just walking by when I heard this screaming, but I didn't see anything."

"Well any details that you can remember can be helpful to solving a murder, so please, continue."

"Sorry, I want to help, I do, but I just didn't see anything." Rory paused and stared at Sam's face. "Um, sorry, you look really familiar, have we met before?" He couldn't quite place where he'd seen the copper before.

"I've only just moved here, so I doubt it. Do you live here?"

"No, just passing through with some friends."

"Where are they?"


"Yer friends?"

"Oh, I don't know for sure, they've gone off somewhere." Ithinkmygirlfriendmaybeinlovewithanalien,andIjustsortofgottiredofwatchingthemtogethersoItookawalk.Rory thought, but had the brains to keep his mouth shut. He shook his head. It was possible that they had met before. Rory was a nurse, he dealt with old people, dying people, injured people, sick people, and people in comas everyday. It's possible that he'd met an older version of DI Tyler back in 2011.

It was in that moment that Gene Hunt pranced over.

"You kill 'er!" Gene yelled at Rory. It really took him off guard.

"What! No, of course not!" Rory yelled back, but at a much lesser degree.

"For gods sake Guv! He's a witness!" Sam stepped in between Rory and Gene.

"Yeah, an' 'e could be our killer for all you know Tyler! Come on, I'm bringing you to the station," Gene directed towards Rory.

"Um, alright." Gene grabbed his arm and threw him in the back of the car.

"Chris! Cartwright! You two stay here and work with forensics, 'an make sure the body gets to the bloody morgue. The rest of you gits, in the car now!" Sam jumped back into the front with Gene, and Ray sat in the back with Rory, who was staring anxiously out the window.

It took another few minutes to get back to the station, the Guv wasn't driving as fast as normal, but he was still going quite fast. Sam was surprised that Rory seemed almost unfazed by the dangerous driving. They parked out front and led Rory inside.

"Can I get a phone call?" Rory asked.

"No," Gene said.

"Yes," Sam said. They gave each other glares.

"Fine, this way. But not because of you Tyler!" Gene made sure to throw in. Rory picked up the phone and dialed Amy's number. It rang a few times before she answered.



"Oi! Where are you?" She demanded. He could hear the Doctor's voice in the back ground, but couldn't make out what he was saying until the man yelled "HI RORY!"

"Um, hi, Doctor. I'm at the Police Station."

"Yeah he says hi, and what? Why? You been arrested or what?"

"No, no, well, I don't think so. I'm a witness." He felt a pang of sadness when Amy didn't ask him if he were alright. "Could you guys come an' get me after I give them my statement?"

"Yeah of course." He could hear her put a hand over the receiver and yell at the Doctor "Doctor!Tothepolicestation!" "We'll be there soon."

"Okay thanks, Amy."

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