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Warning: Slash


Sam watched as the red headed girl stormed off to find Mr. Williams, leaving him alone with Dr. Smith.

"So um, here you can take a seat if you want," he got up and grabbed an extra chair and pulled it over next to his desk. Dr. Smith smiled and politely sat down near Sam.

"So what brings you to Manchester?"

"Oh um, well, that's classified, actually," Dr. Smith said awkwardly. "Have you lived here long?" He asked, making small talk.

"Yeah, well, no actually I moved here recently from… Hyde." Sam answered, seeming unsure of himself.

"That's nice," Dr. Smith replied. They both sat there for a few moments in awkward silence, both trying not to stare at the other. "Did you always want to be a police officer?" Sam was about to answer when a loud booming voice interrupted.

"Oi! Tyler! What've you got on Williams—Who's this?" the Guv stopped, looking from Dr. Smith to Sam.

"Guv, this is Dr. John Smith, from UNIT. Dr. Smith, this is my boss, DCI Gene Hunt."

"UNIT? I've never bloody heard of it."

"Unified International Taskforce." Sam said he smiled and looked over at Dr. Smith, his smile fell a little when he noticed the shocked, somewhat angry, look on his face. Sam quickly looked away back at Gene.

"Well I've never heard of ya, so what'd ya wan'?"

"I'm here with Rory Williams, we're not going to take over your investigation or anything like that, we just wanted to offer our services."
"Well thanks but no thanks. Tyler, get that Williams bloke back in Lost and Found, and you can show Dr. Smith the door." Sam was going to protest, but Gene was already halfway gone by then. He sighed and looked over at Dr. Smith.

"Sorry, but I really do need to speak with Mr. Williams." Dr. Smith had this look on his face, one Sam couldn't place, it looked kind of like pain.

"Oh, don't worry, I'm sure Amy will find him soon enough," he smiled as though nothing had happened.


The Doctor smiled fakely at Sam Tyler. His hearts were pounding, UNIT barely existed back then, a brand new organization, just a few years old. But how could Sam Tyler possibly know about it, it was a secret organization for a reason, they didn't even have anything in Manchester. He felt anguish, for a brief moment the Doctor had thought that he'd been sitting there with the Master. Sam looked like the Master, and for that one moment his voice and accent sounded exactly like his. It was just another reminder that Koschei was dead, and he wasn't coming back this time. The Doctor and Sam Tyler sat together in silence.

Sam decided to stay and wait for the red head and Mr. Williams, rather than go off to find them, and miss them coming back here completely. Sam sat still, trying not to look Dr. Smith in the face, for some reason he couldn't stop this loathing feeling that swept over him when he saw that John was upset with him. No, not John, he meant 'Dr. Smith.' He hardly knew the man, but couldn't help but to care what Joh—Dr. Smith thought of him. Sam wanted to say something, he wanted to talk to Dr. Smith, he wanted to get to know him. But he couldn't. Finally the red head appeared with Williams in tow. Sam almost audibly sighed in relief.

"Found him, he was in the canteen," Amy said walking over to the Doctor and Sam.

"Mr. Williams, good to see you again, and I'm sorry for the inconvenience. Could you please come with me?" Sam stood up and asked. "I'm sorry, Mrs?"


"Right, Mrs. Pond, you and Dr. Smith can wait here if you'd like, we shouldn't be long, please feel free to take a seat." Sam smiled, acting polite, but still quite awkward. Mrs. Pond didn't seem to notice the tension, and Dr. Smith seemed to be going out of his way to avoid looking at Sam. Sam could feel his heart drop, his smile faltered and he directed his attention back to Mr. Williams.

"Right this way please."


"So, what was that?" Amy asked, as soon as DI Tyler disappeared with Rory. She propped her elbows up on Tyler's desk and leaned in to look at the Doctor.

"What was what?" He asked, feigning ignorance.

"Oh you know!" Amy laughed. "You and DI Tyler!" A smirk appeared on her face. She knew it was wrong, but couldn't help feeling glad that things between the Doctor and DI Tyler weren't so great anymore. Amy felt that the Doctor was hers, she'd waited years for him, he was her best friend, she didn't want him to be so focused on this Sam bloke. Sam wasn't anything special, he didn't wait years for the Doctor, he didn't go though countless people telling him that the Doctor wasn't real, but still manage to believe. Sam didn't deserve the Doctor. Sam was just some copper. She was sure that Sam was a nice guy and all, but she really didn't want to share. She and the Doctor were together, not the Doctor and Sam.

"Nothing, really. He just said something that reminded me of my friend. The one that died."

"It must be kinda hard to be around Tyler, with him looking like that an' all."

"It is," the Doctor looked down, Amy could tell that his eyes were a little wet, holding back tears. Amy had never seen the Doctor cry before. "If I didn't know better I'd think he was my friend, I'm trying not to act any differently around him, it's not fair, to put that kind of pressure on someone. As much as I want him to be him, I know he never will be. " The Doctor sighed. He seemed truly upset about DI Tyler, he usually just hid behind his pain, this was the first real time the Doctor was opening up to her about something so close to him. She put her hand on his and gave him a small warm smile.

"Can you tell me about him?" She ask softly, trying her luck.

"His name was the Master, he was a Time Lord, like me. We grew up together. Went to school together. We were best friends. At a young age Time Lords are sent to this sort of initiation thing, we had to look into this thing called the Untempered Schism. Sort of a hole in time. It drove the Master insane. He'd always said he could hear this drumming, like one, two, three four,I never believe it was real, I thought it was just in his head. I was wrong, I know that now. Listening to those drums for years and years took his sanity. Lord President Rassilon did that to him, it wasn't some accident, he knew that the Master would manage to survive the Time War."

"The Time War? I thought everyone died?"

"The Master was able to escape, he disguised himself as human, for a while. Hid at the end of the universe it's self, where no one would look. It was just pure coincidence that I managed to stumble upon him. Well anyway, Rassilon put the drumming in his mind to serve as a physical link, something he could use to break the Time Lock and bring Gallifrey back."

"Well, isn't that good?"

"Gallifrey changed towards the end of the war, I can't even begin to describe it. The drumming in Ko—the Master's head wasn't worth it. The Master had so much potential to do good, but it was put towards evil. Some one once said that he was one of the most evil and corrupt beings that our race had ever produced, he became Gallifrey's most infamous child. Rassilon himself admitted this. The Master destroyed whole races and planets, because of his madness. He found out what they'd done to him and he died severing the link, sending Rassilon and Gallifrey back into the Time Lock, saving me, and saving the Earth. The Master caused so much hell, and it was all for nothing really."

Amy was at a loss, she didn't know what to say. That really hadn't been what she was expecting. She'd thought Sam must've just looked like some random person the Doctor used to know, it'd make sense that it'd be another Time Lord.

"I'm sorry," she said quietly. He nodded, eyes locked on the floor. "Look, I know DI Tyler isn't this Master bloke, but he seems really nice, and mentally stable and all that. I can't believe I'm saying this, but maybe you should use him, just for a bit I mean, pretend he is your friend. Take him to drinks or something, have a good time, it might just get you a bit of closer." Amy said casually, but she smiled softly, her eyes betraying her genuineness. The Doctor looked at her, he was about to speak when Rory interrupted.

"Hey," Rory said, he and Sam walked over.

"Rory!" The Doctor smiled and got up. Amy looked up at him and smiled through sad eyes. Sam stood back a few steps from Rory, he pretended not to pay any attention.

"I'm officially clear of any suspicion," he smiled, and went over to hug Amy.

"Who is it that's been killed?" The Doctor asked Sam.

"Well um," Sam sputtered, forcing himself to look the Doctor in the eyes "we don't actually know yet. She had no ID on her, and there haven't been any missing persons reports matching her description."

"Must be hard to solve a crime when you don't know who the victim was," Amy stated.

"Don't worry, we'll figure it out soon enough, Mr. Williams isn't our only lead," Sam joked.

"Well, best of luck to you DI Tyler," Amy waved and made way to leave, she looked at the Doctor and winked. She and Rory started walking back towards the exit, but the Doctor stayed behind a bit.

"Amy, Rory, go on without me, I'll catch up in just a bit," he said, looking at Sam.

"Okay, see ya!" Amy yelled back, as much as she didn't want the Doctor to be with Sam, she did want what was best for him, spending a bit of time with Sam might be just what he needed. Rory smiled, Amy had finally known when to stop. He took her hand in his and she looked up at him with a bright smile on her face and they walked out together.

"Is there something you wanted to talk to me about Dr. Smith?"

"Are you sure we couldn't help on the case? I'd love to help out."

"Thank you, that means a lot, but it didn't look there was any changing the Guv's mind."

"Well, maybe you'd like to get a drink sometime?" The Doctor asked. Sam's eyes widened. Oh my God is he asking me on a date? Wait. No. Of course not, I'm reading too much into it. This is 1973. It's just drinks. Not a date, just two people getting a drink, together.

"Oh, well…" shit, what do I say? "That'd be great, yeah." Fuck. What am I getting myself into. I like this guy. Fuck. What if I get drunk and tell him I like him. Men don't like other men in 1973. Fuck.

"How about tonight?"

"Yeah, tonight would be great, just… great, I can't wait," God I sound like a lovesick puppy, he must think I'm an idiot. Sam felt a blush spreading across his cheeks.

The Doctor's face lit up in a cheeky grin.

"Wonderful! Can I pick you up after work?"

"Oh, um, yeah okay, I get off at 6."

"Fantastic, I'll see you then Sam Tyler." The Doctor smiled and walked off leaving Sam standing there with a bright blush on his face, his whole body felt giddy with excitement and nervous fear.