I know you have waited long enough for this OUTTAKE. Here is how Alice and Jasper got together. I tried to work a lemon into this OUTTAKE, but i couldn't seem to make it fit. I still have a couple other outtakes that need to be posted and will do my best to get those out as soon as they are done. One is of what happened to Emmett's parents and the other is of Riley and Seth when they ventured on their own. That outtake will be graphic so be warned. Now on with the reading!

OUTTAKE - Alice & Jasper


She was sitting on the couch looking so damn cute. Her hair was in messy disarray, a frilly little dress that came to mid-thigh was showing off her creamy white skin. Her mouth was doing that pouty thing again; she only did that when she was thinking. This was so damn wrong on so many levels. She was tiny and sweet and pure and here I am an older horn dog lookin for a bone. She was just so damn tempting.

She would openly flirt with me wearing those innocent looking dresses that dipped low enough in front to give me a peek of her smooth rounded cleavage, but were short enough to show off her shapely legs. Her tits bounced slightly when she would get really happy or excited and right now they were bouncing. Calling to me like a light in the storm. I often daydreamed of how her tits would bounce while she was naked, riding me. Her legs spread giving me a nice view of my dick pumping into her tight little pussy while she moaned my name. I know that Edward said it didn't matter if we got together, but my mind was set on waiting while my heart kept pulling me closer. Alice's small fingers snapped in my face as she laughed.

"Where did you go cowboy? Did I lose you?"

Alice was the only one allowed to call me that. I hated growing up on a farm. But the way Alice said it was cute. God I am so whipped! I locked eyes with her and took in the sparkle there and her fluttering lashes before I answered her.

"Never. Sorry I just zone out for a minute. What were you saying?"

Rolling her eyes playfully she swatted at my arm and giggled.

"I was saying that I have a gift for you. Kera found it yesterday and welllll…."

She looked shy and unsure of whatever she was saying all of a sudden drawing out the word 'well' for a moment. I wasn't used to this Alice. This girl who is demure and soft spoken. I am used to the spunky, happy, bouncing, excited girl. So I picked up her hand feeling a tingling sensation from the warmth of her hand shoot up my arm. Holding her hand felt right. I was going to make my move tonight. I knew that I had to be with her and I was tired of staying away from her.

"What is it Ally?"

"Just stay right here I'll be right back."

When she popped up from her seat ripping her hand from mine and spun on her heal it made her skirt fly up and gave me a peek of her bikini white panties that tied on the side. My cock hardened further and I had to adjust myself because my soldier was bent at a wrong angle and it was becoming painful. When Alice bounced in the room a moment later holding a guitar I felt my heart speed up.

"Here this is for you. I didn't know how to tune it or anything, so ….sorry…..Jasper? It's just that I remember that you said used to play and you said you missed it….You don't have to take it if you don't want. I know it's old, and probably not as nice as the one you had before…"

She found me a gift. Not just any gift either. She remembered me talking about playing and my heart swelled just thinking about how much she listened when I talked. Taking the guitar from her small hands I examined it. It had all of its strings and was a little beat up, but it added charter. It could use a good cleaning too. I held my hand up to halt her talking, but she kept fidgeting and babbling.

"Alice stop babbling! I love it. Thank you!"

Her mouth snapped shut and her smile grew. I set the older acoustic guitar down on the bed and pulled her into my arms and flush against my body. Her soft curves being molded against the hard planes of my muscles was making me crazy. She smelled so damn good. As I started to release her I looked down at her face as she looked up at mine. I knew that now was the time so I dipped my head down and gently brushed my lips against hers. The kiss was like butterfly wings, soft and beautiful. The intake of air through her lips was sharp and swift. Without doing anything more I pulled her onto the bed and kept my arm around her waist.

"Alice I want to be with you. No more doin this run and hide shit anymore. We've been dancing around each other for long enough. I want you Alice, to be with me and just me. What is it you want?"

Her answer came in the form of her lips smashing into mine with such force that I almost fell off the bed. Smiling into the kiss I slowed it down a bit. Yes we knew each other well, but I wanted to take this slow not rush right into bed with her. If that was all I wanted I could have gone for one of the other women who were down for the no strings attached thing. Pecking her sweet lips a couple more times I smirked pulling away.

"So, I take you want the same as me if that kiss was anything to go by?"

"Of course that's what I want, that's all I've wanted since I first met you."

She started to lift her dress after kicking off her shoes and that's where I had to stop her. I gathered her hands stopping her progress from going any farther. Because I knew that I wouldn't be able to stop myself and I had guard duty soon. I wanted hours worshiping every inch of her body. Fore play is so important when it comes to having sex and we didn't have time for that.

"Ally baby, now isn't the right time for this. I want us to go slow and take our time getting to know each other. Believe me I want you more than anything. But I have guard duty in about twenty minutes and when we take that first step I want all of you. Not some quickie."

She pouted looking dejected and she rushed off the bed and slid her feet back into her shoes. Without looking back at me she quickly darted for the door. I caught her before she could open it and held her to my chest speaking in her ear.

"Darlin please don't think that I don't want you. I do!"

I thrusted my hips upward so she could feel my soldier ready and waiting for his orders. He wanted in her in the worst way and with her tiny body pressed against me there wasn't any way he was going to deflate soon.

"Is it really about the time or does it have anything to do with my age?"

Squeezing my eyes shut I pulled her tighter into my embrace. As I spoke the words I knew they were true.

"This has nothing to do with age darlin. This is about time. I swear. There is nothin short of work that could keep me away from you. Being honest though, your age was a factor before this. I figured that you would understand that it's all out the window now. I give up. As I said I'm tired of fighting what we have."

As I heard her sniffle I turned her around so I could see into those pretty eyes of hers.

"Ally, what's bothering you darlin? Was it something I said, because I meant every word of it!"

I swiped away her tear that ran down her cheek as she gave me a timid smile.

"I may have heard you talking to Edward once or twice. I knew you liked me, but you were using my age as a reason to put things on hold. I was just wondering why you would say something like that now. You say that it's about time and I understand that you have work. I'm just being silly. I'm sorry."

Fuck! She had heard on or two of the many conversations that I had with Edward about how I feel. Her age was a factor before, but as Edward pointed out we could all die tomorrow if the munchers get in. Why put off something that we both want?

"You are not silly, not when it comes to this. I'm not saying we can't take that step ever, just not right now. Please know that you can tell me everything and anything. Your mine Ally, just as much as I'm yours."