Chapter 1

Theme 1


For HawkRider's contest.

Kairi wasn't sure where she was right now, as she stood next to a clock tower, the wind whipping around her playfully and forcing her hair and clothes to follow its path for as far as they could travel. She rubbed her arms as the chill began to raise goose-pimples on her arms letting her know that she was going to get very cold very soon. She glanced from side to side trying to figure out what world she could possibly be in, after all she hadn't really cared where she had ran to when she had bitten and escaped from the clutches of that psycho-pyro Axel.

Letting out a sigh she let her feet drag her from her position in front of the clock tower, where she was fully exposed to the wind and any passers-by, into a back alley just a few feet away. She didn't care that this wasn't particularly a smart idea seeing as she has been kidnapped by a freak, then bitten him to get away, after all she was tired from the day's experience and her body ached since she had never used one of those strange portals before.

Leaning up against the wall of one of the building she had ran between, she slowly began to slide down the wall until she was sitting on the ground, being careful not to put any unnecessary weight or pressure on her feet.

She had only been sat there for about five minutes when from just down the alley she noticed something, it almost seemed like… Oh cr*p were the only words she could think of when she realised just what it was; another one of those dark portals, what if Axel had found her? She was trying to stand when someone emerged from the darkness that had occupied the further part of the alleyway, but she was glad about one thing; he was defiantly not Axel.

His long blue hair grazed either side of his face, falling to just below his shoulders; the Organization coat glimmered slightly in the setting sun as he slowly began to advance towards her; a scar in the shape of an X decorated his face, slicing across his perfect skin at the bridge of his nose directly between two blinding yellow eyes that seemed to be looking straight into her soul making her very uncomfortably; but the thing about him that made her most apprehensive was his smile, it glinted at her like the cold, dangerous and dead metal of a gun. There was one thing she could tell from that gun, he was no friend. He was the predator. She was his prey.

Word count for story alone: 444

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