Chapter 2

Theme 2


Last time: he was no friend. He was the predator. She was his prey.

Kairi finally managed to get her feet to respond to her brain, struggling to stand, leaning on the unyielding brick wall for support. She was terrified of this man; somehow she knew she had come from him- the Organization cloak gave her a big hint. She tried to back away from him but her feet refused to do so, she was frozen in fear, but tried to disguise it with a hateful glare.

"What's a girl like you doing out here all alone?" He asked coldly, but his voice also clearly displayed evil mockery as she did nothing but stand there and he continued to advance towards her.

"May I ask why you care sir; I am here and am perfectly capable of protecting myself, so please carry on." She muttered, blowing a strand of her strawberry red hair out of her face.

The man smirked at her, making her feel even more vulnerable, she felt so unsafe, she knew she had to run but her feet just wouldn't let her. She was brought out of her trail of thought as his hands slammed down ferociously on either side of her head, blocking her routes of escape.

"Now, now Kairi, is that anyway to talk to someone who is concerned for your well-being? You should know better." He chuckled, the smirk never once leaving his face as she just stood there, with a look of fear, terror and horror plastered on her face, trying to think of any way to get away from this person, now just wishing that it had indeed been Axel that had stepped through that portal rather than this wolf.

"Ho-ow do you know my name? " She tried to keep her voice strong and threatening (she was trying to do the same with her expression, but it wasn't working well).

"Well my dear Kairi, that is for me to know and you to never find out." He laughed, as she cringed.

Word Count- Story Alone: 326

I know I could've made this longer, but I wanted to use all of that for the next chapter, I realised I could use it for one of the themes that I had no ideas for.