Hello everyone. This is a bit of an Alternate Universe in the sense that only Ned and Sansa and their guards head South with the king. Jon also remains at Winterfell for the purpose of this story. For those of you who have read the books, I am also playing with the theory that L+R=J. Anyways for now I think that is all you really need to know. I hope you all enjoy and please remember to tell me what you think J

Ghost had disappeared in the shadows of the Wolfswood over ten minutes ago, leaving Jon alone with his thoughts. He knew he shouldn't have come here alone; the wood was full of all manner of beasts, but he needed time to think, and quite frankly he wasn't in the mood to be around anyone after this morning. Robb's words still rang in his ears.

It had been a week since their father had gone South with the king and his entourage, but the tension from the visit still lingered around Winterfell. Robb in particular still felt the blow to his pride dealt by the Prince. He had been in bad spirits all morning and he and Theon had been spending the better part of an hour discussing different methods of revenge if the opportunity arose. It was during one particular scenario, proposed by Theon no less that Jon spoke up. He had grown tired of Theon's devious plotting and had spoken without really thinking, pointing out the dishonor such an act would invoke.

"And what would a bastard know of honor?" Robb said icily. The words were like a dagger but it was the fact that the words had spilled from Robb's lips that drove the blade home. Robb who was his greatest competition and best friend, Robb who was his brother and one of the few in their home to treat him as an equal, one of the few people who had never used his parentage against him. Until now.

The look on Robb's face was one of shock and horror. It was obvious he had not meant to say those words, that he'd give anything to take them back. But the damage had been done. For a moment Jon just stood there too shocked to move, then he took a step back before finally turning away from the two boys and running in the direction they had come from. He could hear Robb's shouts but he ignored them. People called after him, asking what was wrong but he paid them no mind and soon they were only blurs in the peripheral of his vision. At some point Ghost had joined him, Jon could sense the direwolf close at his heals even without turning back to look and with his companion he passed through the main gate and left Winterfell behind.

They had entered the forest soon after, and had spent the last couple of hours wandering about. Jon had lost track of time, and soon even his surroundings were lost to him as well. It was a snap of a twig that brought him back into focus. It was nearly dusk, and he briefly wondered when it had begun to snow. The icy flakes had caught in his hair and the fur of his cloak. There was no sign of Ghost, and Jon was about to call out for him when another snap of branches sounded from his left.

'Ghost?' He wondered, but no. Something told him otherwise. There was a tension in the air he had not noticed before, and the birds that had been singing cheerfully before had now fallen silent. The only sound now was the light ping of the snowflakes falling to the ground and the snapping of more twigs-closer now. He peered into the shadows around him cast by the trees but could see nothing and cursed as he realized that the only weapon he carried was the dagger at his belt.

He heard the thrum of a bow string as an arrow was released: the only warning before he felt a surge of pain in his shoulder. He glanced-shocked-at the thick black shaft protruding from just below his collar bone before a sharp, burning sensation bloomed in his chest. He hadn't heard the second arrow fly, but there it was, buried deep in his chest. He felt himself falling to his knees, his back slamming against the rough bark of a pine tree. He gasped in pain but it felt as if he were breathing around a wad of cotton. A deep, mirthless chuckle broke through the haze of pain forming in his mind, but then darkness took him and he knew nothing more.

Ghost had sensed something was wrong. The forest was tense and quiet, as if the creatures within were holding their breath. He sought out his master, the stag he'd been stalking completely forgotten as the scent of Jon's blood filled the air. Weaving between trees and rocks, Ghost hastened to reach his friend, his panic urging him faster and faster until the scent of blood became so thick it burned his nose.

He slowed his pace as he came to the edge of a clearing. His master lay at the base of a tree, two arrows protruded from his chest and blood had begun to pool around him, but what angered him most were the two men who hovered above him sneering as they stabbed Jon in the side with a thin curved blade. His hackles raised and he felt his lips curl up in a snarl. Then men turned to look at him, the smaller of the two- the one who did the stabbing- raised his bow and notched an arrow. Ghost lowered his head and bared his teeth. He was about to attack but the large man put a hand on the other man's bow arm, forcing him to lower his weapon.

"Leave it be, our job is done." He said as he turned to leave. The bowman hesitated, clearly intent on driving an arrow through Ghost's heart, but finally he sighed and followed his friend. Ghost watched them, silent snarl never wavering, as the two disappeared into the shadows of the forest. He wanted nothing more than to run after them and tear out their throats, but a soft moan from Jon made him hesitate. When he was sure the men were gone he made his way over to his fallen master. The direwolf sniffed at the wounds and growled softly. There was a foul smell coming from the wounds, something unnatural. Ghost weighed his options. He could go back to Winterfell and bring someone back to help, but the snow was falling harder now and the sun had almost completely set. He would not leave Jon alone in the cold. Instead he curled up beside the man and laid his head on his chest, mindful of his injuries, and kept watch.

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