Terra Returns

By: Dan Trigona

September, 2011

Author's Note: Well, this certainly took on a life of its own…*chuckle*. Originally, this was going to focus on my Dragon joining the Titans, then, the idea of rescuing Terra came into play, which lead to Edward and Raven getting together. I know, that's a whirlwind romance if there ever was one. I did try to throw in some battle scenes and yeah, they are kind of "Mary Sue" in nature. Next installment might be more intense and not such a cakewalk.

Credits: The Teen Titans (Cartoon Network version) and other characters are owned by DC Comics/Warner Brothers.


Edward Barnes writes…

After moving to Jump City recently, I've discovered a unique team of teenagers who call themselves the Teen Titans.

They are an interesting bunch of kids. Robin used to be Batman's sidekick, but, for some reason, has left Gotham City and his mentor behind for the most part. But, I suspect that they are still friends. Someone had to pay for the Titan Tower. But, there's more pressing things to work on.

Cyborg is just that…a real cyborg. He was injured in some sort of accident and about 50% of his body was replaced with robotic parts. He's highly intelligent, but, enjoys playing various video games to relax.

Starfire is a very pretty visitor from another planet who has adopted Earth as her home. There seems to be a mutual attraction between her and Robin, though. But, they are dancing around their emotions and I fear it will be a distraction.

Beast Boy…An interesting fellow. He's, for one, lime green and he and I share one thing in common: He's a shapeshifter as well. I've noticed, though, that he can't hold the form very long. He's got a weird sense of humor, but, is Cyborg's best friend on the team.

Raven. What can I say about her? She's a very private person most of the time, and while some folks would call her frigid, it's something forced on her due to her powers. When she gets truly angry, she loses control of them. Typically, though, she's controlled. She's not really fond of Beast Boy's jokes, though. Then again, with her so called father out of the way, she's able to open up more. She even opens up to me in a good way as you'll see later on.

But, while I get a chance to become part of this team, they've had a tragedy that they wish to undo. For a while, they had a girl on the team named Terra who willingly betrayed the team to a guy named Slade, but, redeemed herself when the sacrificed everything, possibly including her own life, to save the city she tried to destroy from a volcano. That earned the team's forgiveness. She's turned to stone or maybe is still barely alive somehow. From what I heard…Beast Boy and Terra had deep feelings for each other as well. That enabled Terra to escape Slade's control. I've heard that love can conquer all in my long life, but, will it conquer petrification?