Within an hour, all was quiet in the water, most people were already dead in the water, one boat had indeed came back, and when Leo saw it, he sat up quickly and smiled.

"Victor look, its here!" Leo said in a slightly relieved tone.

Victor lifted his head up and looked and saw a boat with two officers with flashlights coming towards them. He closed his eyes for a moment and smiled briefly.

"Oh good God, finally." Victor said under his breath. "We're saved."

As Victor and Leo boarded on the Carpathia, they saw the ship was filled with those who had been rescued off the Titanic. Leo looked all around.

"Where's Kat—" Leo was cut off by Kate and Kathy running over to him and Victor, from around the corner of the ship.

"Leo! Victor!" Kate said quickly as she and Kathy hugged the two men. Kate pushed Leo away and looked at him with a frown.

"Where's—where's Frances, Ewan and Billy?" Kate asked in a suspicious tone.

Victor and Leo both looked at each other with sadness.

"Um, they—they didn't make it, Kate." Victor replied sadly.

Kathy gasped and looked with sadness. Kate looked at both Leo and Victor as tears filled her eyes.

"Oh no," Kate said between tears. "No, no, no!"

Kate walked away and Leo followed her as Kate broke into tears. Leo hugged her close as she cried.

Kathy looked down and sucked her teeth as tears streamed. She and Victor walked over to where Leo and Kate were.

"Ewan, Frances—Billy, they had children!" Kate said between tears. "How do we explain this to them? And—and Billy, he—he promised he'd be ok!"

Victor nodded with a look of sadness.

"I—I know," Victor said in a low voice. "He—he died trying to save a child from falling."

"My God," Kathy said with a teary voice.

Kate looked down and scoffed and shook her head as more tears streamed.

"This is awful!" Kate said between tears. "JUST awful!"

Theme Song: "Uprising" – Muse

When Billy awakened in a cabin on the ship of the Carpathia, he looked all around him with confusion. His head was swirling with pain. He temporarily had no memory of what happened after the moment he dropped from the railing of Titanic. He saw he was in what looked to be a first class cabin and he was lying on a bed. As he tried to get to his feet, he fell down to the floor, in what he thought was weakness. As he tried to get back up to his feet, he realized he couldn't. Apparently, he had a sprained leg or ankle that was preventing him from being able to truly walk. As he crawled over to a dresser in the room and lifted himself up, an Italian woman in a maid's uniform walked in the room. Billy looked at her with confusion.

"Who are you?" Billy asked in a low voice. "How did I get here?"

"I'm the maid, sir." The maid said in an Italian accent. "And one of the officers in a boat from Titanic rescued you."

Billy frowned and looked down and shook his head in disbelief. He looked up at the maid and nodded.

"Um—um, who put me in this room?" Billy asked.

"The officers on Carpathia." The maid said in her accent. "Rooms only go to first class, third class is down on the deck."

Billy looked at her with surprise and blinked repeatedly. He couldn't believe that even in real life, he was taken to be first class on the Carpathia—even with the modern clothing he was wearing. Billy scoffed and smiled briefly.

"Um, well—thank—thank you, excuse me." Billy said as he limped painfully and slowly out the room.

Billy went limping down the hall, he wanted to see if Leo, Victor and Kate and Kathy were on the Carpathia as well. He only prayed Leo and Victor had made it on Carpathia safely.

As Billy walked around the deck of Carpathia, he stopped in his sights when he saw a crying Kate, a somber but sad Kathy sitting next to a sad Victor and Leo. They had made it-safely. Billy slowly walked behind them.

"Its so horrible," Kate said through light tears.

"Yeah," Victor said with an emotional voice. "He worked to save that child and ended up losing his life. The child made it onto the rescue boat with us though. She was with some man who helped her after Titanic went completely under water, so the little girl is on this ship—somewhere."

"Well that's good to know, but God, poor Billy and Ewan and Frances. I really liked them." Kathy said sadly, "Good GOD what a tragedy."

Billy looked at them and frowned.

"Yeah and its all James Cameron's fault." Billy said, loud enough for them to hear.

Quickly, Leo, Kate, Kathy and Victor turned around and saw Billy standing there. Kate gasped loudly.

"Billy! You made it!" Kate yelled happily as she got up and ran and hugged him tightly.

"Oh thank God, you made it!" Leo yelled happily.

Leo, Victor and Kathy ran and hugged Billy as well and Billy laughed and hugged them back.

"I—I know," Billy said with a brief smile. "I—I don't know how I did, but I did. I'm glad you all made it too."

Kate kissed Billy on the cheek repeatedly with joy.

"Oh thank God! Is Ewan and Frances with you?" Kate asked with a smile.

Billy's smile faded and a look of sadness appeared.

"Um, no—no they really DIDN'T make it." Billy replied sadly.

Kate looked down with sadness.

Billy limped over to the bench where they had been sitting at and sat down. Leo, Kate and Kathy sat down beside him.

"How come you're limping?" Victor asked.

Billy shrugged slightly.

"I—I don't know," Billy said. "I honestly don't remember anything after I fell from the railing, all I know is I woke up a few minutes ago in a cabin room upstairs. They said officers from Titanic recued me and put me on a boat."

Leo and Victor looked at him with shock.

"Wow, really?" Leo asked.

"Hey, I bet he was on the same boat we were on but we just didn't know it." Victor said.

Billy looked at Victor and Leo and nodded.

"Probably so," Billy said. "Ugh, I just wish we hadn't lost Ewan and Frances."

"God, me too," Kathy said, her voice cracking. "Damn it."

As Kathy broke into light tears, Victor hugged her to him.

"Where do we go from here?" Kate asked in a sad tone as tears clouded her eyes. "How do we even attempt to tell Frances and Ewan's family what happened with them?"

"Wait, ya know, I now wonder if it was really even James who told us on the phone to meet him there at Pier 54." Billy said.

Victor frowned and slightly shook his head at Billy.

"What? Why do you say that?" Victor asked.

Billy frowned briefly and slightly shook his head.

"Well—now thinking back a few days ago, I remember it. I remember hearing on Access Hollywood about James saying he wouldn't be able to attend the premiere of Titanic in 3D on yesterday." Billy said.

Billy then stopped and gasped and smiled briefly.

"Oh yeah, that's right! Yeah now I remember," Billy added, "he said he would be working on some film with Charlize Theron in Canada, so he couldn't make it to the Titanic premiere. So knowing that, why would he ask us to meet him at Pier 54 for a premiere of Titanic in 3D—on a ship he'd be on, when that's a lie? He wouldn't be on some ship coming to Pier 54, at a premiere party for Titanic, when he's in Canada shooting a move with Charlize."

Leo and Kate gasped loudly.

"Really? Yeah that makes sense!" Leo said with surprised.

"WOW, oh my God." Victor said with a stunned look.

"Whoa, now THAT'S creepy." Kathy said with a raised eyebrow.

"So then if it wasn't James we were talking to on the phone, WHO was it?" Victor asked.

All the actors looked at each other with a complete clueless look.

"Well, wait, knowing that, how do we get back to 2012?" Leo asked. "Or are we just somehow stuck in 1900s forever or something?"


Kate awakened with a loud gasp. She sat up and realized she was in her bed, in her home in Los Angeles, California. Her face was cold with sweat, and her hair was a bit wet with sweat. She quickly looked all around the room where she was in and she recognized it as her bedroom. What just happened here? Did she dream everything that happened with her and the others? As her cell phone that was sitting on the night stand table beside her went off, she jumped a bit. She looked at it and picked it up. She had one message—from Titanic director, James Cameron. She pushed "play" to listen to the message that said:

"Hey Kate, its um—um—James." James said on her cell phone voice mail. "Um, I need you to meet the other Titanic cast members at Pier 54 in New York today. There's a press premiere party that I'd like for you and the other cast members to attend, since today is the premiere of Titanic in 3D in theaters. You'll be compensated for it, but I'd really like for you all to attend. When you get there, I'll explain all the details. Thanks Kate."

Kate cut the call to her voice mail off and frowned with disbelief. She closed her eyes and sighed with a deeper frown.

"Oh GOD, here we go, only this time—it's FOR REAL." Kate said before quickly getting up out of bed and walking out her bedroom….