This story will be about Edward's distractions on their honeymoon. I will pull dialogue and ideas from both Breaking Dawn and Part One of the movie, so you may recognize aspects of it. I will try to make this in chronological order, although I may switch some scenes around.

This chapter is based heavily on the movie, and centres on Bella and Edward exploring the forest of Isle Esme. It takes place directly after Bella has eaten the morning after their wedding night. In the movie, I am aware that this scene comes after the waterfall scene, but I would like to do that one a bit later, just because that's how it occurs in my head. Anyway, hope you enjoy it!

"I will not make love with you until you've been changed. I will never hurt you again."

"I'm not hurt Edward," I pleaded, desperate to knock him out of this mood, no matter how pointless I knew it would be to try. "Really, I'm not." Edward's face abruptly turned harsh, and I could tell it was taking him a lot of control and effort to prevent his voice coming out in a hiss. Edward grabbed the sleeve of my dress very lightly, rolling it up my arm with a feather light touch until the worst bruises on my arms were revealed. Already they had darkened to a deep purple colour. That would not help my case.

"Then what do you call this, Bella," Edward said, his voice both pained and angered, at himself or me, I didn't know. I kept my face calm. I had had worse than this before. Much worse. And they weren't even that painful. It was easy to forget they were there. The aches in my body were worse, but that happens to everyone on their first time, to the best of my knowledge. Not that I would ever bring that up with Edward. He would find some way to blame himself, no matter what happened to me.

"I'm sorry, Bella," Edward whispered, his voice soft and drenched with remorse. "I truly am, and I don't need to ruin this for you any more than I already have." I opened my mouth to protest, but Edward continued speaking.

"Why don't we go check explore the jungle today? It will be warm outside. This is the type of climate you will approve of." I sighed slightly, but knew there was no point in arguing my case now. After all, this was our honeymoon. It was supposed to be the happiest times of our lives, and here I was, making it worse. Besides, I would have plenty of time alone with Edward for the next few weeks. Though I knew it would take a lot of effort on my part, I had to show him that practice makes perfect.

"Sure," I replied, my face beaming, trying to lighten the mood a little, which was not hard. Edward already looked happier, now that we had moved onto safer topics. I went to find something more jungle-appropriate while Edward packed me some lunch, compensating for how long it would take me to hike through the island. I briefly wondered why he wouldn't just carry me, but my mind came up with the answer before I could even finish the question. Of course, Edward would avoid doing anything he thought might hurt me now, including having my body so close to his.

I stopped dead on my feet as I entered the large white room. It looked just like a chicken coop, with feathers covering every visible part of the room. I let out a brief laugh. The scene was almost comical. But then again, it brought back a whole round of memories. I reach up to my face, brushing my slightly swollen lips with my fingers. In my mind, I could see every touch, every kiss. Keeping my fingers on my face, I remembered Edward's passionate kisses, more forceful than I had ever felt from him. I could feel his hand caressing my arms, my hips, my ribs. A small tear trickled down my cheek. The happiest night of my life, over. Of course, I would have millions more nights with Edward, but not for a few years. And it would never feel the same again.

I had to force the thoughts out of my head. This was Edward's honeymoon too. I needed to make him happy. I had to make him happy, no matter what. My skin flushed from the memories, I made my way through the feathers covering the floor to the open suitcase on the dresser, where I had to pick a few more feathers out of the pile of clothes.

In clear daylight, I could see every article of clothing so much more clearly that last night. Panicking, I scrambled through the pile of what Alice called clothing. Amongst the pale and bright pinks, my hands found other colours, including pastels, a lot of shades of blue, and black. There was a lot of skimpy, black lace. With ruffles. My eyes popped out of my head as I held up one dark blue completely see through nightgown, bound to cover nothing more than the essentials, if even that.

Aside from the skimpy satin and lace lingerie, there were other items of clothing, clearly what I was supposed to wear during the day time, though it was of no resemblance to anything Alice had seen me wear in the past. There were about a dozen pairs of tiny, tight little shorts, in various shades of blue, black and white. Even worse, the tank tops looked very small, bound to show more skin than necessary.

Finally I found a top most able to cover up the bruises that were the worst on my arms and shoulders. There was no much I could do about the bruises on my thighs, so I picked out the longest pair of shorts, hoping they would do. I dressed quickly, not looking at myself in the mirror until I was done. I had done a pretty good job at covering up the bruises on my upper arms, shoulders and legs, but the bruises on my forearms were still clearly visible. It felt like they had a neon sign glowing on them, telling Edward not to sleep with me again while I am human.

I pulled my hairbrush through my wet hair, allowing it to fall over my neck and shoulders, covering up any last traces of the purple blotches that could have been there. There was not much I could do about my face. There was a faint shadow across my cheek bone. I tried to think of a time when Edward's grip had been to tight, but I couldn't. I washed my face, bringing its colour closer to my normal shade of alabaster white. My lips were still a little puffy, plumped from the hundreds of kisses we had shared last night, though they were not sore in the slightest. A slight knock on the bathroom door caused me to jump.

"Are you okay, Bella?" Edward asked, worried. Maybe he thought I was in more pain than I let on, and was just trying to save his feelings. Not that I had any influence over how he felt towards himself at this point.

"I'm Fine," I replied, walking into the bedroom, holding back a chuckle. "I'm all ready to go." Edward had changed into a pair of long, dark khaki pants and a white button down shirt, the sleeves rolled up to his arms. His covering clothing was far from suiting the climate here, though I guess there was no one else around to think anything of it.

Edward dug around in another smaller suitcase for a second, pulling out a pair of casual trainers for himself, and some designer style lace ups for me. While he rummaged around, I noticed there were an awful lot of high heels in there. Exactly what would we be doing which Alice thought required heels? Right now, I didn't want to even think about what inspired Alice to pack these things from me. From the skimpy lingerie, to the scanty bikini's, my cheeks flushed in embarrassment even thinking of why she might think I would want these things.

Edward led me outside, staying close, but never touching me. As we walked along a small trail towards the jungle, I would catch Edward staring at me, or more accurately, staring at the bruises on my arms. In the sunlight, the contrast between my pale skin and the dark bruises was emphasised. Edward walked slightly ahead of me. Close enough to catch me if I fell, but far away enough that there was no contact between our bodies.

At one point on the trail, Edward froze on the spot. I had been so caught up in my own thoughts that I walked right into him, ricocheting off his body like it was a brick wall. Edward's arms instinctively reached out to catch me, then he pulled them away quickly as soon as I was steady, a disgusted look on his face as I winced slightly when he touched the bruises. I could have hit myself in the face for that one. It would only be that much harder to convince him I was fine now.

Edward turned off the path, heading into the jungle. Trust Edward not to follow the path. He held the fallen vines and leaves out the way for me, staying closer to me now than he did on the trail. Every time I caught up to Edward and reached for his body, he was suddenly 10 feet away, holding more vines out of the way.

We were starting to get deeper into the jungle now. I could see the sunlight through the gaps in the trees, but beneath the thick canopy of leaves, it was cooler, yet still very humid. I was beginning to regret not wearing one of the tank tops, as small as they may be. I pushed the sleeves of my top up my arms as far as they could go, and undid the top button of my shirt, checking to make sure I was still decent.

Edward had endless patience as I stumbled through the bracken on the ground, trying not to trip over anything. I had to admit, in the few moments when my eyes were not focused on the ground, I could see the beauty of the jungle. There were not many animals around- they took off whenever Edward got near them- but the bright flowers were stunning, beams of light shooting through onto the floor. As I got distracted by all the birds perched still and high in the trees, I lost my focus.

I felt my body falling, my foot stuck on an uplifted root in the ground. Edward's cool arms suddenly were there, catching me around my waist, his hands feather-light, despite the force of my fall. I held onto his large biceps to steady myself, examining the damage. Thankfully, there was none.

"Are you okay?" Edward asked, his eyes scanning over my body, wincing when they saw the now exposed bruises on my upper arms. When he pulled away in horror, I felt a pang of hurt. Here I was, his wife, newlyweds, and he couldn't even stand to look at me. I knew it wasn't anything personal, but the look of horror and disgust which clouded his face when he saw my bruises made me self-conscious.

"Fine," I replied, trying with all my strength to cling onto his arm and keep him from walking away. I took my opportunity. "Just you might want to help me through here so I don't fall again." Edward sighed, standing by my side and signalling for me to go forward. I reached out for his hand, twisting my fingers with his. I could feel Edward start to pull away, and rolled my eyes.

"This is ridiculous, Edward," I complained, wrapping Edward's fingers back around my hand, to which he obliged rather reluctantly. "When have I ever been in danger by holding you hand?" Edward sighed, not looking too convinced, and started to walk forward. I kept up with him, watching my every step.

"Not that I have ever been in danger by having physical contact with you..." I murmured to myself, knowing not to push my luck. Edward pretended he hadn't heard me, leading me towards a small space of light I could see coming up. Edward stayed carefully out of the sun. I wondered if it had become habit, or if he didn't like the effect of the sun on his skin. It was hard to believe that the sun on Edward's skin was anything but magnificently beautiful.

We walked in silence, the only noise coming from my scuffling footsteps and the animals in the jungle. Finally, the jungle opened up into a small meadow, reminding me of our one back home. Although this meadow was a lot brighter, with different flowers and palm trees surrounding it, there was still the same feel of being in a magical place, far from earth.

I wandered into the middle of the small but comfortable space in amazement, watching the sunlight reflect of the bright flowers, sending patterns of violet, red and yellow across the ground. Edward trailed behind me, our hands still linked. I turned around to ask him whereabouts on the island we were, but seeing him stopped me dead in my tracks.

The sunlight reflected off Edward's skin much more than it had in gloomy Forks. Like diamonds, his skin was sparkling, throwing rainbows across my skin and white shirt. I just stared in amazement, my mouth hanging open. It was like I hadn't truly seen him in the sun before. I reached up with my hand, stroking it across his cheek, as if to check that he was still here. Edward's skin was perfectly smooth, even warmed slightly from the sunlight. I ran my fingers along his cheek, brushing over his lips. I couldn't take my eyes away from his as we both gazed at each other, like we could see beyond the surface.

Without thinking, I threw my body at Edward, wrapping my arms firmly around his neck, ignoring the slight tingle when I tried to pull him closer. I crashed my lips against his, my fingers reaching up to twist into his head, trying to keep our lips locked. Edward kissed me back out of instinct, his arms finding their way around my waist, then resting on the small of my back. As our lips moved in synchronization, memories came flooding back to me. It was all too simple for my body to show him the direction we were headed in.

As soon as Edward realised what I was doing, he moved his arms to my shoulders, restraining me as I tried to get closer to him. I looked up at his eyes, filled with passion, horror, and most of all, completely maddening control. I knew I should have apologized but I couldn't bring myself to say the words, because I wasn't sorry.

"I'll get out your lunch," Edward explained, his voice still low and rough, igniting the memories from last night. Edward walked over to a nearby rock which was low off the ground. I took that as my cue to follow. There were a few thick chicken salad sandwiches waiting for me, and I suddenly realised how hungry I was. I ate quickly, not worrying about getting cramps later from eating so fast. Edward sat quietly; satisfied he had managed to distract me.

"What are we doing for the rest of the afternoon?" I asked Edward when I was finished eating all the food he packed for me, although there was more than enough for two people.

"I was thinking we could go for more of a walk through the jungle- there is so much of it you haven't seen yet," Edward replied, gently pulling me to my feet. The sun had really come out now, and I could feel the heat through my clothing. Thanks to my human weaknesses, a small drip of perspiration dripped down my neck. Edward caught the drop, his cool hand brushing across my skin. The coolness was like oxygen to my lungs.

Before Edward took his hand away, I wrapped my fingers around his wrist, bringing his palm to my cheek. I sighed as his cool skin came in contact with my burning skin. Understanding, Edward placed the palm of his other hand gently against my cheek. Slowly, I leaned my head against his chest, feeling more coolness. After years of living in Phoenix, I thought I would be used to the blistering heat.

"We should probably get going if we want to get home before its dark," Edward said after a long moment of silence, his voice loud against the stillness. Unwillingly, I pulled back. Edward held out his hand, which I took with a huge beam. At least he wasn't as afraid to touch me anymore. Hopefully, things would be able to go back to normal soon. In a few days, the bruises would have faded, and maybe then I would have a greater shot at trying to convince Edward that it's all about practice. A small smile crept up my cheek as we travelled through the jungle, my mind drifting to a place where I could remember every detail of last night.

Soon, I told myself. Soon, when my body is back to normal, Edward will be able to see how fine I am. Maybe then we will have another chance at our honeymoon night.

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