Sooo, enjoy the chapter!

I notice out of the corner of my eye Rachel and Wally2 talking quietly while Dick and Artemis catch up and snap at each other. A second later a look of realization dawns on Artemis' face. "No, way. You can't be," she mumbles to herself and Dick's eyes go wide.

Rachel looks like she wants to laugh at how bad this situation looks. Wally2 is mildly amused. "Is something wrong with your friend?" Rachel asks Dick and he shakes his head and offers to take her to his house to 'calm down'? In other words he is taking her to Bat's place to be threatened. That's why I hate his secret identity.

"Wally, that was all your fault," Dick hisses to me and I feel kind of bad, I mean yeah this one is my fault. Batman is going to kill me.

"What are you guys mumbling about? You look like an old married couple in each other faces like that," Wally2 snickers and Rachel slaps him on the back of the head before her phone goes off again.

"Rachel, here-" she answers the phone and her eyebrows scrunch up a little bit before she blows out a breathe that she was holding.

"When will it be working again? I know he's right here next to me. The idiot pressed a button," Rachel tells the person on the other line.

"About two days? I can live with that. Oh, your uncle wants to talk to you," Rachel says handing the phone to Wally2 and he starts talking science to Uncle Barry in his dimension, I think.

"Wally, who are the two tagalongs? I mean is Batman doing something with them too?" Artemis asks me as we walk into the manor. Well, she dropped the Baywatch nickname, so these two must really freak her out.

"I doubt you would believe me even if I told you," I reply watching Wally2 and Rachel enter the house.

When we enter the house Bruce is standing there waiting for us. Oh, dear, poor Artemis. I don't think that she is going to make this one out alive. "Artemis, please follow me. I believe that we have some business to discus. You four entertain yourselves till I'm done," he orders us. I'm not really sure what that means, but I think that Rachel and Dick are sharing telepathic ideas because their eyes lit up at the same moment and they both sprint off into the same direction.

"I hate it when she does that," Wally2 mutters rolling off in their general direction.

About ten minutes later we find them in a personal gym with all sorts of gymnastic equipment in it. There were beams and bars all over this room, rings, uneven bars, and some matted floor. I look to the around the room and find Dick and Rachel in workout clothes stretching on the floor. When did they get the chance to change I don't know, but might as well not argue with it.

"What are you two doing?" I ask them exasperated. Dick and Rachel both look at each other and give a short laugh.

"Keeping ourselves entertained. We figured that we might as well see which Robin is better trained," Rachel explains coming out of a stretch and I hear something pop out of place. I look back at Rachel to see her lying on her stomach, but her feet are hanging right above her face.

"No, way! You got to learn contortion! No fair!" Dick exclaims loudly looking slightly offended since he never got to learn it. Thank goodness.

"I guess I might be a little bit more flexible than you," she smiles devilishly at him and continues making her body create forms that make me want to vomit out the dinner I ate a little while ago.

After they finish stretching they jump around the on the mat doing flips and stuff, yea I don't know the names of these things, sue me, I'm a speedster not a gymnast.

Soon enough Dick turns on the final countdown and the two of them go back and forth doing multiple backflips, front flips, some twisty things in the air, and I'm losing patience. "Wish we could do some areal work, but all that stuff is in the batcave and it's off limits to you for now," Dick says after he finishes up yet another set of impossible combinations.

"It's fine," Rachel replies doing four backflips without even breaking a sweat or concentration. It's interesting to watch for a while until I look down at Wally2 see him the wheelchair. It bothers me how causal he is about being crippled for lifeā€¦

"Why do not care that you're in a wheelchair?" I bluntly ask him and he just turns to be with a half sided grin.

"Well, it happened about six months after I became kid flash. It was a total accident too, but I had to get over it. If I stayed bitter forever over something I couldn't change I wouldn't be able to keep up with anyone. On top of that someone had to take care of Rachel. Don't get me wrong, she's an awesome girl, but she gets into some serious trouble. She's like my little sister, so I can't let her get hurt. I mean someone's got to protect her from the male population, even if she has a boyfriend already." He says grumbling the last part out. (A/N All you that thought Wally2 you were wrong=)

Wait, if Wally2 isn't her boyfriend then who is? Suddenly, her phone goes off and the annoying ringtone keeps going until she stops jumping around and picks it up.

"Conner, what going on?" Rachel answers sounding generally concerned. I look next to me to see Wally2's eyes narrow slightly at Rachel's tone.

"What do you mean the mountains been infiltrated? Is everyone okay?" she shouts over the phone. Oh, man that really sucks for her and the team. I hear her Conner mutter something back and she pinches the bridge of her nose.

Did I surprise anyone?