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"Alright, I'll help you get into control room. I can't believe that someone hacked Batman's system, but then again, I do it all the time," she replies. She tells him quite a few complicated instructions before I hear a soft bark and shout of joy from the other end. I guess wolf is with him.

"Alright, now to disable the stasis fields you need to look for the main panel. The main system should take you there without my help, but I'll stay on till you manage to disable it," she tells him and there is a soft click from the other end and then an alarm. I hear some shouting, a loud yell and a crack.

"Conner, report!" Rachel nearly shrieks. There's a bark from the other end and a groan. I see Rachel sigh in relief.

"That's who hacked the system. That's not very good, are the others coming to? Oh, good. I'll talk to you soon. Yes, I promise, bye," she sighs hanging up the phone. She leans against the wall and slowly slumps down on the floor.

Wally2 wheels over to her quickly checking her forehead for a fever or something. Rachel swats his hand away and mumbles something incoherently and Wally2 looks flustered by what she told him.

"Is something wrong?" Dick asks them curiously. Rachel mumbles something that I didn't hear, but Dick does and he almost jumped a foot in the air. She gives him a grin and walks over to her bag and grabs something out of it. It looks like a box, oh crap, I think she's holding a box of tampons…

Superheroes aren't trained for these situations! I don't know how to deal with this! The world suddenly starts spinning and the world fades into black.

"Are you serious? He fainted after he saw a box of tampons?" I hear a female voice snicker. Oh, no.

"Welcome back, Baywatch, I didn't think that you were such a wimp. It was just a box of tampons," Artemis barks out laughing. I'm not going to be living this down for a while.

"Dick, patrol. Wally, Barry says that he'll be here in an hour to get you. And Artemis, your mother is looking for you. Go home," Bruce orders going into Batman mode and taking Dick away from us. Wait, I'm forgetting something… I have a history test tomorrow!

"Crap, I have a history test tomorrow," I exclaim and Rachel and Wally2 roll their eyes.

"Wally, go and get in contact with your Uncle. I'll help this Wally with history," Rachel orders and Wally2. He then speeds off on his wheelchair.

Rachel and I walk back to Dick's room, since I left all the study material there. Is it wrong that I find her attractive? Even though she has a boyfriend and is Dick in an alternate universe.

"Will you stop ogling so we can study," Rachel snaps motioning for me to sit next to her on the large king sized bed where the text book is sitting. I gulp and quickly sit next to her.

"So, what's it like being a female Robin?" I ask her curiously, since no one has asked her yet. I guess we've all been so focused on Wally2 that we've been overlooking Rachel.

"It can't be so much different from being a male Robin, except maybe the male villains would stop the….well rape attempts I guess. There is a reason why I carry a taser with me, or normally do anyway. My Bruce is really protective of me, more so than this Robin. It's interesting to see the difference between the two of us. And then seeing you and my Wally, it makes me realizes that everything changed with my gender. It also seems that Roy's attitude changed, which is strange," Rachel contemplates quietly.

I wonder what other changes came out of the gender change between Dick and Rachel, but I can't dwell on this now. I have to study…ugh

It takes about an hour to get the information into my head, but sadly I'm dozing off. Rachel's already asleep on the couch on the opposite side of the room from the bed I'm lying on. I tried for a good twenty minutes to find out who her boyfriend is, but I didn't get anything out of her. She is just as well trained as Dick is when it comes to lying and beating around the bush.

"Hey, did she really fall asleep on you? I keep telling her that it's not a good thing for her to do when in the presence of guests, but she never listens," Wally2 says mocking Rachel in a friendly way.

"Shut up, Wally," Rachel mutters getting up. She rubs her eyes gently making her look quite a few years younger than she really is. Rachel sits up gives Wally2 the famous bat glare.

"Uncle Barry and I have found out how the dimensional rifts work and I think that we should be able to get us home tomorrow," Wally2 tells Rachel. Her eyes literally bug out of her head.

"That's good. The team is falling apart without me," Rachel says dozing off again. Wally2 looks like he wants to do something to move her, but can't.

"Can you take her to the room across from here. It's not like I don't trust you, but I don't want her waking up here with just you around," Wally2 explains. I carefully walk over to Rachel and pick her up bridal style into the other room.

"Touch me and I brake you," she mutters darkly and I put her on the bed in the opposite room. She quickly curls up and falls back asleep.

"Master Wallace, your uncle is here," Alfred tells me and I run over to Dick's room, grab my stuff, pack it up and I meet my uncle at the door. When I get there I see him talking to Wally2. Uncle Barry sees me and waves me over. We look at each other, say our goodbyes to Wally2 and speed off into the distance back to Central.

This is the last chapter in Wally's POV

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