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Wally2's POV

It sucks being in a wheelchair when you're faced with two flights of stairs and no one to help you. Luckily for me, my wheelchair is specially designed by Rachel and Uncle Barry. I flip open of the arm rest and reveal a panel of brightly colored buttons. I push one of the many blue ones and the wheelchair turns into a hover-chair. The wheels flip up and I quickly float up the stairs. When I get back up to the floor that Rachel's on and turn off the hover device. I quietly wheel into her room and see that she's still sleeping with on hand hanging off the edge of the bed.

I go over to the couch and attempt to get on it without waking Rachel up. After about five minutes of quiet cursing later, I manage to get on it! One point for the cripple kid. I lie down and stare at the ceiling till I fall asleep.

I wake up on something soft. I look around and find myself on the bed, I look to the couch and see Rachel lying on it. How did I not notice her pick me up? More importantly how did she manage? I mean, yea I'm scrawny, but I'm six one and she five six, I don't see how it's possible.

"You're a pain to carry, thought you should know. I'm going to take a shower. Be back in ten minutes," she tells me walking out of the room. I pout and just stay sitting in the bed there isn't much I can do considering my wheelchair is on the other side of the room. I swear she did that on purpose.

Five minutes later, I hear is a soft knock on the door and Alfred walks in looking worried and tired, "Is something wrong, Alfred? Rachel should be back any minute," I assure him and sit myself up. I quickly force myself to the other end of the bed and swing my legs over the side with a little momentum. Of course I nearly fall off the bed, don't try that at home kids. If Rachel saw that she would kill me…

"Wally, what do you think that you're doing?" Oh crap. "Oh, hi Alfred, is something wrong?" Rachel asks wearing some skinny jeans and red t-shirt. She has a towel wrapped around her neck with her hair over it so I can absorb the water. She glares at my slightly, grabs my chair and helps me onto it before Alfred answers.

"Yes, Masters Bruce and Richard were taken by the Joker last night. The Justice League has just been informed, but I fear that they may be a while before they get here," he informs us. Rachel gives me a look and I nod my head. I guess that it's time for her to show this dimensions baddies whose boss.

"I'll get ready to go then. Is the R-cycle is working condition?" She asks him getting her Robin costume out of her bag.

"Yes, but how are you going to manage this alone?" Alfred questions her seriously as she walks over to the bathroom once more to change.

"I'll be watching her back like always. Take me to the cave. I'll monitor everything," I reply quietly. Alfred complies and shows me to the cave. Of course this time I had some help with the stairs, which is always nice.

By the time I get to the cave and set up the cameras and communicator system, Rachel comes in wearing the same costume as the Robin here except it looks like she took the R off her uniform. Her utility belt is tilted on her waist, and you can tell she's female unlike the Robin here.

"Here's your communicator and ear piece with the camera so I can watch your back, I have also located Robin and Batman. The R-cycle is at the exit like normal," I tell her and she nods and takes off out of the cave.

I turn on the camera that we set up in her mask and monitor her as she speeds down the streets of Gotham towards the warehouse district where Batman and Robin are.

"Wally, activate the cameras hidden in warehouse district and see if you can find which on their in. If they try and hack you out keep, tell me," Rachel orders me. She pulls into the warehouse seconds later and climbs onto the roof. I manage to access the cameras and look for the one with the Joker and Bats. It takes about five minutes, but I finally spot them.

"Rachel, warehouse 6C, and hurry he's taking out his knives and guns," I inform her and she picks up speed. She jumps up onto the roof and looks in. I loose visual of her for a few seconds before she reappears on the screen in the warehouse.

By this time I'm only watching the camera with the Joker, Batman, Robin, and Rachel in it. She slowly descends from the ceiling upside down. I notice that Robin and Batman make no attempt to move or notice her. "Oh, Batsy and Robby, what am I going to do with you first? So many possibilities, but of course we'll take the youngest first," the Joker tells them excitedly motioning for his two goons to grab Robin for him. The thing is that they don't show up and the Joker gets an irritated look on his face.

"Now, where did they go?" the Joker asks slightly deranged. Right as he says it the two goons drop from the rafters, both out cold.

"Joker, would you like to play with another hero?" Rachel's voice asks from somewhere in the room.

"Ooo, a new game! Sounds like fun. Now, where are you?" The Joker asks shooting randomly around the room. From the camera I'm using I can see a little movement from the side of room and then there's a loud explosion. Once the smoke clears I see Rachel's foot collide with the side of the Joker's face and he goes down like a rock.

"You lose," she comments and starts to untie Batman and Robin. Both of them look grateful for her help and all three of them take off before the cops come and see what caused the explosion.

I turn off the cameras and wait for Rachel to come back to the cave. I decide to grab some of her clothes for her. I know she hates wearing her Robin costume all the time. She her to wear it enough, being in young justice and all. It takes about twenty minutes for them to get from one side of Gotham and back. They enter the cave looking tired, but it could have ended worse.

"I take it that everything went well, Mistress Rachel?" Alfred asks from the doorway and she nods. I toss her some spare clothes. She smiles at me gratefully and goes to change. Batman and Robin follow her lead and they all come back changed in regular civilian clothes.

The communicator goes off loudly through the cave. I wheel over and pick it up.

"Hey, it's Wally," I answer to the person on the other line. There is a muffled reply from the other end. Oh, man it's Batman.

"Is she alright? This is a private line," he growls from the other end. He's going to kill me when I get back.

I toss Rachel her phone and she catches it and starts talking to her mentor on the other end. "Yes, oh, you're sending him over? I didn't think you wanted him within a mile distance from me. I'm not arguing, tell him I'll see him soon. Yes, I'll tell Wally to set everything up. Bye," she tells him closing the communicator.

I can guess who he's sending over and it makes my skin crawl. I hate watching her with her boyfriend…oh well.

I wheel back over to everyone and explain to this Batman what I'm about to do and get to work. Within the hour the dimensional transmitter on this end is working. All I need is to wait for the signal to catch the one in mine and everything should work its self out.

Ten minutes later the signal catches and a bright rift opens and two people come out. Rachel runs to the male, I roll me eyes and try not to vomit.

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