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Rachel's POV

When the dimensional hole opens two people walk out, one is Artemis and the other is Conner, my boyfriend. I've seen what he can do in this world and it's nothing in comparison to what he can do in mine. Conner in this world apparently can't fly and has serious attitude problems. Then again they've only known him for a few months.

The first time that I met Conner was during the whole Cadmus thing and he seemed to be very protective of me from the start. At first I thought it was because I was a girl and didn't have any super powers, but later on I found out that it was something different. I helped him pick out his name about a week after we met. I mean he couldn't be named Superboy forever. It's been about two years since that day and some things changed. He can fly, he grew his hair out a bit, his blue eyes have more experience behind them, and he has my two unrelated brothers after him.

Back to the current situation, I'm basically running over to him. I give Artemis a wink before wrapping my arms around him and she rolls her eyes and goes to yell at Wally. Oh, yea, he and Artemis are dating. It was so obvious that they liked each other…

"Conner, I've missed you," I tell him hugging him tightly and he gently returns it. He's actually really gentle when he's tries.

"Never do that again, Rachel. You scared me half to death," Conner chastises lightly pulling me in for a kiss. I return it happily. I didn't realize how much I missed him until now.

"Conner, hands above the waist!" Wally yells ruining the moment. I glare at him and he filches slightly. Good, cower under my glare.

"You're dating Conner! Batman barely trusts me with him. How did you end up dating him?" Dick questions me extremely curious.

"We're under a trial period. If you didn't notice, Bruce is very protective of me, so he's letting us test out our relationship," I explain to them watching their reactions. Suddenly a loud boom goes through the cave and Conner pushes me behind him. And a bunch of guys in capes come crashing into the room. It looks like Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Martian Man Hunter, and the Flash all showed up to save them…an hour too late.

They spot me, Conner, Artemis, and Wally and stop. It seems that they thought we were trying to kidnap them.

About ten minutes later everything is explained. Superman is watching Conner apprehensively the entire time. "Is there something you need, Superman?" Conner questions his eyes narrowing slightly. I put my hand on his arm and he calms down instantly. Even in my time Superman and Conner's relationship is strained at best.

"How have your powers developed over the best two years?" Superman asks skeptically waiting for Conner to take the bait and lose his temper.

"Fine, I can fly and use my heat vision, I'd suggest not pissing me off. I still want this dimension to have a Superman," he replies shortly causing me to stifle a laugh.

Superman looks like he wants to rip his head off, but instead turns on me. "How are you allowed to date him? Did Cadmus design you and you replace the Robin of your dimension?" he snaps at me and Conner punches him in the face.

Ouch, Superman just got served. Of course it doesn't end after one punch, it turns into an all-out brawl. The other League members watch the fight and try to help out, but they just end up getting pushed way. I thought this was going to be simple, then again nothing in my life has ever been simple.

I decide that I should probably stop before Conner gets hurt. I pull out my Kryptonite injector and jump into the fight. I hear Wally yell my name before I jump on Superman's shoulders surprising him enough to pause for a moment and letting me inject the liquid kryptonite into his arm, sadly he flings me off him before the kryptonite takes effect. I go flying through the air and brace myself for the impact with the incoming wall, but it never comes.

I feel strong arms envelope me and stop the wall and I from making friends. "You know liquid kryptonite doesn't take effect as fast the stones," Conner reminds me and I roll my eyes.

"I know, but I didn't want you to go all weak in the knees over the stuff. On top of that he can't fight anymore," I explain to him and turn to Superman who is lying on the floor in pain with the rest of League watching me warily.

"You need to watch yourself. Honestly, I'm the only Robin in my dimension and that's the way I plan on keeping it. Just because you're upset that you have a clone doesn't mean you can take it out on me or Conner! Wally, Artemis, go on ahead of us. Tell Bruce what's going on and why I'll be a little late," I wink at them and they go through the portal with Wally glaring at Conner mouthing 'hands above the waist' to Conner.

"Now, Dick, Bruce, thank you for having me. If you ever end up in my dimension I'll be happy to help you. Oh, and the shot should wear off in about a half hour," I tell them while Conner makes his way towards the dimensional hole with me in his arms.

"You're a piece of work," Conner says to me smirking. I give him a grin in return and bring my lips to his as we walk through the portal.

"Keep your lips to yourself," I hear Roy hiss. Oh, the joys of being home at Mount Justice. Conner puts me back on the ground and I turn to see my friends and family. Megan, Kaldur, and Roy all pull me into a group hug.

After all my friends got to hug me I turn to Bruce and he gives me a rare smile. I can tell he was worried about me. He pulls me into a tight fatherly hug. "Don't you ever go dimension hopping without me ever again. You have no idea how worried I was. I thought I lost my daughter," he admits sincerely. If he wasn't Batman he would probably be tearing up.

"I missed you too dad," I tell him returning the hug. I hear a throat clear behind me and notice that it's Conner.

"As much as I'd love to stay here, I promised Conner we'd hang out, see you guys later!" I say to them grabbing Conner by the hand as we both run to the exit. I hear Roy and Wally in the background yelling something that sounds like, "Hands above the waist."

We make it out of the Mountain and Conner picks me up and takes me to a quiet area of the beach for some much needed personal time. "So, where were we before my idiot brothers interrupted us?" I question Conner jokingly and he pulls me in for another kiss.

One always wonders what would happen if things were different when they were born. I wouldn't change a thing. I have a pretty good life with the perfect boyfriend.

"Rachel, I love you," Conner whispers waiting tentatively for my answer. I think things just got a little bit more perfect.

"Love you too, Conner," I tell him smiling and bring him in for one last kiss.

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