Domination part 1.1 by Androidfish7


The land of Scorpio, the year 1239 AD

Scorpio was sitting on his royal throne. He had sent a scout to complete a trade with his brother and also King of another region, King Thumper. Scorpio enjoyed using his Kingly powers to change the name of their region to his name, as did his brother. Scorpio and Thumper are the sons of King Vorealpha, the 2nd most respected king in world history. As the night went on and the day began to wane, Scorpio wondered where his scout went. His wife, Priscilla came into the room. "Priscilla, have you heard anything about the scout I sent to Thumper's land?" Asked Scorpio. "No, I have not" Priscilla replied. At that moment, Scorpio heard "Sir Scorpio! Sir Scorpio! Trouble is afoot!". At that moment, his royal messanger came down to his throne, and as was a custom in the land of Scorpio and even before it was called Scorpio, the messanger got down on 1 knee. "Rise and tell me of the issue" Is what Scorpio would say, and that is what he did say. "Sir, we recieved a note from Thumper's royal messanger, Thumper wishes to declare war on our land, and he killed our scout and took the supplies without giving his end." Said the messanger. "What? Surely this cannot be true, Thumper is my brother. Did he give a reason?" Asked Scorpio. "Yes, he says whether you feel like calling it greed or not, he wants control of the whole world, and he is starting with us" Replied the messanger. "That is absolutely preposterous! Why would Thumper even in an act of drunken thoughts say that?" Asked Scorpio. "He also said he knew you'd say that, and he is offering you the chance to surrender and in return he says he will take our land and your crown but nobody will die or get wounded and we can be given the chance to rule beside him" Replied the messanger. "He has already killed our best scout without consulting me on this, he has picked a fight with the wrong region, my messanger, please tell him we will not roll over and if he wishes to wage war then so be it" Said Scorpio

And that is how it all began, read on to see how the war starts