Domination part 1.6 by Androidfish7

The Land of Scorpio, moments after Vorealph has left

Scorpio was very pleased, as he had just been told by his father, one of the most famous ground kings in the world, that Scorpio was going to win the battle. Scorpio called out his troops, about 17,000 remained, and they set off for the land of Thumper, which was about a 2 hour horse ride away for Scorpio, but since most of his men were going to walk it would probably be 3 hours away. They reached the land of Thumper at about noon- 12:30, and they snuck by Thumper's lazy archers and nobody knew they were there. Scorpio took out his bow and arrow, and killed one of the sleeping archers, and since he had been sleeping and nobody saw the arrow, still their presence was unknown. Scorpio decided not to take out the archers but rather commence the incursion immediately. "ATTACK!" Cried out Scorpio, as his men charged into the territory limits and the attack was on. This was quite possibly the easiest raid executed when outnumbered in all of history, as Scorpio watched his men slaughter the Thumper people, all around him houses were burning to the ground and carnage was everywhere, Scorpio instantly knew he won the battle. He went into Thumper's castle, He knew there were Thumper's guards and possibly more mercenaries in his castle, but he wanted to assassinate Thumper. He killed several guards along the way, knocked out a mercenary, and was in Thumper's chambers before long. "Come out and show yourself! Fight with me your last battle!" Cried out Scorpio. He got no response. Then he saw an arrow go right over his head, and he turned around and saw 3 archers taking aim at him. Scorpio brushed them off by diving into a crouch, dodging their shots, and while they were reloading Scorpio cut off their legs and beheaded them. Scorpio saw no sign of Thumper, and decided to burn down the castle, as he left he walked outside and found that about 80% of Thumper was in ruins, but he saw no citizens or soldiers or anyone from Thumper around. He assumed they all had been killed or fled in terror. Scorpio lit a torch and touched it to the castle, as it started up in flames. Thumper spent so much time making his castle look good that he forgot to take into account it was flammable, being the reason Scorpio made his castle out of stone. It burned to the ground and before he had knew it, Thumper and his entire territory were gone, burnt to a crisp. Scorpio decided that he would take control of the land and perhaps make it a farming ground for the poor and hungry who could not afford food. Scorpio did not burn the Thumper food supply for that reason. Thumper was nowhere to be found but his land was gone, Scorpio had ASSUMED that he had won the war. And that my friends is where Part 1 of this story closes off, but not to worry, Part 2 is coming up, but if you are waiting for Part 2, up next I plan to write a war fantasy I am calling it World War Death and it is going in the "War and Rememberance" category.