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The stained-glass window blocked out most of the light from the full moon leaving the room swathed in shadows. All that was illuminated was a thick pool of viscous liquid dyed a venomous green by the "tree of knowledge."

Two cloaked figures stood in the center of the room, their heads bowed in silence and regret. A broken form lay at their feet.

Finally the taller figure spoke, his gruff voice filling the space, "Allen, let's go."

The shorter nodded, "Yes master."

With a snap, the window shattered inwards and they disappeared out into the night.


Lavi found their bodies shortly after dawn, when he came to bring them breakfast. Cross was slumped over his chair with an open book and a half full glass of wine on the table next to him. His face was relaxed, almost peaceful. Except for the gaping wound on his chest, and the fact that he was covered in blood, he almost looked like he was sleeping.

Allen was worse off. He lay in a crumpled heap on the dusty stone floor. His parasitic arm was outstretched and looked as if most of the bones had been broken. Blood stained white hair covered Vis face, and his other arm hid what was surely a deep gash in his abdomen.

There was something a little off about the scene, but Lavi couldn't place it. Despite all his training, Allen had been his friend.

He knew that he should contact Central immediately, but he went to get Kanda instead.


Nothing had been the same since Allen had died. Lenalee wandered aimlessly, weeping occasionally when she thought she was alone. Lavi's smile no longer reached his eyes and Kanda… well it was complicated. At first, he had seemed shell shocked, now his angry outbursts had returned to normal levels, but there was no passion in it, no fire. No one said anything.

There was a cloud hanging over the whole order, even months later, the cafeteria was too quiet and the forest seemed too still.

No one who joined the order afterwards could understand it, people died all the time, why were these two so special?

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