"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity."



Gokudera didn't even flinch as he heard his father call out to him and felt his foot kick him in the leg. He blinked an eye open, rather annoyed that not only did his father know where to find him but had also interrupted his nap. He didn't bother to sit up; since he was rather comfortable sitting on the blanket of leaves under his favorite maple tree with his arms behind his head.

"What do you want?" He snapped irritably. His father looked down at him with emotionless eyes.

"Don't you get bored, sitting around doing nothing? You're a disgrace to the family!" Gokudera sighed, having heard this speech a million times before. However, when Gokudera stayed silent like he usually did, his father changed it up a little bit. "So, that's why I've organized an arranged marriage for you."

"What?" Gokudera sat up, glaring at his father with shocked and anger filled eyes. "You're forcing me into a marriage?"

"I need an heir." His father shrugged as if it was nothing. "If an arranged marriage is the only way I'm going to get one, then it's sure not any skin off my back."

Gokudera growled, ready to just pounce on this bastard. What right did he have to force him into marriage? He was twenty-four for crying out loud!

"You have no right!" Gokudera snapped. "I'm twenty-four if you don't recall!" His father's cold eyes glared down at him, his expression almost mirroring his son's.

"As long as your lazy ass lives under my roof, you're under my control. Even if you left, it's too late. I've signed the papers." Gokudera gaped and then sighed in defeat. Fuck. Just fuck.

"Do I at least get a picture of her? A description of what she's like?" Gokudera asked, wiped of any emotion. All he could feel was defeat and helplessness. He could feel his freedom slipping away with every ticking second.

"I find that totally irrelevant. You'll meet her once, before the wedding, in three months. Hopefully that will give you enough time to fall in love with her," his father smirked. As he walked away, he called one last thing without turning around. "Enjoy your freedom while you can, Hayato."

Gokudera sighed heavily and went back to staring at the sky. Enjoy his freedom eh? Nothing left to do, he guessed.

Time to head into town.

Namimori was rather old-fashioned, as towns in Japan went. You could access almost anywhere in the town on foot and hardly anyone used a car to get anywhere. Over half of the population didn't even know how to drive. The buildings were fashioned like the town was stuck in the Edo period and occasionally you could see a samurai or two walking around.

Gokudera loved exploring this town. Even though he'd lived here for ten years, he'd never get tired of exploring all the shops. He especially liked visiting the museums, the sushi shops, and of course the library. It had almost every book you could ever think of; even a whole section for foreign language books. Gokudera loved going there when he felt like being soaked in his original language. What made it popular was that it was the only modern building in the whole town. Funny how modern was special here.

Sometimes just walking down the streets was enough for Gokudera, like he was doing right now. He almost had this street memorized; he stared so intently at its architecture every time he was there. Which was what he was doing when he bumped into someone.

It was a hard crash and Gokudera found himself falling onto the ground surrounded by a pile of his books. He was about to get up and curse when the person he'd bumped into fell on top of him. He found himself trapped under long tanned arms and a head of black spiky hair filled his face. The person whimpered in pain slightly before they realized that they had fallen on a very angry someone and jumped to their feet.

He was a tall man of about Gokudera's age with dark caramel brown eyes and his mouth seemed to always be twitched upwards in a smile. He held his hands in front of him like he was defending himself from a bear.

"I'm so sorry about that! I couldn't see where I was going with that big stack of books blocking my view… Ah, my books!" The man scrambled down to the sidewalk where his stack had scattered and where Gokudera was still sitting up, rubbing the back of his head in pain. He snorted at the attention span of this loser but something propelled him to help pick up his books.

"Damn right you couldn't see where you were going! What's with all the books anyway?" Gokudera asked, picking one up and reading the title. He raised an eyebrow and put How to Be a Good Husband for Dummies back in the stack the man was setting back up.

"Ah… I have an arranged wedding coming up and I really don't know if I'm ready for that kind of commitment. So one of my lady friends lent me these books, which she's making me return to the library myself!" The man laughed awkwardly and lifted the stack which Gokudera estimated to be about ten pounds.

Seeing him stumble slightly and him peeking around the books to see switched Gokudera's helpful mode back on. He took half the pile and started heading down the street to the library. The man looked at him, his eyes full of shock but also gratitude. Gokudera huffed and pretended he couldn't see him.

"Funny, it seems like arranged marriages are the norm these days," Gokudera commented, keeping his eyes on the space in front of him. The man gave him a strange look before laughing.

"You're getting married too?" When Gokudera nodded, the man continued. "What's the reason for your arranged marriage? My dad's forcing me into marriage to get me off my lazy butt!"

Gokudera glanced at the man, not believing that someone was actually in the same situation as him. From what he could tell, the man was telling the truth.

"Same, except the bastard seems to think he'll get an heir by doing it." Gokudera replied, climbing up the stairs to the library. The man whistled at that, and followed him up the stairs.

"You call your father a bastard?" The man laughed as they returned the books. Gokudera gave him a look as they both left the library. The man stretched, reaching his long arms up into the air.

"Hey, thanks so much for helping me carry those! Climbing up those stairs would have been impossible! Oh, where are my manners? I never introduced myself!" The man rambled before sticking out his hand to Gokudera. "I'm Takeshi Yamamoto! Nice to meet you!"

Gokudera stared at Yamamoto's hand like it was dirty. He had learned a long time ago in Italy not to introduce yourself to random people on the street, but this was Japan right? And Gokudera felt a certain pull to this man that he couldn't really explain.

So, going against everything he had ever been taught, Gokudera took Yamamoto's hand and shook it.

"Hayato Gokudera."

Yamamoto repeated the name, trying it on his lips, and smiled, a large beaming one that almost gave Gokudera eye cancer.

"Well, Gokudera-kun, if you don't mind my company could I invite you to lunch to repay you?"

Gokudera was about to open his mouth to refuse, saying he didn't need repayment, but Yamamoto was already grabbing his arm and dragging him down the street, getting many weird stares from the people passing by. Gokudera felt his face flush and he tugged frantically at his arm, trying to free himself. But Yamamoto had a strong grip and Gokudera had no choice but to be pulled along.

Yamamoto took them to a popular Italian restaurant that Gokudera often went to himself. When they sat down and ordered, Yamamoto started rambling about everything he could think of; from funny stories when he was little to his favorite baseball team to his absent mindedness and beyond. Gokudera was overwhelmed with all the information he was receiving, which was unusual because, if it was anyone else, he would just tune them out and not even pretend to listen.

But there was something about this man. Something about him that made Gokudera listen intently to what he was saying and kept him on his mind, long after Yamamoto had paid the bill.

(A/N) This is a random story that popped into my head one day. Just showed up out of nowhere. This is one of my rare third persons, and I plan it to go on for awhile so wish me luck! Also, perspectives will change every once in a while.