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"Love is like an earthquake-unpredictable, a little scary, but when the hard part is over you realize how lucky you truly are."


Gokudera woke up in a hospital bed.

Immediately on his consciousness, Gokudera felt woozy and a dull ache in his side. He wanted to fall back asleep but, as he was trying to do so, two thoughts hit him at once. One was that he for some reason couldn't remember anything that had happened after he and Yamamoto had been having their make-up kiss. There was a big blank in his mind. He obviously wasn't at Miharu's house anymore since he didn't hear his father shouting.

The second thought was that there was someone crying next to him.

Both of these reasons combined forced Gokudera to open his eyes.

At first, he couldn't see anything but white. He wondered if there was something wrong with his eyes, before they focused and he realized that he was staring up at a white ceiling with white walls surrounding it and that he himself was wearing a white gown type thing under white sheets. Everything was so white that he almost wished he hadn't opened his eyes. However, the white told him one thing.

He was in a hospital.

Now that Gokudera knew where he was, and he had assured himself that his brain was still working through the wooziness that he felt coursing through his body, he turned his head to look for the source of the crying. He almost immediately found it.

It stood out so well that Gokudera almost fainted from such a contrast. It was like a flock of blackbirds were flying around in Antarctica. He strained to focus his tired and woozy eyes to get details on whom or what was the contrast.

His heart nearly stopped when he did.

Yamamoto was sitting next to his bedside, his black hair what had caught Gokudera's attention originally. He was squeezing Gokudera's hand tightly (Gokudera wondered how come he couldn't feel that until now) and was crying heavily. Gokudera couldn't see that detail; he felt it because Yamamoto's tears were falling right onto his hand.

Gokudera stared at the man he loved for a while, before his heart couldn't stand to see Yamamoto in so much pain anymore. He opened his mouth to speak, and for a moment nothing came out. Then, as he forced his vocal cords to work, an ugly croak came out of Gokudera's throat.


Yamamoto moved so quickly that Gokudera couldn't even follow it. His eyes were too strained and tired from lack of use, damn it! But, however it happened, Yamamoto had ended up right up against the hospital bed; his hands on Gokudera's cheeks and his lips on Gokudera's. Gokudera could feel his lover's tears drip down his own face as Yamamoto nuzzled his cheek.

"Hayato, oh god Hayato, I thought you'd never wake up!" Yamamoto sobbed, taking his lips off of Gokudera's as he hugged him tightly. Gokudera struggled to raise his arms to hug Yamamoto back, but a sharp pain in his side prevented him from doing anything. He winced.

"What the hell happened?" Gokudera croaked; narrowing his eyes as that ugly noise came out of him again. Yamamoto laughed at his expression. He rubbed his thumb against Gokudera's cheek.

"Your father stabbed you with a knife," Yamamoto started. "Kenta and Airi jumped him and I just heard yesterday that they got him arrested for child abuse and rape." At this point, Yamamoto looked at Gokudera with an apologetic look before hugging him tightly. This told Gokudera that his lover knew what his father had done to him and he looked down in shame. Yamamoto stroked his fingers through Gokudera's hair as he continued.

"I took you and ran as fast as I could to this hospital; I'm so glad I made it in time! You've been asleep for three days; I was so scared you'd never wake up!"

Gokudera took a moment to process the information. He was still groggy, after all, and it all seemed unreal; like he was watching a movie of his life. Airi, that little slutty whore, had actually tried to protect him? Maybe there was more to Airi than what Gokudera had seen on their short time together. Miharu obviously saw something in her, after all.

But then again, maybe everyone was just crazy.

"You've been sitting in that stool this entire time?" Gokudera asked, suddenly wondering about it. Now that he got a close look at his lover, he looked skinny and had deep bags under his eyes. Yamamoto laughed and scratched the back of his neck awkwardly.

"Um… yeah, sort of!"

Well, Gokudera blew his top at that.

"You idiot! You haven't eaten at all, have you? What if tomorrow the whole world ran out of food? What the hell would you do? It would be stupid to stay at my bedside until I woke up and then have you die a week later anyway! And sleeping! Do you want to become an insomniac? Because I'm telling you, that's not fun!"

Yamamoto just sat there and took the whole rant; smiling and laughing at some parts. When Gokudera finally ran out of steam, Yamamoto nuzzled Gokudera's cheek again.

"It's great to have you back, Hayato~"

Gokudera just sighed and maybe just slightly nuzzled his cheek back against Yamamoto's. He would never say this, but he was touched that Yamamoto had faithfully stayed by his bedside. And maybe he was a little glad to wake up and have his lover there for him. But he wouldn't say that either.

"You're an idiot." Yamamoto smiled; as if that was the greatest compliment he'd ever received.

"Yeah, but this idiot's got a surprise for you~"

Gokudera tilted his head curiously as Yamamoto detached himself from him and walked over to a bag that was lying next to the doorway of the hospital room. He dug through it for a long time and Gokudera could only watch him in exasperation as he wondered what the hell was all in that bag.

Finally, Yamamoto found what he was looking for and hid it behind his back as he walked back up to Gokudera's bed. He had a really stupid, goofy smile on his face and Gokudera could only snort.

"Would you get on with it?" He snapped, though it wasn't in irritation. Yamamoto just laughed and waved him off before clearing his throat.

"Hayato Gokudera, I stand before you today to ask for your forgiveness in being so stupid in rejecting the only person I've ever loved. After everything that's gone wrong, I feel lucky to still be able to have the chance to correct my mistake." Yamamoto knelt down on one knee and took out the object behind his back. It was a small box that he was now holding open with his fingers. Inside was a ring. But not just any ring; it was Gokudera's ring. The one he had left on Yamamoto's bedside table all of those months ago. Gokudera's breath caught in his throat and any snide comment he was going to make to Yamamoto's speech died in his throat.

"Hayato, will you marry me?"

For a moment, Gokudera couldn't speak. So many questions were whirling around in his head, and he felt like if he opened his mouth all that would come out would be tangled and stuttered gibberish. Yamamoto was married to Miharu, wasn't he? And if not anymore, how did he get out of it?

But, if he really thought about it, Gokudera realized he really didn't care at all.

"Yes! Yes, I will!" He practically screamed as he nodded his head violently. He'd never been this happy in his entire life.

Yamamoto grinned wildly and sprang up from his kneeled position to hug Gokudera tightly. Gokudera gritted his teeth past the pain and hugged him backed with all of his might. He was almost willing to admit that tears were welling up in his eyes. That's just how damn happy he was.

After a while, Yamamoto leaned back and took the ring out of its box. Gokudera noticed that his eyes were brimming with tears as well. Yamamoto took Gokudera's left hand and slipped the ring on his fourth finger. Gokudera held out his hand as he looked at it. This ring's usual spot was on the middle finger of his right hand, but it looked right where it was now. Like it was always meant to fit there, but Gokudera had just never realized it.

"Do you like it?" Yamamoto asked teasingly, hoisting himself up on the hospital bed as he wrapped an arm around Gokudera and pulled him to his chest. Gokudera leaned his head on Yamamoto's shoulder and snorted.

"Of course I like it, you idiot, it's my ring!"

Yamamoto just laughed as he raised his arm to hold Gokudera's hand in his.

Two weeks later found the engaged couple in a hotel room in Spain.

Gokudera had been discharged a week ago and Yamamoto had faithfully been there. However, instead of going home, Yamamoto had booked them onto a flight to Spain. When Gokudera demanded why, Yamamoto pointed at Gokudera's ring and smiled.

He didn't complain after that.

Now they were cuddling against each other after a night that they'd been waiting for since five months ago. Yamamoto rolled onto his side and wrapped his spacey lover in his arms. He grinned as Gokudera barely turned his head to look at him. Yamamoto had discovered that sex always tired Gokudera out to the point that he was too lazy to even move his head.

Yamamoto found this absolutely adorable.

He completely engulfed the small Italian in his arms and buried his face in Gokudera's hair as he tangled their legs together. As Yamamoto breathed in his lover's scent, he couldn't remember a time when he was happier. Everything was perfect now. There was nothing that prevented them from loving each other with all of their might.

"Hey Hayato? Did you buy a suit for tomorrow?" Yamamoto asked, pressing his nose gently against Gokudera's ear. It was only when he didn't respond and Yamamoto looked over him that he realized is lover was fast asleep.

Yamamoto smiled and snuggled into Gokudera once more before falling asleep himself.

Gokudera was practically jumping out of his skin.

He'd been woken early in the morning by a very enthusiastic Yamamoto who had been determined to help him with every single thing to make sure that today went absolutely perfect. Gokudera didn't really mind, as he was sleepily dragged out of bed, dressed, fed breakfast and two painkillers for his back (downed with his morning cup of black coffee), and basically fawned over by his fiancée.

No, in fact, Gokudera didn't mind this at all. He could only wonder how Yamamoto could possibly have this much energy in the morning.

After his third cup of coffee, Gokudera was finally awake to be as nervous as hell as Yamamoto's father drove the soon to be married couple to the church. His fingers kept twitching in Yamamoto's hand and his eyes were looking around everywhere. He wasn't sure why he was so nervous; he just was. He'd technically never been married before, and to be married to Yamamoto was just something that he'd never expected to happen.

To tell the truth, he'd never been this nervous in his whole life.

Yamamoto squeezed his hand gently and pressed his nose to Gokudera's ear. Gokudera had no idea why Yamamoto had grown so attached to that; he did it whenever he possibly could. But Gokudera couldn't really complain, since he kind of liked it. But Yamamoto would never hear that from him.

"Are you okay?" Yamamoto asked softly, rubbing his thumb against Gokudera's.

Gokudera could barely nod. How wasn't Yamamoto nervous at all? Maybe because he'd been married before? But goddamn it, he should count this marriage as a different experience! It was to him after all, and Gokudera would like to think that was special. He was the person who'd walk out on a wedding if he didn't like the person.

"I'm nervous too," Yamamoto murmured. Gokudera suddenly had a scary thought that Yamamoto could mind read. He looked at his lover almost shyly, his eyes giving away just how nervous he was.

Yamamoto smiled and turned Gokudera's head to give him an Eskimo kiss.

"You'll be fine, Hayato! We've been waiting for this moment, remember?" Yamamoto stated in assurance, his finger tracing Gokudera's jaw. Gokudera wondered why he was letting Yamamoto shower him with affection like this. Maybe he really needed it at the moment.

Or maybe he really had changed after everything.

After what seemed like an eternity, they finally arrived at the church where they were to be wedded. It wouldn't be a big wedding; as far as Gokudera knew, the only people that would be there were Miharu and her family, Airi, and Yamamoto's dad. Gokudera couldn't help but feel a little twinge of sadness at the fact that none of this people were originally from his family.

Gokudera shook his head violently to get that thought out of his head. These people were his family now.

While Yamamoto's father talked to the pastor, Yamamoto led Gokudera to the place they were supposed to stand. As they stood there waiting for the pastor, Gokudera looked out at the crowd. Everyone was there already, and no extra people that Gokudera didn't know about. That made him relax a little. Getting married in front of people you knew was nerve-racking enough without strangers being there as well.

Suddenly, Gokudera's eyes caught movement in the shadows by the back entrance of the church. Gokudera squinted and could see the faint outline of a person. The light suddenly shifted and Gokudera could see the right half of the person's face. Gokudera's breath caught in his throat.

It was Hibari.

Noticing Gokudera's gaze, Hibari looked up to meet it. They stared at each other for a while before Hibari shot Gokudera a small, sad smile.

Gokudera knew Hibari. He never smiled. But now he was and that smile told him everything. Hibari had truly loved Gokudera. He just didn't know how to show it, much like Gokudera didn't. The smile also told him that Hibari was excepting Gokudera's love for someone else. Gokudera tried to portray as much thankfulness as he could muster into his gaze.

Hibari smirked and nodded before ducking out of the church and disappearing.

Gokudera looked after him, feeling a sudden admiration for Hibari. He had accepted Gokudera's heart, when Gokudera himself had been death threatening Yamamoto's wife just a few weeks ago out of jealousy. Hibari truly was someone to look up to and Gokudera realized he was proud to have him as a friend.

Yamamoto leaned down to whisper in Gokudera's ear, effectively bringing him out of his musings.

"You know, I've wanted to tell you this before but, you look really hot in that suit~"

Yamamoto was lucky that Gokudera was too embarrassed and nervous to punch him in the face.

"S-shut up you idiot!" Gokudera whispered angrily, his face a shade of bright red as Hibari was pushed to the back of his thoughts. If this was supposed to help his nerves, it wasn't working! What kind of person just goes out and says something like that? Well, Yamamoto obviously…

Before Yamamoto could say something worse (Gokudera didn't want to think about that), the pastor finally stood before them and the wedding started.

"Takeshi Yamamoto, do you take Hayato Gokudera to be your lovely wedded husband?" The pastor asked, after he finished the whole first part of the speech, turning to Yamamoto. Yamamoto, in turn, faced Gokudera and squeezed his hand tightly before saying without hesitation:

"I do."

Gokudera couldn't help but smile.

"And Hayato Gokudera, do you take Takeshi Yamamoto to be your lovely wedded husband?" Gokudera looked at his lover, finding encouragement in the bright smile he was sending Gokudera's way. Following Yamamoto's example, Gokudera faced him and spoke softly but clearly.

"I do."

Yamamoto's absolutely happy smile made everything up to this point worth it.

At the pastor's guidance, Yamamoto once again slipped Gokudera's ring onto Gokudera's finger and Gokudera in turn slipped a ring Yamamoto had bought on his lover's finger. His hands were shaking so badly that he was surprised he even got the damn thing on in the first place. But when he did, he looked up at Yamamoto with a shy smile that Yamamoto was happily mirroring.

"You are now wedded. You may kiss the spouse."

And kiss they did. Yamamoto held Gokudera tightly and Gokudera placed his hands on Yamamoto's elbows as they both leaned forward to meet each other half-way. When they broke apart, Gokudera wasn't sure if that was the audience cheering or himself.

Yamamoto laughed happily and picked Gokudera up bridal style. Gokudera hit his chest lightly as his cheeks turned a light shade of pink, but at the moment he didn't give a damn. He was married! Him! Hayato Gokudera had let his walls down enough to actually marry someone!

Wrapping his arms around Yamamoto's neck, Gokudera let his husband carry him past the audience (Tsuyoshi was crying and Gokudera almost laughed at what an enthusiastic parent he was) and all the way back to the hotel room where they shared their happiness and wedding night exactly how they wanted.

When they returned from Spain, the newly wedded couple stayed at Tsuyoshi's house while they planned what they were going to do with their lives. They both decided to live in a beach house somewhere, maybe in Italy since Yamamoto had always wanted to go there and Gokudera was from there so spoke the language. When Yamamoto brought up kids, Gokudera flushed and said quickly that it was way too soon to be thinking about that.

Yamamoto just smiled and went with his husband's request.

Before they settled down in a house, however, they decided that they wanted to travel a lot of places. Gokudera had always wanted to go out and see the world, and Yamamoto was interested in everything that wasn't Japan.

Before all of that even, before they even left Tsuyoshi's, there was one thing that they still had to do.

Yamamoto stood with his lover by the bus stop as the waited for the bus to come. It was early afternoon on a spring day, so it was a nice day to be standing around outside. Yamamoto kept trying to hug Gokudera, but Gokudera would always dodge him at the last second; saying that it was too hot to be hugging. Yamamoto just playfully pouted and started chasing his husband around the bus stop.

When the bus finally came, they were both flushed and out of breath and all too happy to sit down. They took two seats that were next to each other but cut off from the other seats. Gokudera laid his head on Yamamoto's shoulder and Yamamoto wrapped his arm around Gokudera and rested his hand on his husband's hip as he drew small circles in it with his finger. Yamamoto's other hand was clasped in Gokudera's.

The couple was ready to just sit there and let the bus take them as far as it would go.

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