Life after Mockingjay~ by ArtemisKey

Summary: Peeta and Katniss' lives after Mockingjay but before the Epilogue

Rated T, just incase, I don't know where my writing will go.




"My name is Katniss Everdeen. I Live in District 12. I survived The Hunger Games twice, I was the Mockingjay.I

had a sister named Prim…" These words echo through my head as I awaken screaming in cold sweat. A nightmare.

They happen almost every night, except those nights where I don't sleep. I can already see Buttercup staring at

Peeta and me the same way he did with Prim, protecting us from anything that might attack us in our sleep.

Peeta awakens because of my screaming and wraps his strong arms around me, rocking me back and forth, like a

parent would do to a child. This motion calms me whenever the nightmares come. He often comes over at night.

Neither of us can sleep without the other. Like back in the cave, we have no one to trust but each other. He

continues to gently rock me while I cry and leave tearstains all over his shirt. Three years have passed since the

rebellion. Peeta has healed nicely. He only tries to kill me once every three to five months now and it's only when

his memory gets mixed up –a fragmented flashback lie. Other than that he's pretty much himself.

I didn't think we'd be this close again. I thought we'd be friends, like the friend in-between acquaintance and best

friend, but we became best friends, not like Gale and me, but like Peeta and me. However, we became lovers again.

My world has changed it will continue changing. It went from plain old Katniss to "Katniss Everdeen 12 Tribute,"

"Katniss Everdeen Girl on Fire" and "Star-crossed Lover", then it went to "Victor of the 74th games" and then to

"Bride" and back to "Tribute" again and then "Rebel". Then it went into the final stages, "Katniss Everdeen,

MOCKINGJAY" and something I have always been, "Katniss Everdeen, Survivor".

Peeta, Haymich and I have grown back together, more in a family sense and my mother adds to that whenever

she visits, which is twice out of the year. Gale's family has moved back, but Gale still lives in 2.

Gale. I sometimes miss seeing and talking to him. I haven't heard from him since I killed Coin. The bitter taste

lingers in my mouth; I can't seem to wash out the acrid tang of the bomb that killed Prim. I just can't put Gale's

role in it behind me. And I know things between us will never be the same.

My day starts now. I get up, slip on my usual clothes then run down to breakfast. Peeta waits for me. He's cooking

eggs, sausage and slicing some fresh made bread. A short conversation starts between us.

"Hey," he says

"Hey," I say in response.

After a period of silence he innocently asks, "How'd I do with the eggs?"

And I answer nonchalantly, "Great," then I ask a question, "are you going to the bakery today?"

I ask this because he hasn't been going lately because he keeps getting bad memories, flashbacks that are flawed

and he needs to take it out on something.

"Yes" he says.

"Alright. Have a nice day," This is our normal morning routine.

I walk up to him and kiss him.

"Love you!" I say as I slip out the door.

"Love you too!" he shouts back from the kitchen.

I leave my house in Victor's Village and make my way to the woods. This is the same path I took three years ago.

When I arrive, the world disappears and I am a hunter again. I feel same rhythm that I have had since I was 11

years old. And so I hunt.


After hunting, I get cleaned up at home. Peeta and I get in the car that is reserved for long trips and drive to the

train station to get my mother, who is visiting us in 12 for her first visit back. When we arrive at the station I see

my mother standing at the platform. "Katniss!" she yells when she sees me. "Mother!" I yell back in greeting. I

can see her from here, her hair is becoming gray and her skin is becoming sagged around her eyes. We approach

her and she hugs me. I don't shake her off. No one hugs me like this except Peeta; I crave that human interaction

with others so much. My mother is the one person, other than Peeta, whom I have chosen to be able to give me

that attention. Peeta picks up her bags and brings them to our car. And we get in and drive back to our home.



We invited Haymitch to dinner. This was Peeta's idea, not mine. And he managed to stay sober enough not to get

on my nerves and to assure my mother that there is a "responsible" adult in my life. We sit at the table finishing

off a meal that my mother, Peeta and I made together. Turkey (courtesy of me- a fresh kill), Carrots (my mother's

recipe) and rolls (Courtesy of Peeta) and it's a delicious meal. After dinner, my mother goes to her room to unpack

and Peeta and I set out for a walk in the nearby park. Memorial Park was built for district events and in memoriam

for those who died in the bombing of 12. We stroll along the path, the sun gently setting in the background

Mockingjays sing in the background, making a symphony of song.

"Mockingjays," Peeta says.

"Yeah, I sing to them sometimes,"

"Really? You barely ever sing in front of people," He says

"I can't bring myself to… not since the rebellion.," I respond

"Will you sing for me?" he asks playfully

"No," I say in a sing- song voice.

"Why?" he presses

"Because! People will hear me!" I say

"So? What's wrong with that?"

"I don't like to sing for people unless I feel like singing to people," I say sourly.

He pauses for a moment and we sit down on a bench. The sun is just starting to set. The sky turns from a blue to

an orange-yellow.

After a long pause, Peeta says something.

"What if we got married?" he asks

"I don't know," I say

"Well, describe to me if we got married, how would you see our lives?" he asks

"Pretty much how it is now, But lovey-er?" I respond

"Well, that's vague," He responses

"I know," I give him a smug smile

"Let's say I said: "Katniss Everdeen, You want to marry me? Real or not real?" he asks. I can't believe it. He's

actually asking me. I never imagined it. I stand up with him then kiss him, long and hard. When we break for air in

the winter cold, our foreheads touching and noses barely touching, I whisper "real,"

He woops and picks me up and we twirl giggling. When he puts me down, he slips a simple band with a heart

carved into it onto my finger. We walk back to the house to tell Haymich and my mother the news.


"Hey! We're back!" I call up to my mother. Instead she and Haymich are slipping out of the kitchen with a cake

that reads "Congratulations!" My jaw dropped. "You knew?" I squeal like a giddy child. "Yes!" my mother says,

"That's why I came back to 12!" Haymitch then comes closer into the light. "Yeah, sweetheart. Loverboy here

consulted both of us first," He says then he takes a swing of his liquor. We celebrated all next day my mother and I

begin planning my wedding, the real one this time.